Kemper County Brides

I - J

INGRAM, Bettie HAMMACK, Claude L 1925-May-31
INGRAM, Ethel M MCKEE, C A 1922-Dec-20
INGRAM, Lillie WHITFIELD, C A 1934-Dec-06
IRBY, Irene BUTLER, C C 1935-Jan-19
IRBY, Mary TEMPLE, Robert 1947-Dec-04
IRONS, Frances CUMBERLAND, A E 1941-Jan-08
ISHEE, Dwala A ELDRIDGE, Henry G 1960-Aug-30
ISHEE, Mary D HOWELL, Billy W 1964-Jul-12
ISHEE, Shirley HAILEY, James E 1953-Oct-03
JACKSON, Dorothy J KEY, James R 1959-Dec-11
JACKSON, Effie BROWN, Homer 1915-Nov-10
JACKSON, Genell DAWS, Harry M 1939-Nov-12
JACKSON, Hattie I MASSEY, Rufus 1918-Jan-11
JACKSON, Hazel MORTON, Melva 1935-May-04
JACKSON, Mamie PURVIS, Leonard 1937-Nov-23
JACKSON, Margaret LIVINGSTON, Eron E 1964-Aug-08
JACKSON, Myra Lynn BURNETT, Rex O 1949-Apr-22
JACKSON, Norma STALLINGS, J T 1927-Jan-15
JACKSON, Ruth PURVIS, William 1933-May-03
JACKSON, Sallie HAGGARD, Earl 1940-May-10
JACKSON, Virginia PACE, Marion 1916-Aug-04
JAMES, Augusta R HUDSON, Junior E 1962-Nov-29
JAMES, Betty BAUGHMAN, Lofton 1948-Feb-06
JAMES, Estell MANN, Arthur D 1970-Nov-30
JAMESON, Ruth GREEN, W B 1933-Jun-16
JAMISON, Frances ALLEN, Thomas 1936-Jan-24
JARRELL, Mary E REAVES, James W 1919-Aug-23
JARVIS, Clarice ELDRIDGE, Robert 1940-Nov-29
JARVIS, Edna PALMER, Clinton 1937-Nov-15
JARVIS, Frances C HAILEY, Robert 1946-Feb-16
JARVIS, Gladys BARRETT, James 1934-May-23
JARVIS, Johnie B CLARK, Tom 1913-Sep-13
JARVIS, Mildred FULTON, W F 1934-Jun-01
JARVIS, Shelby Jean BESHEARS, John Ralph 1962-Dec-23
JENKINS, Alma VINING, W M 1932-Aug-09
JENKINS, Helen BURKES, John 1947-Apr-26
JENKINS, Lizzie M LONG, Virgil D 1945-Nov-30
JENKINS, Mamie E FARROR, L R 1914-Feb-11
JENKINS, Virginia E CARAWAY, Arch 1943-Dec-07
JESTON, Adelia BROADUS, Jefferies 1926-Sep-18
JOE, Sula BELL, Homer 1945-Feb-06
JOHNS, Mary E EVERS, William R 1956-Apr-21
JOHNSON, Auteria BURKES, Edgan James 1958-May-05
JOHNSON, Barbara STOVALL, David 1958-Jun-13
JOHNSON, Bernice E HOUSTON, Gray R 1928-Jun-14
JOHNSON, Bettie LAGRONE, John 1915-Feb-22
JOHNSON, Margaret N PRUITT, B W 1955-Jul-07
JOHNSON, Mary J MOBLEY, Tillman 1919-Apr-06
JOHNSON, Rosia PALMER, Henschel 1949-Jun-11
JOHNSON, Ruby Grace CREEKMORE, D Marvin 1950-Aug-16
JOHNSON, S E Miss GRAYSON, W M 1931-Jun-24
JOHNSON, Sara PARKER, Melton 1954-May-15
JOHNSON, Sarah E GRAYSON, W M 1945-Aug-16
JOHNSON, Sue GIBSON, W Wendell 1954-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Ulma Carolyn DAVIS, John Walter 1959-Aug-31
JOLLY, Ava N MCLAURIN, Dan B 1957-Feb-23
JOLLY, Francis C JOHNSON, Norman E 1964-Dec-19
JOLLY, Ileen GEORGE, Harvey 1946-Mar-23
JONER, Leo Miss STEWART, Charles 1960-Dec-19
JONES, Alice BARNETT, Odie 1966-Feb-08
JONES, Alice DAVIS, W A 1934-Jun-20
JONES, Carmon SHORTRIDGE, W W 1932-Jun-28
JONES, Carol HAMILTON, Farmer 1913-Jul-30
JONES, Daisy THOMAS, Joe 1920-Jun-19
JONES, Delight PACE, J W 1921-Mar-11
JONES, Dorothy BREWER, Larry Copeland 1961-Mar-16
JONES, Eloise WATT, Louis 1946-Mar-03
JONES, Jessie WRIGHT, Edward 1954-Mar-13
JONES, Jo Ann ROBBINS, Charles 1957-Dec-21
JONES, Lillie PARTRIDGE, Edward 1961-Dec-30
JONES, Linda WARREN, Charles 1965-Oct-03
JONES, Mary CREEKMORE, S J 1927-Dec-22
JONES, Myrtle DURAN, J W 1914-Oct-04
JONES, Nancy WRIGHT, Delmand 1940-Jun-01
JONES, Nora WRIGHT, Roger 1918-Sep-26
JONES, Opal CREEKMORE, J B 1929-Jul-13
JONES, R B BEALL, June R 1943-May-01
JONES, Ruby BRYAN, Oscar J 1920-Nov-30
JONES, Ruth BRANNING, J F 1937-Sep-25
JONES, Thema NEWELL, Archie 1915-Mar-05
JONES, Thena MCELROY, M P 1923-Dec-20
JONES, Velma MCGRAW, Therell 1920-Jun-23
JONES, Wadean WHITTLE, Jim H 1942-Nov-09
JONES, Willie BEDDINGFIELD, Sam 1917-Jul-21
JORDAN, Annie LANG, Willie 1919-Jun-14
JOYNER, Bessie HICKS, Burgham 1915-Dec-18
JOYNER, Eva HURT, T E 1920-Feb-02
JOYNER, Vera ANDERSON, Jarvis 1940-May-31



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