Jones County Brides


RABY, Netty HARRIS, J W 1898-Oct-20
RADFORD, M J Miss ADAMS, C A 1888-May-08
RAINEY, Lelia MOULDS, M W 1895-Dec-24
RAINEY, Mary E PHILLIPS, J S 1891-May-06
RAINWATER, F R Miss MUSGROW, J J 1882-Sep-08
RAMSHUN, Francis E Miss MARTIN, D 1886-Apr-12
RANER, Martha Jane FREMAN, John 1893-Nov-03
RAWELL, R C MOFFETT, Judson 1895-Dec-20
RAZON, M M Miss WALTERS, Arthur 1887-Nov-21
RECK, Minerva J CUNNINGHAM, Martin J 1885-Jun-05
REDDOCH, Nannie HAWTHORN, W E 1892-Feb-16
REENES, E C Miss GEIGER, Odwin 1891-Sep-10
REENES, Ellender PRESCOTT, Reuben 1891-Jun-23
REEVES, Sallie PILGRIM, T M 1895-May-25
REEVES, Stella M FREEMAN, J O 1892-Oct-21
RENERS, Mary MORSE, T P 1895-Jun-19
RIALS, Mary J TISDALE, W W 1883-Feb-20
RIALS, Rosiann MARKEN, J S 1883-Dec-19
RIALS, S E RAINEY, J D 1883-Nov-05
RICH, Sarah ELLIS, R A 1896-Oct-24
RIGGIN, Mary E LANDRUM, P H 1883-Nov-23
RIVERS, F J Miss BULLOCK, J C 1896-Jan-01
ROADS, Dora A EUBANKS, R M 1891-Aug-28
ROBERTS, Cherry WHITFIELD, Houston 1899-Sep-14
ROBERTSON, Sarah JIMISON, John 1882-Oct-03
ROBINSON, Jane MANASCO, W W 1896-Sep-29
ROBINSON, Mary BAILY, Tom 1898-Apr-13
ROBINSON, Sallie SUMRALL, William 1895-Apr-18
ROBISON, Mary Ann SHOWS, R F 1892-Nov-19
RODGERS, Cintha LANDRUM, J E 1892-Dec-09
RODGERS, Margaret MAXAY, C A 1894-Feb-16
RODGERS, S R Miss COKER, W J 1892-Dec-23
ROGERS, Ada SMITH, John 1885-Oct-09
ROGERS, Annie Bell MAYSE, W D 1896-Jul-01
ROGERS, Bettie FLYNT, W F 1893-Aug-25
ROGERS, Emiline PEARSON, G H 1893-Feb-21
ROGERS, Francis M Miss SUMRALL, T V 1886-Mar-22
ROGERS, Sarah S LITTLE, W C 1890-Oct-27
ROGERS, V A Miss SHOWS, A N 1896-Jul-18
ROLAND, Alice BENNETT, Frank 1899-Apr-01
ROSBURY, Leu BOUNDS, Charlie 1896-Dec-23
ROSE, Florence NICHOLS, G W 1896-Feb-08
ROSS, Allice MOORE, W B 1895-Mar-28
ROSS, Mammie BEARD, D M 1897-Mar-01
ROYALS, A E Miss SMITH, E L 1893-Jan-25
ROYALS, M A Miss COATS, J B 1891-Jun-29
ROYALS, S I Miss VALENTINE, D N 1890-Dec-08
RUNNELS, M A Miss LOTT, W H 1893-Jan-14
RUSH, Mattie V QUICK, Z N 1890-Nov-11
RUSHER, Lucy OWENS, F 1887-Apr-25
RUSHTON, Hester HARDEE, R L 1896-Feb-28
RUSHTON, L V Miss MOFFETT, L C 1891-Jul-18
RUSHTON, M A Miss ARNOLD, J A 1887-Apr-07
RUSTIN, Eulah MCDANIELL, John C 1895-Sep-03
RUTLAND, Katy YALES, John 1895-Dec-26
RYALS, Ellie DORMAN, W H 1897-Sep-02



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