Jones County Brides

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PACE, Sarah DICKERSON, J M 1888-Dec-15
PADGETT, Ida COX, A B 1891-May-30
PAGE, Addie GOUGH, H P 1896-May-13
PAGE, Lucy MCLENDON, M L 1898-Sep-19
PAGE, Martha Ann AGEE, Mauroe 1895-Nov-22
PAGE, Mattie L EASTERLING, E S 1893-Feb-23
PAGE, Sarah JACKSON, Will R 1899-Nov-01
PAINE, Sarah WALTERS, Littleton 1888-Nov-20
PALMER, Sally CLARK, J C 1886-Apr-22
PARISH, A R Miss LIVINGSTON, T D 1882-Oct-05
PARISH, Martha HERRINGTON, M B 1885-Dec-17
PARISH, Mary SUMRALL, J V 1893-Dec-20
PARKER, Dosia CUNNINGHAM, C C 1888-Sep-26
PARKER, Eliza MCLEMORE, William 1893-Dec-03
PARKER, Eliza MCLEMORE, William 1893-Dec-04
PARKER, Mary FAULKNER, Mose 1899-Mar-16
PARKER, Mattie E BRADLEY, A W 1894-Aug-21
PARKER, May BRADLEY, J C 1888-Oct-25
PARKER, Millie GILL, Henry 1897-Mar-31
PARKER, Minnie SHOEMAKE, J L 1896-Feb-05
PARMER, Rosanna Mrs PERRY, E L 1883-Apr-05
PARROTT, Iva CRAIG, Authur 1899-Apr-12
PATTERSON, Lizzie RASBERRY, L R 1895-Jan-12
PATTIN, Mary ELLZEY, William 1883-Feb-08
PAYNE, Adaline BLACKMAN, R E 1885-Jun-25
PAYNE, Ella HARDEE, Charles A 1897-Oct-20
PAYNE, G A Miss KIRKWOOD, R T 1889-Mar-01
PAYNE, Milban Mrs COWART, J W 1888-Feb-14
PEARSON, Corine NEWELL, Willie 1899-Aug-14
PEARSON, Dollie JENKINS, W T 1897-Oct-21
PENDLETON, Annie B DANZIE, Robert S 1895-Dec-09
PEPPER, L A Miss COOK, W N 1891-Dec-30
PERRY, Rosa WILLIAMS, William 1900-Dec-25
PERTMAN, Sallie PRICE, Manuel 1898-Feb-16
PHELPS, M Mrs PILGRIM, W D 1894-Mar-01
PHILES, Sarah E WALKER, John L 1886-Jul-22
PHILLIPS, Mollie E CROSS, S T 1891-May-02
PICKERING, N J Mrs SPEED, J W 1893-Mar-16
PICKINS, Mary E BROCKS, Thomas A 1899-Jun-14
PIGGIE, Connie SQUARE, William 1900-Mar-01
PILGRIM, Sallie WALTERS, John W 1893-Jul-08
PINNELL, Elizabeth FLYNT, F M 1884-Sep-20
PITMAN, Elizabeth C JORDON, J W 1887-Sep-01
PITS, Mary A GRAHAM, J H 1896-Mar-03
PITTMAN, Mary Jane SUMRALL, Henry 1894-Dec-22
PITTMAN, Nora HOLLOMON, A J 1894-Apr-26
PITTMAN, Tempie VAUGHN, T R 1893-Jan-11
PITTS, B C Miss HOPKINS, W W 1889-Jan-31
PITTS, D A Miss ROGERS, J W 1890-Oct-30
PITTS, Jeannette FOUNTAIN, J M 1891-Jul-30
PITTS, Margaret WHITE, Sidney 1891-Dec-26
PITTS, Mary J MCANDREWS, C E 1894-Sep-19
PITTS, Nettie NORWOOD, I M 1896-Oct-03
PITTS, Sarah HOLLIMAN, Russell 1891-Feb-18
PITTS, Vina SUMMERALL, B H 1897-Jun-03
POOL, Duckey Miss PICKERING, J I 1890-Nov-28
POOL, M W D Miss WALTERS, Jesse W 1897-Apr-03
POOL, Orina WILSON, J A 1897-Feb-17
POOL, Sarah COPLAND, J W 1895-Jul-16
POPE, Mollie BOLEWARE, D C 1887-Nov-30
PORTER, S M Miss JAQUES, R J 1887-Nov-10
POUNDS, Lucy MCCORMICK, Van 1898-Jul-31
POWELL, E F Miss MCDANIEL, G W 1897-Mar-20
POWELL, Lula HILL, W D C 1896-Nov-17
POWELL, Lula MYRICK, Myer 1896-Oct-09
POWELL, Lulia MILTON, Wesley 1899-Jun-23
POWELL, M J Miss HILL, W D 1894-Dec-11
POWELL, Martha A KERVIN, S W 1886-Jan-13
POWELL, S M Miss GAMBRELL, E W 1894-Dec-24
POWELL, Willie TREST, J A 1896-May-22
PRESCOAT, Alice KNIGHT, E P 1891-Jul-24
PREWETT, A I Miss CREEL, John 1891-Mar-11
PRICE, Allie LITTLE, W C 1892-Jul-03
PRICE, Ellen DOWNING, Bryant 1893-Nov-23
PRICE, Manda WARE, W T 1892-Jan-26
PRIDGION, Dora PRICE, O W 1893-Dec-20
PRINCE, J O Miss LEFLORE, J O 1894-Apr-12
PRINE, M E Miss HOPKINS, George 1897-Jan-13
PRUETT, Anna KING, W K 1891-Apr-18
PRUITT, Dora THIGPEN, Henry 1899-Nov-02
PRYOR, M J Miss HOLIFIELD, W M 1888-Feb-10
PUGH, Elizabeth WALTERS, T C 1888-Feb-23
PURVIS, M A Miss MCDONALD, B F 1891-Jan-09
QUIMBLY, S O Miss BRITT, A J 1893-Feb-15




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