Jones County Brides

K - L

KATON, Mary TISDALE, A G B 1891-Jul-04
KEES, Loula HOWZES, D L 1897-Dec-04
KEETON, Lilly SHOWS, Dan 1891-Dec-05
KELLEY, Dora HENDRICKS, Enoch 1900-Sep-08
KELLEY, Mary E DAVIS, John N 1897-Mar-17
KELLY, Della ALEXANDER, Jim 1894-Sep-23
KELLY, Maggie MONTGOMERY, H C 1896-Feb-28
KELLY, Mary GREEN, Albert 1897-Dec-25
KELLY, Mary H LEWIS, Tom P 1896-Jul-02
KELLY, Philopine WALTERS, M M 1896-Jan-27
KEMP, C J Miss VEACH, W C 1888-Jun-13
KENNEDY, Clara JONES, J W 1888-Sep-06
KENNEDY, Ida BRANTLY, Henry 1900-Sep-14
KERVIN, Mary J VALENTINE, M E 1892-Nov-08
KING, A C Miss MCDONALD, G W 1896-Feb-07
KING, J L Miss BUSH, M P 1896-Apr-03
KIRK, Marinda ROSS, Will 1900-Feb-23
KIRKLAND, Sarah BRADLEY, J E 1888-Jul-12
KNIGHT, A A Miss WELCH, J B 1895-Dec-21
KNIGHT, A E Miss GRISSOM, J W 1888-Jun-28
KNIGHT, Almeda TISDALE, A W 1885-May-25
KNIGHT, Betty TEMPLES, L 1892-Feb-10
KNIGHT, Catherina WATTS, Alex 1898-Sep-28
KNIGHT, Francis E WADE, L 1891-Sep-19
KNIGHT, Francis Miss SMITH, S G 1891-Nov-24
KNIGHT, H C Miss BRASWELL, H 1887-Dec-26
KNIGHT, H E Miss SMITH, H C 1896-Dec-23
KNIGHT, Isabelle MORRIS, W E 1886-Jan-01
KNIGHT, J C Miss POWELL, J W 1888-Feb-04
KNIGHT, Lula J LAFAVAS, C E 1883-Dec-03
KNIGHT, M A S Miss MUSGROVE, John 1896-Mar-09
KNIGHT, M M Miss VALENTINE, J M 1890-Oct-18
KNIGHT, March TILLIS, Mary 1898-Aug-13
KNIGHT, Martha WINDON, C S 1886-Mar-01
KNIGHT, Mary ALLEN, Dave 1889-Sep-29
KNIGHT, Mary C HILBUN, W P 1883-Feb-28
KNIGHT, O A Miss DUCKWORTH, W I 1882-Jun-10
KNIGHT, Roberta CASTON, P J 1888-Jan-03
KNIGHT, S A Miss BUSH, F S 1893-Jan-03
KNIGHT, S H Miss WILBORN, V G 1888-Feb-13
KNIGHT, Sarah PITTS, B F 1897-Jul-23
KNIGHT, Susan ELZY, W H 1897-Jul-14
KNOLLS, Ella BULTER, Albert 1900-Mar-21
KNOTTS, F L Miss SANFORD, J R 1894-Aug-22
LAIRD, Rosa CHANDLER, Joseph 1896-Dec-24
LAIRD, Susan WELCH, B F 1884-Nov-03
LAND, Idell HOLIFIELD, Hanan 1888-Jun-12
LANDRUM, B T Miss PITTS, Wilton 1895-Aug-08
LANDRUM, Catherine SHOWS, A N 1882-Nov-30
LANDRUM, Dony SUMRALL, T T 1895-Dec-11
LANDRUM, Zellieann ROGERS, W B 1889-Feb-06
LAUDRUM, Amiza LAUDRUM, W P 1897-Feb-20
LAUDRUM, Phoeby SUMMRALL, H D 1897-Feb-26
LAUREE, Amy M FOSTER, J W 1900-Feb-17
LEE, Almer GILANDER, Andrew 1897-Dec-28
LEE, S A Miss HALL, A J 1896-Oct-24
LEE, S T Miss CALAHAN, John W 1887-Dec-13
LEE, Sarah MAY, Ed 1898-Nov-14
LEFLORE, R B Miss LEE, C P 1891-Feb-19
LEGGETT, C A Miss GRAYSON, J W 1887-Jul-28
LEGGETT, C L Miss DENHAM, G L 1897-Feb-25
LEWIS, A E Miss SMALL, G W 1895-Apr-03
LEWIS, Bell PATRICK, Stephen C 1896-Sep-05
LEWIS, Effie LEWIS, Willis 1896-Jun-02
LEWIS, Kity JOHNSON, J P 1894-Mar-01
LEWIS, M E Miss POOL, W S 1886-Jun-07
LEWIS, Mary LEE, W T 1882-Dec-15
LEWIS, May MILLER, S L 1897-Jun-21
LEWIS, Millie LEE, A L 1885-Sep-28
LEWIS, S A Miss HINTON, J W 1887-Aug-29
LIGHTSEY, Anna SQUARE, Mose 1899-Jul-13
LINDSAY, Bettie FULLER, F Mc C 1885-Mar-30
LINDSEY, Ella WALLACE, A T J 1895-Nov-25
LINDSEY, Ida COIT, A B 1885-Aug-03
LINDSEY, M J Miss PARKER, Henry 1887-May-21
LIVINGSTON, Sivinia SIMS, Miles Jr 1894-Jun-08
LIVINGTON, Samantha SIMS, J J 1894-Jan-11
LOFTON, Arsy PETTY, Sylvestor 1896-Nov-16
LONG, Elizabeth DUCKSWORTH, James 1900-Feb-11
LONG, Isabella JOHNSON, Joe 1895-Dec-04
LONG, L M Miss SALTER, A J 1894-Aug-15
LONG, M M Miss SMITH, W J 1891-Feb-03
LONG, Mary JOHNSON, Henry 1897-Dec-23
LONG, Samantha E HUTCHESON, William D 1885-Apr-06
LOPER, Emma DUNIGAN, Walter 1897-Feb-13
LOPER, Laurvilla WALTERS, William A 1887-Dec-29
LOPER, Martha RHODES, Eli 1884-Jan-10
LOTT, Dicy N HAMMELL, S H 1887-Sep-02
LOTT, Sarah BULLOCK, J R 1893-Apr-16
LOWE, Ida JOHNSON, W A 1897-Mar-15
LOWENY, Carie COLLINS, D K 1894-Jan-09
LOWERY, Charity WADE, J B 1893-Sep-20
LUCY, E W Miss POOL, John W 1894-Nov-14
LUCY, Elvia MARSHALL, John 1899-Dec-28
LUTES, Liza FORD, William 1894-Aug-11
LYERLY, L G Miss NOBLE, N R 1895-Aug-28
LYNN, Flora PUMMBER, John 1896-Feb-24
LYONS, Cora SIMMONS, William 1898-Mar-26



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