Jones County Brides


TABB, Lula LENARD, Phillip 1898-Feb-26
TATE, Sarah THIGPEN, Henderson 1900-Apr-13
TAYLOR, A L Miss DEASON, Earnest 1893-Feb-22
TAYLOR, M F Miss PITTMAN, J T 1892-Jan-30
TAYLOR, Pearlie WHITE, Moses 1898-Nov-11
TEMPLES, Almeda JOHNSON, W F 1891-Jan-16
TEMPLES, Annie BROWN, Tom 1896-Jun-18
TEMPLES, Bertha GINGER, J A 1893-Jul-28
TEMPLES, C L Miss KILLEY, J D 1892-Aug-06
TEMPLES, Della LEGGETT, J P 1893-Feb-15
TEMPLES, Isabelle GRAY, James 1884-Feb-06
TEMPLES, L C Miss BROWNING, I V 1896-Sep-26
TEMPLES, M L Miss GIEGEN, A T 1890-Dec-03
TEMPLES, Nora HOLIFIELD, R H 1892-Dec-10
TERRILL, Millie WILBORN, Clint 1900-Nov-15
TEUIPLES, Minerva WALTERS, Henry 1882-Sep-14
THIGPEN, Callie WOODS, Sam 1899-Dec-16
THIGPEN, Colia JONES, B J 1899-Dec-10
THOMAS, Anna MOULES, J M 1887-Dec-22
THOMAS, Irene CARISON, Wallis 1899-Sep-21
THOMPSON, Avey Bell LOWRY, Peter 1882-Sep-04
THOMPSON, C E Miss BURDETT, T L 1893-Jul-14
THOMPSON, C E Miss GREEN, J E 1892-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Julia MORGAN, Charlie 1892-Jan-29
THOMPSON, M A Miss RIALS, Jack 1888-Nov-24
THOMPSON, S A Miss TISDALE, W S 1892-Nov-17
THOMPSON, S C Miss TAYLOR, Charles 1891-Aug-20
THOMPSON, S M Miss DICKSON, S L 1887-Apr-28
THORN, Clara FEAZELL, J C 1897-Sep-20
THORN, Nola STINWINDER, J J 1897-Jul-07
THORNTON, Cora SMITH, John 1891-Jun-08
TILLIS, Mary KNIGHT, March 1898-Aug-13
TIMES, Eliza BRADY, A E 1891-Dec-23
TISDALE, Adle BOUNER, J W 1896-Jun-26
TISDALE, Dellie CRAWFORD, J W 1891-Mar-05
TISDALE, Ellen CROSBY, W W 1896-Dec-02
TISDALE, Emma ROBINSON, G R 1893-Jun-17
TISDALE, Etta C DOSSETT, James L 1893-Nov-17
TISDALE, F M Miss REYNOLDS, J L 1889-Jan-05
TISDALE, J P Miss CROSBY, R L 1896-Dec-16
TISDALE, Lula COULTER, Peter 1893-Mar-27
TISDALE, M J Miss DOWNING, J R 1887-Nov-09
TISDALE, Missouri CRAWFORD, W M 1888-Feb-25
TISDALE, R E Miss MCLEMORE, Amos 1893-Apr-25
TODD, Elta HODGER, J C 1885-Aug-08
TODD, M E Miss DYKES, J L 1891-Dec-10
TODD, M J Miss WELCH, Jno 1889-Jan-15
TODD, N E Miss KNIGHT, J B 1896-Feb-06
TOOMBS, Eula A TAYLOR, G D 1895-Dec-12
TOUCHSTONE, Callie REGSDON, Joseph 1896-May-04
TRAMBLE, Carrie KNIGHT, Hugh 1898-Apr-08
TRAVIS, Annie STEVENS, W A 1896-Jul-07
TRESH, C E Miss BUSH, D H 1890-Dec-30
TREST, Ida JONES, W L 1894-Dec-31
TREST, J A POWELL, Willie 1896-May-22
TREST, O J Miss PYLATE, W L 1892-Feb-13
TREST, S E MCGILL, J A 1883-Feb-06
TREST, V E Miss UNDERWOOD, J W 1897-Jun-05
TRINION, S E Miss REDDOCH, J H H 1887-Aug-04
TUCKER, Arabella HOLLIMAN, Thomas 1883-Jun-13
TUCKER, Cody Mrs JOSEY, E T B 1884-Dec-17
TUCKER, E R Miss COLLINS, J W 1894-Sep-20
TUCKER, Lula NOBLES, B H 1893-Dec-20
TUCKER, Mary J COOLEY, Albert 1884-Dec-03
TUCKER, Rina ROPER, W A 1893-Mar-26
TUCKER, Roina COBB, S C 1893-Mar-09
TUMY, Maggie ANDERSON, Jno T 1888-Nov-01
TURNER, Almedia HERRINGTON, C D 1896-Jul-11
TURNER, Emily MILLS, William 1900-Jan-22
TURNER, Isabell PITTS, J D 1892-Mar-16
TURNER, T S Miss PITTS, G W 1893-Nov-21



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