Kemper County Brides

P - Q

PACA, Hilda MOORE, T W 1927-Feb-16
PACE, Blanche Myrtle BROWN, James Walter 1915-May-16
PACE, Mary A JENKINS, J P 1913-Mar-11
PACE, Stella BROWN, Wiley Elbert 1922-Oct-11
PACE, Tina Mae FARROW, Claton 1921-Oct-15
PAGAN, Marie A LIMERICK, James C 1948-Feb-20
PAGE, Alice NETHERY, Richard 1914-Mar-13
PAGE, Andrew Mrs ROBINSON, Coley 1952-Dec-22
PAGE, Annie CONNER, Luther 1913-Mar-04
PAGE, Aubrey LIMERICK, Dorris 1927-Aug-24
PAGE, Doris PARKER, Euell 1971-Feb-12
PAGE, Gladys ANDERSON, Earnest 1934-Oct-19
PAGE, Leona Mrs POOLE, Heck 1941-Nov-07
PAGE, Mae LANG, Houston 1924-Dec-21
PAGE, Sadie L WARREN, J R 1941-Jul-19
PALMER, Aubrey HAILEY, Jamie 1946-Sep-12
PALMER, Barbara A DURANT, Hartford Jr 1964-Aug-21
PALMER, Carolyn J LONG, Ben Ross Jr 1963-May-30
PALMER, Deborah WEBB, Jerold A 1970-Dec-12
PALMER, Earline PURVIS, James 1937-Nov-05
PALMER, Eddie M Miss LANG, Willie O 1962-Nov-15
PALMER, Edna BUNAGE, T E 1912-Nov-30
PALMER, Edna UIBUNAGE, T E 1919-Nov-20
PALMER, Ella GARRARD, F M 1913-Jan-23
PALMER, Eula FULTON, P E 1926-Sep-17
PALMER, Grace FLOORE, Anderson 1923-Dec-14
PALMER, Gracie WHITE, A D 1942-Jan-08
PALMER, Lavalle JOHNSON, C Annett 1953-Aug-26
PALMER, Lillie BURNETT, Marshall 1924-Nov-26
PALMER, Linda G JARVIS, Houston 1961-May-13
PALMER, Lizzie HARRIS, B B 1925-Dec-29
PALMER, Loraine FLOORE, Hosea 1924-Oct-26
PALMER, Lou Ella CLAY, Lester 1926-Oct-21
PALMER, Lynda Kay COUCH, John A 1966-Aug-22
PALMER, Myrtle WHITE, J L 1919-Apr-03
PALMER, Nancy O HAGGARD, Johnny R 1963-Jun-27
PALMER, Ora VANDEVENDER, Milton 1914-Dec-21
PALMER, Sarah G FOX, Reginold 1960-Nov-15
PANTER, Rosaline STOUT, Lonnie 1952-Sep-23
PARDNE, Johnnie WILSON, Garrett 1952-Nov-23
PARDUE, Lee KIRK, J F 1928-Oct-20
PARISH, Frances E MORTON, Ed 1947-Apr-11
PARKER, Annie MCKEE, W R 1921-Oct-24
PARKER, Betty MCKEE, Jack 1953-Jan-06
PARKER, Christine MENTAIN, Eli 1927-Sep-19
PARKER, Christine SMITH, Bolton 1936-Oct-26
PARKER, Edna J LINTON, Kenneth P 1955-Dec-23
PARKER, Essie M RAMSEY, W F 1921-Apr-26
PARKER, Ina B HAGAN, Clayton L 1948-Mar-16
PARKER, Janell MCARTHUR, J L 1951-Jan-18
PARKER, Lucille RUSSELL, J E 1926-Apr-01
PARKER, Mamie L THOMAS, A W 1949-May-02
PARKER, Maud HALE, J A 1929-Feb-16
PARKER, Ola DAVIS, Arnold 1941-Jun-07
PARKER, Ouida WARREN, Charles H 1955-Mar-29
PARKHAM, Mary E SALY, Julian 1941-Apr-12
PARMER, Etta CLARK, Edd 1919-Oct-21
PARMER, Nelda BALLOW, W A J 1941-Oct-25
PARNELL, Helen LANIER, Jeff 1918-Dec-10
PARNELL, Minnie VAUGHN, John 1917-Dec-24
PARSONS, Vera BROWN, Edison 1928-Jan-13
PARTEN, Altha CHISOLM, E E 1922-Jan-17
PARTIN, Pauline CHISOLM, W D 1931-Apr-16
PARTIN, Ruth BOSWALL, James Corley 1952-Feb-02
PARTRIDGE, Beverly PUCKETT, Thomas 1965-Dec-03
PARTRIDGE, Eloise HERRING, Manley C 1964-Jan-25
PARTRIDGE, Louise WHITE, Jimmy 1962-May-22
PATE, Nineta KINNEY, L Robert 1943-Feb-23
PATRIDGE, Annie May BRANNING, Henry 1916-Oct-04
PATRIDGE, Arline ATKINSON, Frank 1933-Nov-21
PATRIDGE, Joan HOPPER, George C 1952-Aug-09
PATTON, Juanita GORDY, Alvin Q 1953-Dec-24
PATTON, Mildred I FLEMING, Andrew C 1941-Feb-08
PAYNE, Francis WARD, Douglas L 1952-Dec-27
PAYNE, Mary TUBERVILLE, Wesley 1917-May-27
PEARSON, Cathy REID, W Ronald 1969-Jun-20
PEARSON, Janie GOODIN, Stennis 1961-Sep-26
PEARSON, Roxie G FULTON, Charles S 1956-Nov-17
PEDEN, Betty Lou ELDRIDGE, William Q 1960-Dec-19
PEDEN, Elizabeth MCFARLAND, C E 1917-Mar-16
PEDEN, Elva NICHOLSON, Lee 1933-Feb-20
PEDEN, Geraldine HILL, George E 1947-Apr-24
PEDEN, Helen WILSON, Algie 1936-Oct-23
PEDEN, Maggie J GIBSON, Ray 1947-Jun-04
PEDEN, Mary W ELDRIDGE, Archie 1928-Aug-09
PEDEN, Modene DAVIS, Henry Edward 1952-Dec-20
PEDEN, Newell BAREFIELD, Gerald 1944-Oct-03
PEDEN, Patsy STEVENS, Ulmer 1969-May-10
PEDEN, Ruth GATHRIGHT, Dee 1936-Apr-08
PEDEN, Sarah FORD, Ross 1939-Jan-03
PEDEN, Vera MCLAURIN, C E 1913-Feb-25
PEEL, Ruby CHERRY, James Harvey 1919-Nov-02
PENNY, Ethel MCKINON, R L 1914-Jun-27
PERKINS, Belle DEES, R E 1924-Feb-18
PERKINS, Irene BOUNDS, W R 1914-Nov-25
PERKINS, Letie CLARK, Roger V 1915-Dec-23
PERKINS, Mabel L PUCKETT, G S 1925-Dec-24
PERKINS, Mary A HOLLY, Majure C 1917-Oct-31
PERKINS, Pauline PALMER, W M 1926-Dec-27
PERKINS, Velma FLANNAGAN, Clifton 1923-Aug-16
PERMENTER, Mary REED, Coy S 1971-Nov-14
PERMENTER, Mary F GRAINGER, Gordon E 1962-Aug-18
PERRY, Von Lee ETHRIDGE, Samuel 1921-Jul-29
PERSONA, Vollie TAYLOR, Orian 1921-Mar-08
PERSONS, Annie WEST, T W 1922-Aug-02
PERSONS, Edna GOODWIN, George 1934-Oct-25
PERSONS, Ellie HUDNALL, Harry 1913-Sep-02
PERSONS, Gladys EDMONDS, W E 1916-Dec-28
PERSONS, Josephine KNOX, Oliver S 1954-Jul-30
PERSONS, Laura HOWLE, Johnw 1967-Nov-24
PERSONS, Myrtise DENTON, J A 1925-Aug-21
PERSONS, Vera EDMONDS, W V 1930-Oct-15
PETERS, Ernestine MOFFETT, Frank 1959-Mar-18
PETERSON, Annie WHITE, D B 1925-Jul-26
PETTIT, Omey Virginia CHEATHAM, Thomas R Jr 1964-Oct-06
PHILLIPPE, Virginia HAWKINS, Eddie 1951-Sep-18
PHILLIPS, Ouida MCDONALD, T J 1918-Jul-03
PHILLIPS, Ruby MCKEE, Keiser 1947-Jul-19
PICHETT, Alice LUKE, L W 1924-Feb-23
PICKETT, Addie Ruth DUGAN, Monroe 1928-Dec-05
PICKETT, Avie MITCHELL, George T 1926-May-25
PICKETT, Beatrice SWEARENGIN, J V 1929-Dec-19
PICKETT, Cora PALMER, H C 1916-Nov-18
PICKETT, Grace DRAKE, Brooks 1930-Apr-26
PICKETT, Josephine SCIPLE, Jesse 1918-Feb-01
PICKETT, Myrtle STOKES, Thomas 1933-Dec-18
PICKETT, Nona Mrs WIGGINS, C P 1940-Oct-26
PIERCE, Bessie HIGGINBOTHAM, Chester 1962-Jun-11
PIERCE, Bessie R KEEN, J W 1949-Oct-22
PIERCE, Ida CHARLTON, N W 1948-Sep-07
PIERCE, Lottie Mae BRANNING, H A 1921-Jul-09
PIERCE, Mary Faye CHISOLM, Chester Cecil 1943-Dec-22
PIERCE, Viola DARNELL, E E 1923-Mar-12
PILGRIM, Alma F THOMAS, J Walter 1962-May-05
PILGRIM, Brenda GOLDMAN, Harvey G 1971-Jun-25
PILGRIM, Dorothy KIRKLAND, Ross W 1954-Jan-15
PILGRIM, Georgia DARNELL, John P 1971-Sep-24
PILGRIM, Juanita KNIGHT, John 1970-Jun-19
PILGRIM, Katherine HUDNALL, Russell 1969-Apr-30
PILGRIM, Maggie A CRAFT, Luther 1941-Sep-21
PILGRIM, Mildred MILES, Larry 1965-Mar-22
PILGRIM, Rachel Louise DENTON, Carlous B 1960-Jan-20
PILGRIM, Roy GOODIN, Mary 1956-Jun-23
PILGRIM, Ruby MCKINNEY, W G 1939-Nov-03
PILGRIM, Shirley MCKEE, Ray W 1959-Jun-15
PILGRIM, Venna WALTERS, J T 1917-Mar-19
PILGRIM, Zelda M JENKINS, Hermon 1950-Sep-30
PITMAN, BRIGGS, Jerome N 1950-Feb-14
PITTMAN, Earline KNIGHT, James H 1943-Aug-09
POOL, Leona SEVERENCE, J W 1937-Dec-04
POOLE, Daisy WEAVER, Lamar 1946-Jun-01
POOLE, Elizabeth SLATON, John 1918-Apr-13
POOLE, Katie R WHITE, W M 1939-Dec-23
POOLE, Lenelle SMITH, John 1939-Feb-13
POOLE, Maida A JOHNSON, William Jr 1937-Apr-02
POOLE, Mary W DUDLEY, Jack Lewis 1958-Aug-23
POOLE, Nannie WILKERSON, Clyde 1956-Dec-03
POOLE, Patricia A MEMAN, Lamar R 1957-Dec-28
POOLE, Shirley WILKERSON, James 1965-May-16
POOLE, Wilmer HUCKEBY, J L 1927-Dec-05
PORTER, Clara PONDER, Robert 1938-Feb-11
PORTER, Doris DUNCAN, James J 1941-Sep-27
PORTER, Frances PARKER, Jessie 1940-Jun-29
PORTER, Ruth ROWLS, W C 1930-Jan-08
PORTER, Virgie BLACK, John 1937-Dec-06
POSEY, Edna DAVIS, R H 1928-Aug-18
POSEY, Juanita ROBERTS, L L 1929-Oct-12
POSEY, Juanita ROBERTS, L L 1929-Nov-27
POU, Elizabeth GRAY, Dulane 1937-Apr-12
POWELL, Doris G HOPPER, Albert Nelson 1948-Aug-28
POWELL, Emily G DIAL, Henderson 1948-Apr-03
POWELL, Lucia J GODFREY, Norman 1947-Aug-02
POWELL, Minnie TERRELL, Joe 1939-Oct-31
PRESLEY, Fannie STOKES, Lester 1933-Jan-07
PRICE, Erna L PRICE, Robert 1963-Feb-20
PRICE, Frances BURKS, R C 1934-Jan-08
PRICE, Katherine HOWARD, John 1932-Dec-26
PRIESTER, Sarah SCOTT, Vernon 1948-Dec-27
PRITCHARD, Hazel TAYLOR, Therrel 1938-Dec-31
PUCKETT, Dona A EDWARDS, J C 1941-Nov-15
PUCKETT, Joan BOREN, Roy 1957-May-12
PUCKETT, Julia MCDADE, L A 1914-Dec-02
PUCKETT, Maggie SHEPHERD, C E 1913-Sep-14
PUCKETT, Marie V FOSTER, Eddie R 1971-Jan-24
PULLEM, Geraldine GREEN, Cager S 1950-Mar-22
PURVIS, Ada HASSELL, Manard 1941-Sep-27
PURVIS, Anna J MORGAN, Dennis 1958-Feb-07
PURVIS, Annie MCKELVAIN, I W 1917-Oct-08
PURVIS, Bonnie BAKER, T O 1931-Jun-30
PURVIS, Curtis BURNETT, Sarah A 1950-Jul-21
PURVIS, Edna MCLAURIN, M O 1931-Aug-03
PURVIS, Geraldine HARDIN, Edwin 1960-Oct-22
QUAVLE, Jane SORRELS, William 1970-Jun-07
QUINN, Donie CUMBERLAND, Hubert 1935-Aug-03
QUINN, Mertie PERRY, Clifton 1951-Jul-03
QUINN, Verda M GOODIN, J D 1935-Apr-02
QUINNELLY, Seleta EGBERT, Wayne R 1955-Apr-11



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