Jones County Grooms

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FAIRCHILD, W L JIMISON, Nancy 1882-Oct-02
FAIRCHILD, W W MITCHELL, Rosa Lee 1888-Dec-08
FAIRCHILDS, A M JIMENSON, Minnie Bell 1893-Mar-06
FARMER, J G STEVENSON, Mary Viona 1894-Oct-15
FAULKNER, Mose PARKER, Mary 1899-Mar-16
FEAGELL, M P FERRILL, M I Miss 1893-Jun-01
FEAZELL, J C THORN, Clara 1897-Sep-20
FERGUSON, A G HEIDELBERG, Mattie J 1892-Oct-18
FERGUSON, D L SELLERS, Mary J 1886-Jun-08
FERGUSON, Will MURRY, Ruth 1892-Feb-08
FIELDS, William SMITH, M J Miss 1888-Jan-04
FLOOD, W O DAVIS, I L Miss 1894-Dec-29
FLUKER, A S CANE, Alice 1897-Aug-28
FLYNT, F M PINNELL, Elizabeth 1884-Sep-20
FLYNT, T R GRAVES, Laura 1892-Oct-11
FLYNT, W F ROGERS, Bettie 1893-Aug-25
FLYUT, J O HOPKINS, E A Miss 1882-Dec-28
FOLKS, Willis CORLEY, M M Miss 1887-Nov-19
FORD, Haywood WILLIAMS, Mary 1900-Dec-22
FORD, William LUTES, Liza 1894-Aug-11
FOSTER, J W LAUREE, Amy M 1900-Feb-17
FOSTER, James CASTILE, Lula 1895-Dec-19
FOSTER, William HAYES, Laura 1898-Dec-26
FOUNTAIN, J M PITTS, Jeannette 1891-Jul-30
FRANKLIN, Isaac D DILLARD, J W 1884-Feb-13
FREEMAN, E W WILLIAMS, Lillie 1894-Dec-15
FREEMAN, J O REEVES, Stella M 1892-Oct-21
FREEMAN, J T MCMANNS, Sallie 1893-Oct-17
FREMAN, John RANER, Martha Jane 1893-Nov-03
FULLER, F Mc C LINDSAY, Bettie 1885-Mar-30
GAMBRELL, C B BLACK, S A Miss 1896-Nov-10
GAMBRELL, E S BLACK, F A Miss 1894-Oct-10
GAMBRELL, E W POWELL, S M Miss 1894-Dec-24
GANDY, A B FOLKS, Nancy 1883-Feb-28
GANDY, J B HINTON, Hannie 1894-Jul-08
GANDY, J N GRAHAM, Kisiah 1891-Feb-03
GANDY, John J MILLER, M J Miss 1888-May-23
GARNER, T J MUSGROVE, Clovindia 1896-Jun-27
GARRETT, North BULTER, Florence 1898-Dec-22
GASKIN, J S SMITH, Almeda 1888-Feb-09
GATLIN, Vince WILLIAMS, Georgia 1897-Jan-06
GAVIN, John F DAVIDSON, Evelivin 1898-Feb-21
GEIGER, M C WALTERS, Francis P 1884-Jun-21
GEIGER, Odwin REENES, E C Miss 1891-Sep-10
GHOLUS, Ike WILLIAMS, Lula 1899-May-09
GIEGEN, A T TEMPLES, M L Miss 1890-Dec-03
GILANDER, Andrew LEE, Almer 1897-Dec-28
GILL, Henry PARKER, Millie 1897-Mar-31
GILMORE, John GILMORE, Calie 1899-Sep-13
GILMORE, L R GRISSOM, Flora 1895-Jan-03
GINGER, J A TEMPLES, Bertha 1893-Jul-28
GINGER, J S HEMLEY, S A Miss 1895-Jul-19
GOODWIN, A E STEWART, Jessie 1896-Dec-24
GOSS, B F FRENCH, Addie V 1893-Oct-10
GOSS, Z BUSH, Rhoda 1895-Dec-27
GOUGH, Charley MYRICK, Mary 1896-Apr-10
GOUGH, H P PAGE, Addie 1896-May-13
GRAHAM, Beckann DEMENT, Noah 1888-Nov-24
GRAHAM, E V GUY, Laura 1896-May-29
GRAHAM, J H PITS, Mary A 1896-Mar-03
GRAHAM, J J L SOUFORD, Nancy 1882-Sep-23
GRAHAM, S E MUSGROVE, S F Miss 1882-Nov-20
GRAHAM, Thomas GREGGORY, Mary Jane 1898-Jan-07
GRANT, Amos HENRY, Ellen 1900-Dec-31
GRANT, Charley COTTON, Rebecca 1899-Mar-13
GRAVES, A E MCCULLUM, Isaac 1900-May-03
GRAVES, F L SMITH, Nancy 1883-Feb-26
GRAVES, J R FREEMAN, Mary M 1897-Nov-15
GRAVES, Joseph PINNELL, S C 1883-May-14
GRAY, James TEMPLES, Isabelle 1884-Feb-06
GRAY, Jasper WALTCH, Lina 1886-Jul-14
GRAYSON, J W LEGGETT, C A Miss 1887-Jul-28
GRAYSON, R C BROWNER, O V Miss 1895-Dec-09
GREEN, A J BEARD, Levenia 1899-Oct-09
GREEN, Albert KELLY, Mary 1897-Dec-25
GREEN, J E THOMPSON, C E Miss 1892-Dec-22
GREEN, W D CLARK, Mary 1894-Jan-10
GREY, W T WALTERS, Laura 1895-May-29
GRIENSON, Thomas BRADLEY, Ella N 1887-Dec-22
GRIFFEN, H C EZELL, Eliza 1896-Jan-20
GRIFFIN, E L BUCHANAN, S D Miss 1892-Nov-28
GRISE, Jack WOODS, Joan 1900-Feb-02
GRISSOM, J W KNIGHT, A E Miss 1888-Jun-28
GRUBBS, J A HORTON, Minnie 1893-Jun-15
GULLETT, Harry B AOYLIS, Jennie E 1885-Jun-23
GUNN, W E HINTON, L B Miss 1897-Oct-30
GUNTER, A L WELCH, A E Miss 1893-Feb-24
GUNTER, G A MCGILL, Mary H 1897-Jul-17
GUNTER, J H VALENTINE, V M Miss 1886-Jun-04
GUNTER, M A DUCKWORTH, Fanny 1896-Aug-28
GUNTER, N MCQUITER, Mary 1892-Jun-04



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