Kemper County Brides


GALLOWAY, Florence Evelyn ALLEN, Dan Clark 1952-Jun-14
GALLOWAY, Margaret HARBOUR, Henry 1947-Feb-22
GAMBLIN, Claudie C LONG, Bill F 1939-Oct-01
GANDY, Earline WOODRUFF, Ralph 1936-Apr-13
GARNER, Mary KEY, J A 1913-Jan-11
GARRETT, Dolly GARRETT, John M 1955-Dec-01
GARRETT, Fannie SUDDUTH, Roy 1938-Mar-16
GARRETT, Leona WALL, Tommie 1933-Aug-16
GARRETT, Mary VAUGHN, J K 1934-Dec-29
GARRETT, Nona TUTAR, Dewitt 1937-Aug-12
GARTIN, Margaret ANDERSON, Cal Hull 1930-Jun-20
GATHRIGHT, Frances MCRAE, Coyt 1931-Dec-23
GATHRIGHT, Mary C AUST, D Morrison 1923-Dec-23
GATLIN, Bettie S MARDIS, Melvin 1947-Nov-22
GAVIN, Margaret C MILLER, James 193 -Jan-19
GAY, Imogene HERRING, G B 1926-Jun-23
GEORGE, Annie MCKEE, G L 1930-Sep-20
GEORGE, Cora HULL, E B 1912-Dec-24
GEORGE, Edna Jeanett ATKINSON, Ivan William 1967-Mar-31
GEORGE, Geneva MCKEE, Rilley 1929-Nov-09
GEORGE, Gloria SMITH, George 1965-Jul-25
GEORGE, Inez FLEMING, Fred W 1946-Mar-23
GEORGE, Mable C HENDERSON, Luther D 1949-Feb-09
GEWIN, Eunice DAWS, Stanton 1933-Dec-21
GEWIN, Mabel O HARRIS, James O 1937-Jun-30
GEWIN, Ruth E MCCOY, Wiley 1918-Jun-07
GIBSON, Bessie HARDY, Lewis 1916-Apr-15
GIBSON, Carolyn D GRIFFIN, Maldon R 1956-Jul-13
GIBSON, Donna PERKINS, Roger 1921-Aug-18
GIBSON, Lucille GRIFFIN, A H 1927-Nov-03
GIBSON, Martha M MASSEY, Frank H 1954-Apr-03
GIBSON, Mary HAGGARD, J T 1916-May-27
GIBSON, Mavis SMITH, Walter 1967-Oct-28
GIBSON, Myrtle MARS, Grady 1922-Oct-14
GIBSON, Narciss JONES, T M 1919-Aug-20
GIBSON, Rachel E BURKES, Billy 1963-Dec-22
GIBSON, Sarah L BELL, Herman 1965-Feb-29
GIBSON, Sherrie K DARNELL, Dewayne Clark 1970-Oct-03
GIFFORD, Lillian L CLAY, Marcelin N 1916-Jun-01
GIFFORD, Virginia MANESS, James Z 1942-Sep-25
GILBERT, Mary Kate CAMMACK, G C 1924-Sep-27
GILBERT, Sue MITCHELL, W D 1928-Aug-21
GILCHRIST, Doris E JAMES, Jimmie 1951-Jun-02
GILES, Cecil B LINDLEY, William 1917-Nov-18
GILES, Ruby NORSWORTHY, Truman 1916-Aug-07
GILLEN, Georgie CONNER, George 1935-Aug-23
GILLIAN, Willie ROBERTSON, Chester 1969-Dec-08
GILLIS, Annie J RICHARDSON, D E 1913-Nov-17
GILLIS, Carrie PARTRIDGE, Mardis 1937-May-15
GILLIS, Minnie Pearl CREKMORE, James C 1942-Aug-14
GILLIS, Virginia LUKE, Monroe 1929-Mar-24
GIPSON, Mary Katherine CHISOLM, Vernon 1950-Dec-24
GLASGOW, Mary VANSICKIE, Clara 1940-Apr-23
GLOVER, Bessie DANIELS, Elbert 1921-Jul-23
GLOVER, Louise BURNETTE, T R 1925-Oct-03
GODMAN, Fannie LITCHFIELD, Bob 1928-Mar-03
GODWIN, Jinnie C BEARDEN, W R 1917-Jul-16
GODWIN, Lois M HALL, Edward E 1963-May-31
GOLDEN, Bobbie SMITH, Gary 1957-Apr-26
GOLDEN, Sarah STOKES, John 1949-Jun-07
GOLDMAN, Helen MARTIN, Elmer 1929-Jan-06
GOLDMAN, Louise BULLER, James 1939-Nov-25
GOODGAME, Susie SHEPARD, Earl 1965-Nov-06
GOODIN, Catherine MCDONALD, J D 1940-Sep-13
GOODIN, Doris Eloise CULBERSON, Billie Gene 1956-Aug-18
GOODIN, Eloise SHELTON, Ray 1959-Feb-28
GOODIN, Kathy ROBERSON, Thomas 1966-Dec-17
GOODIN, Martha K GEORGE, Harry 1967-Oct-14
GOODIN, Mary PILGRIM, Roy 1956-Jun-23
GOODIN, Nita MCADERY, Paul 1963-May-18
GOODIN, Virgie TUCKER, Tom 1947-Oct-12
GOODWIN, Edna CULLUM, Jimmie 1966-Jun-18
GOODWIN, Genetta VANDEVENDER, Tollie 1929-Oct-03
GOODWIN, Laura WILLIFORD, Leslie 1957-Apr-19
GOODWIN, Mattie L GILLEY, Odell 1967-Jun-16
GOODWIN, Polly POOL, David 1914-Mar-06
GORDON, Carolyn TALLER, J B 1931-Jan-05
GORDON, Medie HANEY, W R 1925-Jul-03
GORE, Annie ELDRIDGE, G A 1923-Nov-11
GORE, Mabel WILSON, Anderson 1965-Jan-12
GOWAND, Emma PALMER, H C 1915-Feb-12
GRACE, Cora Sue WEAVER, Robert 1957-Apr-19
GRAHAM, Doris SHAW, Bennie 1971-Jun-04
GRAHAM, Joyce BOREN, Ray Willard 1966-Jul-26
GRAHAM, Linda L HUTCHERSON, Alvin O 1968-Feb-02
GRAHAM, Lucille EAVES, John 1953-Aug-23
GRAHAM, Sara DAVIS, Jeff Willie 1938-Mar-03
GRANTHAM, Lorene LEGG, Walter 1935-Aug-05
GRANTHAM, Myrtle WALKER, W H 1921-Jul-28
GRANTHAM, Ola KEETON, W T 1917-Mar-02
GRANTHAM, Verna SEALS, Arch 1926-Jan-02
GRAY, Bobby J GOODIN, James R 1956-Mar-03
GRAY, Connie HARDEN, Wesly T 1964-Nov-17
GRAY, Ellen HALL, M B 1938-Mar-05
GRAY, Ethel CULBERSON, Florence 1946-Jan-26
GRAY, Judy Loraine ALDERMAN, James Henry 1964-Dec-19
GRAY, Katherine KIRKLAND, Leslie 1944-Dec-14
GRAY, Leona TUBBERVILLE, E M 1922-Feb-08
GRAY, Ora STEPHENS, Barlow 1916-Jul-22
GRAY, Sarah PIERCE, L B 1932-Jul-18
GRAY, Sherry L JOHNSON, Don 1970-Aug-08
GREEN, Bobby K GATEWOOD, Mack W 1963-Dec-16
GREEN, Clara C WALL, Alvin 1932-Feb-06
GREEN, Dorothy S FULTON, Alice O 1947-Apr-04
GREEN, Hattie PAGE, A 1934-Dec-21
GREEN, Juanita C PURVIS, Woodrow 1946-Aug-27
GREEN, Lela POPE, W H 1935-Jan-20
GREEN, Leona STEWART, Gilbert 1934-Dec-18
GREEN, Letha NESTER, Homer 1932-Dec-24
GREEN, Lillie HIGGINBOTHAM, H H 1938-Feb-26
GREEN, Mary BATEMAN, Clayton 1941-Mar-15
GREEN, Ohie HIGGINBOTHAM, William 1918-Feb-05
GREEN, Onie REED, W K 1914-Dec-29
GREEN, Rita Q LADNER, P Preston 1955-Jul-26
GREEN, Viva MCWILLIAMS, Dan B Jr 1946-Oct-16
GREER, Charline LIMERICK, Oliver O 1966-Mar-21
GREGORY, Laura NEWELL, Stennis 1956-Aug-31
GREGORY, Lucille PEDEN, Herbert 1953-Jul-25
GREGORY, Mamie L BURKS, M William 1942-Jan-31
GREGORY, Mary E FLOORE, Gray J 1955-Apr-09
GRIFFIN, Dorothy J HIGGINBOTHAM, P C 1940-Oct-12
GRIFFIN, Elia Mae DAWS, Fred L 1946-Aug-16
GRIFFIN, Estelle SUTTLES, Elmer 1921-Nov-02
GRIFFIN, Letha NEAL, Houston 1916-Dec-16
GRIFFIN, Nina MCDONALD, Glen 1942-Mar-12
GRIFFITH, Edna LACKEY, A B 1914-Nov-22
GRIGGS, Katherine HOWARD, Gilbert M 1941-Jul-30
GUINN, Jerusha BURNETT, A C 1914-Sep-22
GULLY, Addie SPINKS, George 1941-Nov-26
GULLY, Allie WARREN, Sam 1918-May-20
GULLY, Bonnie Gene AUST, Richmond 1924-Apr-23
GULLY, Carolyn BAREFIELD, Ross Jr 1952-Sep-22
GULLY, Dorothy MCFARLAND, Ray W 1959-Jun-18
GULLY, Edna WILKINSON, J T 1937-Mar-09
GULLY, Etta SMITH, J C 1927-Nov-19
GULLY, Jeanette PATTERSON, Brooks 1965-Nov-24
GULLY, Madge VANDEVENDER, John 1943-Dec-27
GULLY, Melba D DEES, Jamie G 1965-Mar-07
GULLY, Phyllis Marie CLARK, Herman Virgil 1961-Dec-18
GULLY, Rosa HAILEY, A W 1941-Feb-10
GULLY, Ruby DAWS, J M 1914-May-05
GULLY, Ruth TAHN, Oliver 1918-Sep-01
GULLY, Undean MCRAE, Aaron 1944-Nov-22
GUNN, Mary GORE, George 1923-Jan-06
GUNN, Mattie GEORGE, J E 1914-Sep-14
GURLY, Edna SELLERS, Elton 1926-Aug-31
GWIN, Venla G GRAY, Jack L 1958-Feb-25



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