Jones County Grooms


CALAHAN, John W LEE, S T Miss 1887-Dec-13
CAMPBELL, J M SUMRALL, Mary J 1887-Jul-08
CARAWAY, M MCGOWAN, Effa Y 1884-Nov-12
CARISON, Wallis THOMAS, Irene 1899-Sep-21
CARR, J R ODOM, Bill Miss 1896-Feb-23
CARTER, A B SANFORD, Mary E 1883-Oct-15
CARTER, Henry BOYKIN, Mary 1900-Mar-24
CARTER, S E HINTON, J D 1885-Jan-14
CARTER, S P MORGAN, Lucy 1885-Dec-26
CARTER, T A CROSBY, M C Miss 1897-May-13
CARTER, Thos A WINDHAM, S J 1885-Mar-11
CASTON, P J KNIGHT, Roberta 1888-Jan-03
CHAISON, R H STEWART, Amogine 1891-Aug-18
CHAMBLISS, David JACKSON, Tabitha 1894-Oct-23
CHANDLER, Joseph LAIRD, Rosa 1896-Dec-24
CHANDLER, W W STUCKEY, Margaret 1892-Oct-18
CHEEK, John FLOWERS, Laura 1893-Jul-05
CHEEK, M J GRACE, Ella 1892-Apr-06
CLARK, Earnest WILLIAMS, Annie 1900-Jun-30
CLARK, J C PALMER, Sally 1886-Apr-22
CLARK, John WASHINGTON, Stella 1900-Jul-26
CLARK, Porter BEUDER, E 1899-Feb-22
CLARK, W W WEEMS, Clara 1891-Mar-23
CLARK, Will DUNEGAN, Lula 1896-Jul-25
CLARK, William B BREELAND, Evaline 1885-Jan-28
COATS, I V SUMMERALL, F L Miss 1893-Jun-03
COATS, J B ROYALS, M A Miss 1891-Jun-29
COBB, S C TUCKER, Roina 1893-Mar-09
COIT, A B LINDSEY, Ida 1885-Aug-03
COKER, W J RODGERS, S R Miss 1892-Dec-23
COLE, T C WALTERS, Laura C 1890-Dec-22
COLLINS, D K LOWENY, Carie 1894-Jan-09
COLLINS, J C HINTON, F A Miss 1896-Aug-26
COLLINS, J W TUCKER, E R Miss 1894-Sep-20
COLLINS, S E SHOWS, H B 1884-Feb-13
COLLINS, V A GRAVES, Susan 1890-Oct-03
COLLINS, V S NOBLES, S J Miss 1891-Feb-19
COLWELL, E T BARNES, Sallie 1894-May-19
CONNELL, F M MITCHEL, Charity O 1894-Oct-13
COOK, Archie STOKES, Hattie 1899-Mar-02
COOK, W N PEPPER, L A Miss 1891-Dec-30
COOLEY, Albert TUCKER, Mary J 1884-Dec-03
COOLEY, Bob MCNEAL, Francis 1899-Oct-10
COOLEY, Ed MCNEAL, Annie 1899-Oct-11
COOLEY, James BROWNELL, Birdie 1893-Dec-08
COOPER, J W FLYNT, Martha J 1891-Feb-04
COOPER, James R FLYNT, Charity C 1888-Sep-24
COOPER, W P MCPHAIL, Bulah 1892-Mar-14
COPELAND, J W HERRINGTON, Arrillia 1896-Dec-24
COPLAND, J W POOL, Sarah 1895-Jul-16
COULTER, Peter TISDALE, Lula 1893-Mar-27
COURTNEY, Dave DUBOSE, Mary 1888-May-30
COWART, J W PAYNE, Milban Mrs 1888-Feb-14
COX, A B LOWERY, Tracey 1895-Apr-26
COX, A B PADGETT, Ida 1891-May-30
COX, C W BOUNDS, Roxie 1893-May-10
COX, O H AINSWORTH, Harriett 1891-Mar-23
COX, W C HAM, Millie 1897-Mar-22
CRAFT, John WALTERS, Amanda 1887-Nov-16
CRAFT, N R HERRINGTON, Calista 1885-May-22
CRAFT, Rankin ADAMS, Ann 1891-Apr-23
CRAIG, Authur PARROTT, Iva 1899-Apr-12
CRAIG, G W MOFFETT, Virma 1899-Dec-10
CRAVIN, Columbia WALTERS, Elizah 1896-Nov-04
CRAWFORD, D M ISBELL, Sallie 1896-Jan-10
CRAWFORD, H C DONOMAN, M J Miss 1894-Nov-14
CRAWFORD, J H HUGH, M J Miss 1887-Nov-30
CRAWFORD, J W TISDALE, Dellie 1891-Mar-05
CRAWFORD, M F ANDERSON, Esther 1897-Aug-17
CRAWFORD, W M TISDALE, Missouri 1888-Feb-25
CRAWFORD, Willie MARSHALL, Henry 1900-Apr-14
CREEL, Elic JAMERSON, M L Miss 1891-Jun-27
CREEL, J E CALAHAM, Amanda 1882-Jul-15
CREEL, J W STEWARD, Fannie 1895-Apr-06
CREEL, Jim GENTRY, Rosana 1894-Feb-10
CREEL, John PREWETT, A I Miss 1891-Mar-11
CRITTENDEN, O H BOYLES, Mary I 1883-Jan-11
CROFT, F J LEE, Levey 1900-Aug-13
CROSBY, Lowery MORGAN, Sarah I 1896-Dec-17
CROSBY, R L TISDALE, J P Miss 1896-Dec-16
CROSBY, W W TISDALE, Ellen 1896-Dec-02
CROSS, S T FARION, L E Miss 1892-Oct-27
CROSS, S T PHILLIPS, Mollie E 1891-May-02
CRUISE, Frank CHAMPMAN, Florence 1900-May-05
CULPEPPER, J W BREWER, M M Miss 1894-Dec-21
CUNNINGHAM, C C PARKER, Dosia 1888-Sep-26
CUNNINGHAM, Martin J RECK, Minerva J 1885-Jun-05
CURRY, Brooks REID, Willie 1899-Apr-13
CURRY, C WELBOURNE, Idel 1889-Mar-15
CURRY, Wade JONES, Annie 1898-Jun-02
CURTIS, F M CLARK, C L Miss 1891-Nov-24



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