Kemper County Brides


EAKES, Fay JACKSON, Joe T 1952-Oct-21
EAKES, Helen SMITH, James 1950-Dec-23
EAKES, Mary E GEORGE, Billy R 1959-Jan-26
EAKES, Mary Jo EAKES, Alfred W 1959-Aug-26
EAKES, Mazell PILGRIM, William 1939-Oct-09
EAKES, Moselle PILGRIM, William 1939-Oct-09
EAKES, Pauline CUMBERLAND, Jerry 1956-Sep-24
EAKES, Pearline EAKES, Melvin 1947-Dec-24
EAKES, Shirley Ann ANTHONY, Herman 1954-Oct-29
EAKES, Willie F PUCKETT, Leroy 1955-Jun-10
EAKS, Rosa EAKS, Dock 1915-Nov-02
EALLUM, Ouida Claire BRANTLEY, Albert James 1951-Dec-22
EARLY, Noami COHOON, James B 1936-May-23
EAVES, Ada HIGGINBOTHAM, Bennie 1918-May-22
EAVES, Aeneeta REED, Jack 1936-Jan-03
EAVES, Eula Mae BATEMAN, Minor 1920-Dec-14
EAVES, Lena BATEMAN, Clayton 1915-Dec-19
EAVES, Lillie D LOCKE, Will 1924-Oct-04
EAVES, Lizzie SMITH, Elmer 1928-May-11
EAVES, Mary Ellen CHERRY, Louzo Gray 1946-Feb-28
ECHOLS, Eula HARBOUR, C W 1931-Feb-13
ECHOLS, Freddie MCKEE, Gaston 1930-Mar-29
ECHOLS, Rubye HARBOUR, C T 1926-Nov-27
EDMINSTON, Paulene TEMPLE, Ernest 1917-Oct-04
EDMONDS, B Miss LESLIE, E 1922-Oct-22
EDMONDS, Elsie POOLE, Edward 1935-Aug-24
EDMONDS, Sadie L KING, Ernest 1916-Dec-31
EDMONDS, Vista PARNELL, William 1948-Apr-19
EDWARDS, Anna JONES, Earlei 1940-Mar-06
EDWARDS, Bonnie FLEMING, Charles C 1967-Dec-20
EDWARDS, Carolyn SMITH, Jimmy 1971-Aug-28
EDWARDS, Clara BRIGGS, T K 1941-Aug-22
EDWARDS, Earline PEEBLES, Billy 1955-Jul-27
EDWARDS, Elsie M FARROW, Roy H 1946-Oct-18
EDWARDS, Frankie J HAGGARD, James T 1962-Apr-23
EDWARDS, Ida ADAMS, Walter 1935-Dec-26
EDWARDS, Jewel WINNINGHAM, Wes 1924-Mar-07
EDWARDS, Kathleen AUST, John E 1919-Feb-19
EDWARDS, Lona A FULCHER, John R 1949-May-11
EDWARDS, Martha J HAILEY, Mabron R 1957-Jul-27
EDWARDS, Mary HARBOUR, Klien 1951-Jun-23
EDWARDS, Melba BARNES, Hawthorne 1922-Dec-11
EDWARDS, Mildred SHELTON, Damon 1955-Apr-23
EDWARDS, Pearle TISDALE, Joseph 1940-Dec-01
ELDRIDGE, Alva ADCOCK, Henry 1929-Dec-24
ELDRIDGE, Anie L WADDELL, A A 1932-Jul-08
ELDRIDGE, Beatrice VAUGHN, W D 1934-May-10
ELDRIDGE, Dorothy HOWLEY, James M 1967-Dec-16
ELDRIDGE, Georgia KIRKLAND, Edward 1952-Dec-10
ELDRIDGE, Lillie M HEMPHILL, Robert 1941-Sep-12
ELDRIDGE, Louise FULTON, David 1935-Aug-17
ELDRIDGE, Martha Ann BAUCHILLON, Larry Lee 1961-Apr-31
ELDRIDGE, Mary Ellen ALDAY, M William 1949-Dec-21
ELDRIDGE, Mary Jane DUDLEY, Knox Willard 1959-Jun-02
ELDRIDGE, Mildred HEDGEPETH, Leon 1938-Dec-24
ELDRIDGE, Nannie BURNETT, Bill 1937-Jun-19
ELDRIDGE, Norma Jane ALLEN, Larry Glen 1955-Sep-20
ELDRIDGE, Ruby SMITH, Perry 1962-Nov-18
ELEY, Peggy Faye BRASHIER, Jimmy Curtis 1952-Jul-21
ELEY, Winnie PHILLIPS, Allen 1951-May-26
ELLINGBURG, Marie PILGRIM, Luther 1966-May-20
ELLIOT, Mary E DURANT, John L 1949-Oct-14
ELLIOTT, Cecia PHILLIPS, Willie 1951-Sep-18
ELLIOTT, Genevieve HOPPER, H E 1912-Oct-18
ELLIOTT, Martha Jo AUST, M Wallace 1954-Mar-16
ENGLAND, Mary STEGALL, W F 1933-May-13
ENNIS, Bessie ALEXANDER, Q W 1926-Nov-08
ENNIS, Mary R WINNFORD, R E 1926-Nov-08
ESTES, Margaret L BOYD, Clifton Williard 1934-Sep-25
ESTES, Pearl Miss HORNBECK, Bernice 1913-Nov-05
ETHRIDGE, Mabel NEVILLE, Ernest 1913-Dec-05
EVANS, A Miss HALL, James H 1933-Mar-17
EVANS, Betty Jean ANTHONY, Narvel 1964-Jul-24
EVANS, Bobbie DAVIS, Richard 1921-Nov-12
EVANS, Lacy R PUCKETT, H A 1947-Aug-16
EVANS, Leslie MCCONNELL, Mattie 1923-Jan-04
EVANS, Lolita KEETON, Walter 1933-Feb-18
EVANS, Maude HUTCHERSON, W G 1916-Apr-22
EVANS, Pearl HUTCHERSON, H G 1915-Oct-15
EVANS, Ruby STINE, Frank 1943-Jun-16
EVANS, Willie Mae BURROUGHS, Edward Earl 1971-Jan-09
EVERETTE, Marvel BATEMAN, Luther 1926-Nov-27
EZELL, Dollie SALTER, D B 1936-Nov-19
EZELL, Elzonia EVANS, E C 1924-May-03
EZELL, Lela M WILLIAMS, Henry 1925-Jan-26
EZELL, Mary RUSSELL, Hubert 1925-May-16



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