Jones County Brides

I - J

INMAN, Mary M TAYLOR, Danny L 1886-Apr-06
ISAACS, Laker SMITH, James A 1899-Nov-09
ISBELL, Sallie CRAWFORD, D M 1896-Jan-10
ISHER, Mary WELBORN, W E 1882-Sep-21
IVEY, Lillie BARNES, A 1894-Jul-07
JACKSON, Jennie ROGERS, Zachariah 1894-May-17
JACKSON, Tabitha CHAMBLISS, David 1894-Oct-23
JACKSON, Victoria TAYLOR, George 1895-Feb-09
JAMERSON, M L Miss CREEL, Elic 1891-Jun-27
JAMES, Lizzie MONROE, Will 1900-Dec-24
JEFCOAT, Z M E Miss HILL, J R 1895-Apr-26
JEFCOATS, Hestella KELLY, W M 1891-Jan-16
JEFCOATS, J A Miss KNIGHT, H T 1889-Jan-15
JEFFERS, Sallie MCKINNEY, J S 1897-Jan-04
JENKINS, Hattie MILLSAP, Phillip 1898-Apr-24
JIMENSON, Julia PAGE, William 1895-Jan-29
JIMENSON, Minnie Bell FAIRCHILDS, A M 1893-Mar-06
JIMERSON, Ella YOUNG, Joseph 1893-Nov-07
JIMISON, Nancy FAIRCHILD, W L 1882-Oct-02
JOHN, Victoria SANDERSON, Harvard 1885-Feb-16
JOHNSON, C E Miss YOUNG, J D 1891-Feb-18
JOHNSON, F J Miss ETHERIDGE, A A 1893-Dec-19
JOHNSON, M E Miss PARKER, J W 1891-Jul-15
JOHNSON, Mary Etta JONES, Harry T 1893-Dec-19
JOHNSON, Marzy SUMERALL, L J 1882-Oct-26
JOHNSON, Virginie G PARKER, John A 1885-Oct-12
JONES, Alice SIMMS, W S 1891-Aug-27
JONES, Annie CURRY, Wade 1898-Jun-02
JONES, C A Miss DYKES, L C 1896-Feb-01
JONES, Elizabeth RICE, J R 1897-Dec-14
JONES, Francie M VALENTINE, James A 1892-Jan-04
JONES, M E Miss SHOWS, H J B 1887-Jul-27
JONES, M J Miss BUSH, J K 1895-Jun-08
JONES, M M Miss DYKES, G A 1886-Mar-09
JONES, Margaret JONES, J H 1888-Jul-03
JONES, Martha BELL, C 1900-Dec-31
JONES, Mollie WATTS, Lyon 1896-May-11
JONES, Nancy EMBRY, Gus 1899-Nov-29
JONES, S E Miss VALENTINE, W A 1894-Nov-22
JONES, Susan WELBORNE, G B 1897-Sep-11
JONES, Tabitha BUSH, F M 1891-Dec-17
JORDAN, Commie BUTLER, M H 1896-May-23
JORDAN, Lollie SHOWS, J H 1894-Oct-07
JORDAN, Sarah ENTRICAN, H L 1894-Dec-29
JORDON, Mariah EVANS, Scott 1898-Mar-14
JORDON, Mellie ENTERKIN, W L 1892-Jul-20
JORDON, Rachel REASON, William 1898-Mar-19



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