Kemper County Brides


FAIL, Frances FAIL, Neal 1956-Jan-20
FAIN, Peggy F KEETON, William 1966-Sep-20
FAIN, Peggy F MARTIN, Robert 1969-Feb-15
FAIRCHILD, Jacqueline CLEARMAN, Jerry Lee 1956-Jun-02
FANCHER, Sarah J MOORE, Bobby 1954-Feb-13
FARLESS, Janice HENDERSON, Roger 1957-Sep-28
FARROP, Bobby Jean BECKHAM, Mckinley William 1957-Jun-05
FARROW, Margarite SMITH, Walter 1947-Jun-16
FARROW, Myra MCKEE, J L 1913-Jan-18
FEA, Hazel Madge BRIGGS, Aron K 1925-Jan-12
FELTON, Ella Mae BOREN, Earnest 1939-Dec-08
FERGUSON, Annie STEVENS, Lester 1953-Jun-20
FERGUSON, Onela L FORTENBERRY, Robie 1959-Dec-04
FINKLEY, Viola MAYE, Samuel 1933-May-31
FISCUS, Mollie SCARBOROUGH, Leslie 1928-Mar-03
FISDALE, Lois LANG, C D 1927-Jan-09
FLANEGAN, Mildred KEY, Otis P 1938-Nov-05
FLEMING, Jacqueline BRASSFIELD, Larry C 1963-Mar-13
FLEMING, Jennie SMITH, Jessie 1915-Dec-21
FLEMING, Kathleen THOMPSON, Edward 1944-Apr-23
FLEMINGS, Lottie JOHNSON, P W 1916-Feb-26
FLOORE, Clarky J GRIFFIN, Eugene W 1951-Nov-30
FLOORE, Edna Earl CULLUM, Alton C 1937-Oct-31
FLOORE, Francis G HULL, Edward R 1852-Jan-22
FLOYD, Martha D GRIFFIN, Freeman Jr 1945-Feb-03
FORD, Dessie EDGIE, Ira 1938-Aug-11
FORESMAN, Alice HALBERT, Lewis M 1957-Apr-24
FORESMAND, Jeanne JOHNSON, Gerald 1922-Jan-25
FOSTER, Debra EDMONDS, Roland J 1969-Nov-21
FOWLER, Ina Ivey KING, Cecil 1954-Dec-11
FOX, Erma ROBERTSON, Thedford 1964-Aug-28
FOX, Ethel WARREN, Annie M 1931-Aug-04
FOX, Gladys WILSON, Luther 1955-Apr-09
FOX, Mary Kathryn ANDERSON, R S 1935-Jul-04
FOX, Paulette BOUCHILLIEN, Aomie 1967-May-29
FOY, Doris M JOLLY, Fred N 1949-Nov-02
FRANKLIN, Elsie Smith BROWN, R E 1935-Jun-29
FRANKLIN, Florence GRIFFIN, John W 1917-Dec-19
FRANKLIN, Mabel SANFORD, Jim 1930-Jul-25
FRANKLIN, Marie HOPPER, R C 1928-Sep-28
FRANKS, Inez HANSON, A L 1913-Mar-22
FRAZIER, Cecila BUNCH, Joe 1966-Mar-14
FRAZIER, Dora PENNY, F K 1941-Mar-26
FRAZIER, Issie DIXON, Young 1944-Sep-09
FRAZIER, Jessie NEWELL, Leon 1955-Jul-02
FRAZIER, Majorie JACKSON, Amos 1964-Jan-14
FRAZIER, Pattie HATCHER, Thomas 1915-Jul-06
FRAZIER, Ruth HICKMAN, Charlie 1961-Jul-14
FREEMAN, Ave Bell RIVERS, James C 1916-Aug-25
FREEMAN, Lary BRIDGES, Warden 1929-May-05
FRESHOUR, Rachel LANDRUM, Erdelle 1942-Dec-29
FROST, Betty HAILY, David W 1970-Aug-28
FULTON, Alice JARVIS, Garner 1940-Aug-02
FULTON, Alice O GREEN, Dorothy S 1947-Apr-04
FULTON, Arrie J SHIRLEY, Luke 1964-Oct-24
FULTON, Audrey P TEER, J T 1953-Oct-24
FULTON, Beatrice SMITH, Laverne 1938-Mar-26
FULTON, Bessie ALLEN, Lester 1927-Aug-20
FULTON, Doras BURNETT, H C 1917-Dec-14
FULTON, Ella Mae BRYAN, Marvin 1933-Jun-29
FULTON, Ellie TEER, J A 1927-Dec-27
FULTON, Elmarine MCLAURIN, E E 1939-Apr-04
FULTON, Eloise LUKE, Ronald 1955-Jan-22
FULTON, Eloyee JARVIS, H T 1939-Jan-28
FULTON, Ethel CLARK, J W 1927-Apr-14
FULTON, Eva CLARK, J D 1926-Dec-24
FULTON, Frances MCCOY, David 1968-May-25
FULTON, Hazel Marie BENSON, John B 1961-Aug-23
FULTON, Helen PERRY, Homer 1961-Dec-16
FULTON, Ida G STEVENS, J K 1960-May-07
FULTON, Jessie AVARA, W J 1920-Aug-02
FULTON, Julia F FOX, Charles J 1960-Aug-06
FULTON, Lillian LUKE, Wilbur 1923-Oct-03
FULTON, Louise MCARTHUR, Ruth 1926-Dec-02
FULTON, Louise RICHARDSON, Burb 1965-Apr-05
FULTON, Maggie Nell GULLY, Britian R 1957-Jul-26
FULTON, Mavis JONES, C J 1931-Feb-21
FULTON, May DEES, W O 1916-Dec-04
FULTON, Patty Nel CREEKMORE, Earl 1949-Sep-02
FULTON, Ruby LUKE, Lauelle C 1947-Nov-20
FULTON, Zora Alice GRAY, Cecil E 1947-Feb-10
FURR, Bonnie BARGE, Charley 1923-Jul-18



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