Jones County Brides


SANDERS, Corine O'DONNELL, John 1894-Dec-27
SANDERS, Minnie ANDERSON, John 1892-Jul-13
SANDERSON, Lavine BARLOW, H H 1894-Jan-08
SANDERSON, M J Miss RANEY, Lunn 1893-Apr-05
SANFORD, Lela WINDHAM, C A 1892-Dec-22
SANFORD, Lucy NORICE, Joe 1897-Jan-04
SANFORD, Mary E CARTER, A B 1883-Oct-15
SAUCIER, M E Miss HALL, J L 1895-Apr-13
SAUNDERS, Sarah TUCKER, L L 1884-Oct-25
SCHOM, Jemima BUCKHOTTS, P B 1894-Feb-24
SEDMAN, Nancy MIRATT, R G 1883-Sep-07
SELLERS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, John 1887-Oct-11
SELLERS, Mary J FERGUSON, D L 1886-Jun-08
SELLERS, Willie Miss WARD, William 1894-Nov-30
SHELBY, Albany PAGE, Frank 1900-Sep-16
SHELBY, Martha PAGE, O C 1899-May-25
SHODE, Rebecca PUGH, Albert 1900-Nov-26
SHOEMAKER, Mary E MAXEY, J T 1893-Jan-08
SHOLAR, Isabella ELLIS, R A 1892-Oct-27
SHOWS, A V Miss STRINGER, J S 1896-Nov-14
SHOWS, Adaline MAYFIELD, W C 1884-Feb-24
SHOWS, Bell HULSEY, A M 1891-Jun-08
SHOWS, Callie WILLIAMS, John 1900-Dec-09
SHOWS, Lona WOMEN, H D 1891-Jan-15
SHOWS, Malinda ROBISON, D C 1892-Apr-30
SHOWS, Mary LONG, J S 1897-Nov-20
SHOWS, Nancy BUCK, N R 1895-Dec-04
SHOWS, Netty KING, Lawrence 1896-Feb-01
SHOWS, Sarah EASTERLING, J D 1883-Jan-13
SHOWS, Trola MORRIS, Johnd 1897-Nov-19
SILLER, Suida REED, J M 1883-Jul-07
SIMMS, Carrie E JOHNSON, E L 1895-Nov-04
SIMMS, Ginney A WELBARN, Shirman H 1883-Oct-08
SIMPSON, E E Miss DAVIS, E N 1895-Aug-17
SIMPSON, Sarah BROWN, S L 1898-Jun-07
SLADE, Lola EVANS, Isaac 1893-Dec-14
SMITH, A A Miss WOODWARD, W E 1894-Jan-31
SMITH, A C Miss SMITH, G W 1891-Feb-11
SMITH, A C Miss TEMPLES, W J 1894-Sep-11
SMITH, Almeda GASKIN, J S 1888-Feb-09
SMITH, Dian LOPER, I R 1897-Jan-15
SMITH, E Miss WADE, J B 1896-Nov-14
SMITH, E V Miss JONES, E G 1895-May-30
SMITH, Ella SHOWS, D C 1896-May-02
SMITH, Ema WILLIAMS, John 1898-Sep-10
SMITH, Francis KNIGHT, G M 1895-Sep-24
SMITH, H A Miss SHOWS, W C 1893-Dec-30
SMITH, Josaphine PAGE, H W 1888-Oct-13
SMITH, July Ann THOMPSON, John K 1896-Jan-15
SMITH, Lizzie WILLIAMS, John 1898-Apr-20
SMITH, M A D WILLIAMS, W W Jr 1886-Jan-19
SMITH, M J Miss FIELDS, William 1888-Jan-04
SMITH, Maggie KNIGHT, J M 1893-Mar-28
SMITH, Margaret M THOMPSON, James E 1893-Feb-28
SMITH, Mary NELSON, W D 1891-Apr-29
SMITH, Mary SMITH, Berry 1897-Apr-17
SMITH, Mary A BROWN, W R 1891-Oct-26
SMITH, N L Miss MCMURRY, E L 1896-Nov-02
SMITH, Nancy GRAVES, F L 1883-Feb-26
SMITH, Naurie JOHNSON, W C 1894-May-08
SMITH, S D Miss PRESSCOAT, Thomas 1891-Apr-09
SMITH, S E Miss BUSH, L G 1895-Feb-14
SMITH, Susan E KNIGHT, Henry 1897-Nov-01
SMITH, Virginia ODOM, J J 1897-Apr-13
SMITH, Willie Miss SUMMRELL, T V 1896-May-27
SMITH, Winney E OVERSTREET, John W 1890-Nov-13
SOCIA, Sarah L REYNOLDS, E F 1895-May-10
SOGHLAND, Della BONITA, Paul E 1896-Feb-24
SOUFORD, Nancy GRAHAM, J J L 1882-Sep-23
SQUARE, Levenia HINDRICK, Peter 1900-Aug-31
STENETT, Martha J SHOWS, W B 1896-Feb-29
STENNETT, Ida ODOM, M A 1894-Dec-27
STENWINDER, M F Miss REEVES, J R 1895-Jun-25
STEPHENS, Ida PILGRIM, A T 1891-Oct-07
STEVENS, Theodosia A OBRIAN, H T 1890-Dec-31
STEVENSON, Mary Viona FARMER, J G 1894-Oct-15
STEWARD, Fannie CREEL, J W 1895-Apr-06
STEWART, Amogine CHAISON, R H 1891-Aug-18
STEWART, Jessie GOODWIN, A E 1896-Dec-24
STEWART, Lucy EVERETT, John 1898-Feb-17
STOKES, Hattie COOK, Archie 1899-Mar-02
STRICKLAND, Jane SHOWS, P M G 1893-Dec-05
STRINGER, Dorrie WATKINS, John 1896-Dec-22
STRINGER, Martha C BYNUM, Leon S 1893-Mar-11
STRINGER, Nora SHOWS, D M 1897-Jan-26
STUARD, Kattie JENKINS, L C 1899-Aug-17
STUCKEY, Margaret CHANDLER, W W 1892-Oct-18
SUMMERALL, F L Miss COATS, I V 1893-Jun-03
SUMMERALL, Sallie SUMMERALL, J S 1892-Aug-16
SUMMERALL, Susan LANDRUM, V G 1890-Dec-27
SUMMRALL, Annie MEANS, Albert 1899-May-22
SUMMRALL, F E Miss WALTERS, C A 1888-Dec-12
SUMMRALL, Nancy LANDRUM, T M 1895-Oct-31
SUMRALL, D C Miss RUSHING, J B 1889-Feb-05
SUMRALL, Ella MURPHY, John 1896-Oct-17
SUMRALL, F E Miss LANDRUM, G W 1891-Jun-23
SUMRALL, Fannie TEMPLES, R C 1894-Dec-24
SUMRALL, J W Miss BUSH, E H 1888-Sep-20
SUMRALL, Mary J CAMPBELL, J M 1887-Jul-08
SUMRALL, Ruth JENKINS, J D 1896-Jun-09
SUMRALL, Selita HAWTHORN, Charles 1894-Dec-24
SWANSON, Mary WASHINGTON, David 1900-Dec-27



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