Jones County Grooms

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PADGET, J T BRYANT, M J Miss 1892-Mar-03
PADGETT, B F BRYANT, J L Miss 1891-Dec-23
PADGETT, H C MARTIN, Susan 1893-Jul-24
PADGETT, L P MUSGROVE, Albane 1884-Aug-27
PADGETT, L P WEEBORN, Rosa 1896-Jan-22
PAGE, Albert MCQUEEN, Annie 1900-Sep-02
PAGE, F D FAIGG, Lula 1886-Feb-03
PAGE, Frank SHELBY, Albany 1900-Sep-16
PAGE, H W SMITH, Josaphine 1888-Oct-13
PAGE, M I BUCHANAN, Annie 1893-Nov-15
PAGE, M I WOODWARD, Nancy L 1885-Sep-10
PAGE, Martha Ann AGEE, Mauras 1895-Nov-22
PAGE, O C SHELBY, Martha 1899-May-25
PAGE, William JIMENSON, Julia 1895-Jan-29
PARISH, E F BUSH, M J Miss 1892-Dec-29
PARISH, M L WALTERS, S L Miss 1894-Dec-05
PARKER, Anderson MYRICK, Martha 1882-Dec-18
PARKER, C E NALLS, Mattie 1896-Jan-13
PARKER, Douglas DAVIS, Hattie 1900-Jun-02
PARKER, Henry LINDSEY, M J Miss 1887-May-21
PARKER, J W JOHNSON, M E Miss 1891-Jul-15
PARKER, John A JOHNSON, Virginie G 1885-Oct-12
PARKER, L B YOUNG, Dehillie 1892-Jan-12
PATES, F J COX, Amzie 1894-Dec-01
PATRICK, M M CROSBY, Viney 1893-Dec-02
PATRICK, Stephen C LEWIS, Bell 1896-Sep-05
PATTERSON, John HILDERBURG, Zonia 1898-Sep-26
PAYNE, Neel HALL, Ciley 1897-Nov-30
PEARSON, F A ARRINGTON, Lena 1892-Jan-04
PEARSON, Frank CARTER, Ella 1900-Jun-28
PEARSON, G H ROGERS, Emiline 1893-Feb-21
PEARSON, W N MCBRIDE, Emma 1884-Jan-10
PEEBLES, I L BANCROFT, Alice Mrs 1884-Jul-16
PEGFORD, W R BOSWELL, E E Miss 1890-Dec-15
PERRY, E L PARMER, Rosanna Mrs 1883-Apr-05
PERRY, E L PARMER, Roseanna 1883-Apr-05
PETTY, Sylvestor LOFTON, Arsy 1896-Nov-16
PHILLIPS, J S RAINEY, Mary E 1891-May-06
PI KETT, Rapheal MCDANIEL, Ida 1900-Jun-28
PICKERING, J I POOL, Duckey Miss 1890-Nov-28
PICKERING, J M HOOD, Lutie L 1890-Nov-01
PICKERING, T J MCDONALD, Annie 1896-Dec-11
PICKINS, John COOPER, Ida 1900-Jul-26
PILGRIM, A A BUSH, Vina Idonah 1895-Apr-17
PILGRIM, A T BUSH, Nancy L 1896-Sep-16
PILGRIM, A T STEPHENS, Ida 1891-Oct-07
PILGRIM, John J MAULDIN, Nancy F 1884-Apr-08
PILGRIM, T WINDHAM, S T Miss 1893-Mar-11
PILGRIM, T M REEVES, Sallie 1895-May-25
PILGRIM, W D PHELPS, M Mrs 1894-Mar-01
PILGRIM, W P BOLER, Delia 1891-Mar-18
PINNELL, S C GRAVES, Joseph 1883-May-14
PITTMAN, G W MCQUETER, Dora 1896-Dec-26
PITTMAN, H H WENDHAM, Elizabeth 1894-Oct-22
PITTMAN, J T TAYLOR, M F Miss 1892-Jan-30
PITTS, B F KNIGHT, Sarah 1897-Jul-23
PITTS, G W TURNER, T S Miss 1893-Nov-21
PITTS, J D TURNER, Isabell 1892-Mar-16
PITTS, J L HERRINGTON, Frances 1894-Jul-28
PITTS, Wilton LANDRUM, B T Miss 1895-Aug-08
PONDER, Joseph BROWN, Jener 1894-Mar-23
POOL, Charley HARDEE, Pearl 1897-May-26
POOL, John W LUCY, E W Miss 1894-Nov-14
POOL, W S LEWIS, M E Miss 1886-Jun-07
POSEY, John BARNES, Zola 1899-Mar-12
POUNDS, Jim WRIGHT, Lula 1900-Dec-24
POWELL, J T CLARK, A J Miss 1894-Nov-08
POWELL, J T WALTERS, Panslanie 1887-Oct-01
POWELL, J W KNIGHT, J C Miss 1888-Feb-04
POWELL, M E KNIGHT, W D 1886-Jan-27
PRESCOTT, Reuben REENES, Ellender 1891-Jun-23
PRESSCOAT, Thomas SMITH, S D Miss 1891-Apr-09
PRICE, Manuel PERTMAN, Sallie 1898-Feb-16
PRICE, O W PRIDGION, Dora 1893-Dec-20
PRIDGEON, C A CATON, Nora 1891-May-30
PUGH, Albert SHODE, Rebecca 1900-Nov-26
PUMMBER, John LYNN, Flora 1896-Feb-24
PURNIS, G W BROWNLEE, L C Miss 1893-Feb-02
PYLATE, W L TREST, O J Miss 1892-Feb-13
QUATES, J A DIONMORE, Lilly 1894-Aug-16
QUICK, Z N RUSH, Mattie V 1890-Nov-11




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