Kemper County Brides


ABERNATHY, Dixie PARRISH, Coleman 1958-Jan-18
ABRAMS, Daisy AUST, James Morris 1952-Dec-29
ABRAMS, Daisy Omey AUST, James Morris 1946-Feb-05
ADAMS, Alice Burt CLARK, George Lee 1948-Aug-18
ADAMS, Emma L HUDNALL, H G 1922-Oct-27
ADAMS, Eunice A FUQUA, Ira W 1942-Jun-03
ADAMS, Jeanne REED, John T Jr 1951-Nov-08
ADAMS, Judy PAGE, Billy 1958-Nov-03
ADAMS, Martha SMITH, Frank 1963-Oct-24
ADAMS, Namoni BURKS, Earnest 1934-Oct-15
ADAMS, Ouida M HAILEY, R C Jr 1937-Oct-22
ADAMS, Peggy Eloise BRITT, Walter Franklin 1961-Aug-08
ADAMS, Rebecca LEON, Thomas E 1950-Dec-18
ADAMS, Rosa MCLEAN, D C 1915-Aug-30
ADAMS, Sadie VOHS, Joe 1927-Oct-11
ADAMS, Sylvia ALLEN, Floyd Kenneth 1959-Jul-28
ADAMS, Vera MCLAURIN, Elton 1922-Mar-27
ADAMS, Winnie ELEY, J M 1929-Jan-05
ADCOCK, Jane NEAL, Harrold 1952-Nov-01
ALAWINE, Creacie THREAT, Oliver 1918-Aug-08
ALAWINE, Ila SMITH, N B 1921-Mar-02
ALDAY, Dorothy M HAGAN, Clyde T 1947-Apr-14
ALDAY, Edith EDWARDS, Otis 1948-May-03
ALDAY, Mavis STEVENS, John 1931-Jul-30
ALDAY, Mavis STEVENS, Johnie 1947-Dec-26
ALDERMAN, Ruby O COX, L Willis 1950-Jan-21
ALDRIDGE, Edna LITTLE, Lamar R 1957-Feb-03
ALDRIDGE, Virginia BOYKINS, Joe Bert 1966-Jun-11
ALEXANDER, Kathy COLEY, Kenneth Wayne 1969-Mar-08
ALEXANDER, Louise WATT, Pinson 1947-Mar-14
ALEXANDER, Mary I MADISON, W W 1948-Dec-24
ALLEN, Barbara VOCK, Earl 1955-Mar-04
ALLEN, Doris Elaine BAKER, Dolphie K 1946-Oct-04
ALLEN, Gracie RILEY, G I 1912-Nov-30
ALLEN, Guynell FOWLER, T C 1927-Feb-01
ALLEN, Hazel Grace COOK, Jack 1950-Jun-17
ALLEN, Jane I JARVIS, Chalmers 1970-Feb-21
ALLEN, Kathryn BROCKENRIDGE, Leanard 1939-Nov-29
ALLEN, Laura SANDERS, Lewis 1955-Jun-11
ALLEN, Laura M WIMBERLY, A L 1922-Jul-23
ALLEN, Mamie N LANG, A C 1962-Jan-31
ALLEN, Mamie S MORRIS, Billie 1924-Sep-24
ALLEN, Mary RICHARDSON, John W 1966-Sep-24
ALLEN, Myrtle SMITH, J C 1926-Jul-30
ALLEN, Sally R LUKE, Thomas 1953-Aug-01
ALLEN, Velma ANDERSON, Clyde 1938-Dec-12
ALLEN, Willie BRANNING, Gordie 1922-Apr-02
ALSTON, Francene FULENWIDER, Joseph F 1942-Apr-30
AMACKER, Betty J BOSWELL, Herman Frank 1958-Aug-02
AMACKER, Mary K PUCKETT, Carroll 1966-Dec-29
AMBROSE, Ola Brown BAREFIELD, Kenneth Donald 1959-Sep-08
ANDERSON, Alice CLARK, Walton 1916-Jul-25
ANDERSON, Alyne SHARP, Havey 1929-Sep-02
ANDERSON, Annie J JOINER, Lee P 1923-Jun-01
ANDERSON, Barbara PARNELL, Wilton 1963-Aug-02
ANDERSON, Beverly D HAGEMEYER, Jessek 1961-Jun-08
ANDERSON, Glenda JACKSON, Joseph 1964-Mar-15
ANDERSON, Jane THOMAS, Eugene 1970-Oct-06
ANDERSON, Katie M JOYNER, Clarence J 1924-Aug-16
ANDERSON, Knoavo CREKMORE, Champ 1938-Mar-09
ANDERSON, Mae GOSET, Hermon 1922-Jun-28
ANDERSON, Mattie THOMPSON, Roy 1967-Apr-18
ANDERSON, Virginia SMITH, Robert 1961-Nov-04
ANTHONY, Bonnie ALLEN, J G 1942-Dec-29
ANTHONY, Carolyn COPELAND, Floyd Wayne 1964-Dec-26
ANTHONY, Myrtle BRADLEY, G M 1926-Apr-24
ARMSTRONG, Alpha J DONALDSON, Luther T 1957-Dec-20
ATKINSON, Dorothy J HAMNA, John G 1961-Dec-13
ATKINSON, Mary F WILLIAMS, Clay 1936-May-16
ATKINSON, Sallie STEVENS, Loas 1940-Sep-21
AUST, Blanche BRYAN, Leo 1932-Jun-11
AUST, Bobbie Faye BATES, William E 1953-Apr-07
AUST, Erma HARPER, J L 1916-Feb-21
AUST, Fannie Letita BRYAN, I P 1922-Aug-20
AUST, Janie VANDEVENDER, Robert 1961-Mar-14
AUST, Martha RUSSELL, Thurlon 1947-Dec-24
AUST, May B LAVENDER, Henry E 1915-Aug-31
AUST, Peggy PERSONS, John 1951-Nov-21
AUST, Sallie E RAMSEY, M K 1939-Nov-07
AVERA, Laneta M HENSON, Harvey 1971-Aug-29
AYCOCK, Clarie SHACKLEFORD, James 1948-Jul-10
AYCOCK, Esther E FLYNT, Edward W 1942-Dec-05
AYERS, Martha R KEY, James M 1961-Aug-11



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