Jones County Grooms


RADFORD, C L COWART, Gertrude 1895-Feb-28
RAINEY, J D RIALS, S E 1883-Nov-05
RANEY, Lunn SANDERSON, M J Miss 1893-Apr-05
RANEY, R W ODOM, Ella 1895-Mar-13
RASBERRY, L R PATTERSON, Lizzie 1895-Jan-12
REASON, William JORDON, Rachel 1898-Mar-19
REDDING, W M NORMAN, Vla 1893-Dec-21
REDDOCH, J H H TRINION, S E Miss 1887-Aug-04
REED, J M SILLER, Suida 1883-Jul-07
REENES, J M BAZOR, J H Miss 1887-Dec-03
REEVES, J R STENWINDER, M F Miss 1895-Jun-25
REGSDON, Joseph TOUCHSTONE, Callie 1896-May-04
REID, Frank BAILEY, Lucy 1898-Nov-17
REID, Willie CURRY, Brooks 1899-Apr-13
REYNOLDS, E F SOCIA, Sarah L 1895-May-10
REYNOLDS, J L TISDALE, F M Miss 1889-Jan-05
RHODES, A H CROSBY, Sarah 1900-Dec-26
RHODES, Eli LOPER, Martha 1884-Jan-10
RHODES, James A MCDEWITT, Minnie 1897-Jan-20
RIALS, Jack THOMPSON, M A Miss 1888-Nov-24
RIALS, W W FAIRCHILD, Mary 1884-Jul-06
RICE, J R JONES, Elizabeth 1897-Dec-14
RIDGEWAY, William CARTER, Maggie 1894-Feb-03
RIGDON, William BARNETT, Willie 1895-Dec-24
RILEY, W E DOWNING, Alice 1890-Dec-20
RIVERS, J C HILL, A J Miss 1895-May-21
ROBERTS, I I CLARK, C C Miss 1894-Sep-02
ROBERTS, J W CLARK, Isabelle 1885-Aug-15
ROBERTSON, R W WILSON, C C Miss 1893-Aug-17
ROBERTSON, William BLACK, Manerva J 1884-Aug-12
ROBINSON, G R TISDALE, Emma 1893-Jun-17
ROBINSON, Lott WILLIAMS, Annie 1900-Dec-27
ROBISON, D C SHOWS, Malinda 1892-Apr-30
RODGERS, Andy HOLIFIELD, Margaret M 1887-Dec-21
RODGERS, E M MYRICK, W W 1883-Dec-05
RODGERS, William MAXEY, Lula 1895-Nov-29
ROGERS, C W HOWELL, Viola B 1890-Nov-03
ROGERS, J W PITTS, D A Miss 1890-Oct-30
ROGERS, James COLLINS, Emma 1899-Oct-23
ROGERS, L D MORGAN, Josephine 1894-Nov-15
ROGERS, W B LANDRUM, Zellieann 1889-Feb-06
ROGERS, William DAVIS, Pearlina 1899-Apr-12
ROGERS, Zachariah JACKSON, Jennie 1894-May-17
ROPER, W A TUCKER, Rina 1893-Mar-26
ROSE, Alonzo CRAFT, Annie 1896-Jun-20
ROSS, Will KIRK, Marinda 1900-Feb-23
ROYALS, J E WADE, N J Miss 1888-Mar-05
ROYALS, J S COATS, M A Miss 1892-Jan-23
RUMMELLS, A J HERRINGTON, Millie 1895-Jan-07
RUMPH, H L GRAVES, Almeda 1886-May-06
RUSHING, J B SUMRALL, D C Miss 1889-Feb-05
RUSHTON, Ben BRADFORD, Ceharey 1899-Nov-15
RUSHTON, O E WALTERS, Annie 1896-Mar-21
RUSSEL, A T GARNER, Nellie 1892-Nov-05
RUSSELL, George MORGAN, Cora 1899-Jun-25



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