Kemper County Brides

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NANCE, Deborah D CHISOLM, Clifford Cecil 1969-Jun-18
NANCE, Jo Ann PERMENTER, Thomas 1969-Aug-30
NANCE, Juanita LANG, Junior 1947-Aug-16
NEAL, Bernice HARDY, T T 1919-Apr-29
NEAL, Bobbie PARKER, John 1953-Feb-01
NEAL, Cleva WALL, William H 1946-Mar-08
NEAL, Corene ALLEN, J A 1934-Jan-29
NEAL, Georgie SMITH, J M 1931-Jan-23
NEAL, Glenda SPEED, Eugene 1959-Jan-10
NEAL, Hester MOLPHUS, Mavis 1937-Dec-23
NEAL, Lena WARREN, Rufus 1917-May-26
NEAL, Norma MCKEE, Bobby 1957-Jun-01
NEAL, Olga HUTCHERSON, Clyde 1937-Jul-20
NEAL, Paula M MITCHELL, Clark 1928-Nov-03
NEAL, Peggy LACKEY, Arthur E 1963-Apr-23
NEAL, Ruby PACE, Alsa 1933-Nov-15
NEAL, Tommie MCKEE, Harvey 1950-Mar-17
NELSON, Martha WHITE, Lester 1958-Jul-08
NENO, Laura L GALLASPY, Burley T 1941-Dec-04
NESTER, Bessie ROBERSON, Henry 1917-Dec-22
NESTER, Claude NESTER, Houston 1936-Jul-25
NESTER, Ethel SHEPARD, Willie 1921-Dec-29
NESTER, Evelyn PIERCE, Jesse 1939-Oct-06
NESTER, Lula B WILLIAMS, Earnest 1920-Dec-11
NESTER, Martha KIRKLAND, John D 1968-Aug-30
NESTER, Nettle GREEN, Lunn 1923-Jan-02
NESTER, Ruth CHANCLER, Jehue 1921-Dec-03
NESTER, Tine PERMENTER, Harry 1915-Jun-05
NEWELL, Bobbie Jean BEDDINGFIELD, Louis E 1944-Sep-10
NEWELL, Christine PATTON, Buel 1942-Feb-08
NEWELL, Dorothy HUNNICUTT, Robert 1948-Apr-23
NEWELL, Gillie STOKES, Pierce 1929-Feb-21
NEWELL, Hazel MCNEIL, Newton 1944-Dec-14
NEWELL, Laura Nell DANNER, Ray Willie 1954-May-03
NEWELL, Lizzie MCKELLAR, Douglas 1937-Mar-23
NEWELL, Mary RUTLEDGE, Paul 1954-Mar-13
NEWELL, Shirley SHEPPARD, Talmadge 1954-Jan-08
NEWMAN, Shirley SWEARENGIN, Larry 1968-Jul-27
NICHOLS, Hattie YOUNG, S A 1939-Nov-04
NICHOLSON, Ella M HINES, Stennis 1935-Aug-07
NICHOLSON, Ruby MCCOY, Eugene 1938-Nov-03
NICHOLSON, Virginia FROST, H G 1934-Jun-19
NILAND, BATES, Harry 1968-Nov-22
NIX, Alice L GRACE, English W 1959-May-29
NIX, Tommie L JOHNSON, James W 1962-Jun-02
NIXON, Beatrice VANDERFORD, George 1925-May-02
NORMAN, Millie NEAL, Alvis 1956-Sep-18
NORWOOD, Jerrell Virginia AUST, Gilbert Monroe 1942-Jun-06
OATES, Ollie RUDDIE, Clifford 1939-Jan-08
OBRIEN, Martha SCRIVENER, Hubert 1943-Nov-17
ODOM, Mary Ophelia BISHOP, Alex 1919-Sep-08
ODOM, Nela HOPPER, E M 1916-Mar-26
OGLETREE, Jewel DENTON, E M 1912-Dec-23
OGLETREE, Vallarie SLAUGHTER, J E 1916-Aug-05
OLHEFT, Elsie SWEARENGIN, J P 1925-May-30
OLIVER, Charlotte BURNETT, Rex Orell 1944-May-26
OLIVER, Willie June CRIMM, Aubert Lee 1963-Oct-02
OLLHOFT, Allie WHITE, Cline 1925-Jul-17
ONEAL, Florence POOLE, James 1917-Oct-27
ORMAND, Betty Barrett BROWN, George Huff Jr 1961-Sep-03
OSBORNE, Gladys J HENDERSON, Robert 1951-Oct-11
OTT, Verna M LACHANCE, Robert J 1957-Oct-04
OTWELL, Gladys SCITZS, Walter 1957-Jun-09
OUBRE, Eloise DAVIS, Robert 1935-Nov-23
OUBRE, Lois ATKINS, George Young Jr 1947-Mar-15
OVERSTREET, Diann GRISHAM, James H 1958-Jul-21
OVERSTREET, Ellaine GUNN, W B 1914-Sep-05
OVERSTREET, Fred Miss MCWILLIAMS, Dan B 1918-Nov-10
OVERSTREET, Sue MCKIE, Edward E 1946-Oct-01
OWEN, Blannie Ann ADAMS, E H 1929-Apr-07
OWEN, Hazel PALMER, Norvell 1945-Jul-28
OWEN, Roberta STUART, Roy 1922-Oct-04
OWEN, Vivian I PUCKETT, James 19  -   -
OWENS, Pearl BAREFIELD, Ben F 1926-Dec-16
OWENS, Shirley A BURTON, Jeff O 1971-Aug-30



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