Jones County Brides


MANVASCO, Caroline YAUN, R Z 1895-Jan-11
MARSH, Julia BESTER, Alex 1899-Sep-28
MARTIN, Ella WHEELER, J W 1900-Dec-22
MARTIN, Susan PADGETT, H C 1893-Jul-24
MATHEWS, M F Miss HILL, M V 1895-Jul-09
MATTHEWS, Lurana MUSGROVE, Luke J 1886-Jul-23
MAUASCO, Elizabeth WAUDLAM, Wiley 1882-Jun-20
MAUDRY, M E Miss BOWMAN, M T 1894-Feb-12
MAULDIN, N E Miss MAXEY, N S 1889-Jan-01
MAULDIN, Nancy F PILGRIM, John J 1884-Apr-08
MAXEY, Laura J JACKSON, James L 1885-Dec-16
MAXEY, Lula RODGERS, William 1895-Nov-29
MAY, Anna MOSLEY, Jasper 1899-Mar-11
MCBRIDE, Emma PEARSON, W N 1884-Jan-10
MCBRIDE, Lula JOHNSON, Charley 1892-Oct-29
MCCARTY, Matilda KELLY, Albert 1898-Jul-23
MCCORD, M C Miss SMITH, J M 1893-Nov-04
MCCORMICK, Annie DANIEL, Lifkin 1900-Apr-15
MCCULLUM, Lucinda MCGILSORY, William 1898-Feb-27
MCDANIEL, Augus MORRIS, Lula 1895-Jun-20
MCDANIEL, Hattie HITCHLEY, D J 1887-Sep-14
MCDANIEL, Ida PI KETT, Rapheal 1900-Jun-28
MCDANIEL, Mary C WARD, M R 1892-May-28
MCDANIEL, Selia BAKER, J T 1888-Dec-11
MCDANIELL, Mattie MOSS, Sammell 1896-Apr-20
MCDEWITT, Minnie RHODES, James A 1897-Jan-20
MCDONALD, A F Miss WELCH, G I 1895-Aug-01
MCDONALD, Annie PICKERING, T J 1896-Dec-11
MCDONALD, Ellie ARRINGTON, Robert 1898-May-12
MCDONALD, Julia DOOL, T J 1882-Dec-28
MCDONALD, Lenora DAVIS, Jessie 1900-Mar-01
MCDONALD, Mary E MUSGROVE, J W S 1888-Jun-25
MCDONALD, Nancy SIMS, J C 1897-Apr-21
MCGILL, M H Miss KING, G W 1895-Oct-28
MCGILL, Mary H GUNTER, G A 1897-Jul-17
MCGILL, Synitha HAILS, E D 1897-Dec-22
MCGILVANY, Sada MCKAY, H A 1894-Jan-17
MCGOWAN, Effa Y CARAWAY, M 1884-Nov-12
MCGOWEN, Jane JACKSON, J L 1898-Mar-30
MCINTOSH, India LOWERY, James L 1897-Jun-15
MCINTOSH, Isabell BYRD, J R 1892-Nov-24
MCINTOSH, Mattie L SCRUGGS, Jefferson J 1885-Dec-08
MCKNIGHT, F M Mrs HANDEL, W C 1893-Mar-01
MCLEMORE, Lizzie M SCARBROUGH, J E 1892-Dec-12
MCLEMORE, Louisa LOTT, E J 1896-Dec-09
MCMANNS, Sallie FREEMAN, J T 1893-Oct-17
MCMULLON, Lela F WALKER, F P 1892-Nov-21
MCNEAL, Alice DEACE, Rube 1900-Apr-02
MCNEAL, Annie COOLEY, Ed 1899-Oct-11
MCNEAL, Francis COOLEY, Bob 1899-Oct-10
MCNIEL, Lula JORDAN, P M 1884-Jul-09
MCPHAIL, Bulah COOPER, W P 1892-Mar-14
MCQUEEN, Annie PAGE, Albert 1900-Sep-02
MCQUETER, Dora PITTMAN, G W 1896-Dec-26
MCQUITER, Mary GUNTER, N 1892-Jun-04
MEEKS, Mattie WAMACK, Richard 1897-May-01
MELONE, M C Miss WILLIAMS, R L 1893-Nov-21
MELVIN, M C Miss WILLIAMS, R L 1893-Nov-21
MELVIN, N C Miss JOHNSON, C B 1893-Mar-01
MERRITT, Elizaeth SELLERS, W D 1897-Jul-28
METTOCK, Lula SANDERS, L H 1891-Aug-18
MILLARD, S E Miss WILLIAMS, W L 1897-Oct-08
MILLER, Fannie SAUNDERS, R R 1894-Jun-09
MILLER, M J Miss GANDY, John J 1888-May-23
MILLSAP, Ellen DUBOSE, Ben 1899-Dec-23
MITCHEL, Charity O CONNELL, F M 1894-Oct-13
MITCHELL, Lilley LEE, R E 1894-Jul-31
MITCHELL, Rosa Lee FAIRCHILD, W W 1888-Dec-08
MOBLEY, Z J Miss TEMPLES, W T 1892-Nov-17
MOFFETT, Fannie AINSWORTH, R A 1886-Feb-10
MOFFETT, Maggie DUNSTON, J B 1888-Jul-28
MOFFETT, Polly WALKER, Isaiah 1898-Jul-23
MOFFETT, Virma CRAIG, G W 1899-Dec-10
MONTGOMERY, Nolia MATHEWS, J H 1892-Jan-22
MOORE, Bessie TURNER, R L 1892-Nov-29
MOORE, Matilda WALKER, Anthony 1898-Aug-02
MORGAN, Cora RUSSELL, George 1899-Jun-25
MORGAN, Josephine ROGERS, L D 1894-Nov-15
MORGAN, Lelia NORTON, B E 1896-Nov-16
MORGAN, Lucy CARTER, S P 1885-Dec-26
MORGAN, M J Miss MORGAN, A B 1894-Dec-11
MORGAN, Nora LOTT, T A 1897-Feb-16
MORGAN, Sarah I CROSBY, Lowery 1896-Dec-17
MORIS, Viola BUSH, W J 1895-Aug-21
MORRIS, Lula MCDANIEL, Augus 1895-Jun-20
MORSE, Mary DENHAM, E P 1888-Apr-25
MOSS, Cora SIMS, Green 1892-Jan-29
MURPHEY, Estell MONTGOMERY, Jordon 1896-Mar-17
MURPHY, Amanda HENRY, Alfred 1900-Nov-25
MURPHY, Elizabeth HOSEY, T J 1897-Oct-25
MURRAY, Mary W KNIGHT, J R 1896-Jul-10
MURRY, Delpha SPEED, J M 1884-Jan-11
MURRY, M D Miss SHOWS, W M 1888-Feb-01
MURRY, Ruth FERGUSON, Will 1892-Feb-08
MUSGROVE, Albane PADGETT, L P 1884-Aug-27
MUSGROVE, Anna HINTON, J E 1896-Oct-06
MUSGROVE, Clovindia GARNER, T J 1896-Jun-27
MUSGROVE, Elizabeth WELBORN, E M 1893-Sep-16
MUSGROVE, Luke J MATTHEWS, Lurana 1886-Jul-23
MUSGROVE, S F Miss GRAHAM, S E 1882-Nov-20
MYRICK, A A Miss JONES, M C 1882-Nov-25
MYRICK, Martha PARKER, Anderson 1882-Dec-18
MYRICK, Mary GOUGH, Charley 1896-Apr-10



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