Jones County Brides


HALL, Ciley PAYNE, Neel 1897-Nov-30
HALL, Margaret BOSENBURG, Jacob 1895-Jun-01
HALL, Mary MACK, Wess 1898-Oct-08
HAM, Millie COX, W C 1897-Mar-22
HAMMOND, Mary Mrs HOOD, J D 1884-Jun-26
HARDEE, Pearl POOL, Charley 1897-May-26
HARGROVES, N A Miss NICHOLS, J W 1888-Mar-03
HARPER, M E Miss HINTON, J J 1897-Jul-14
HARRELL, M M Miss SPEED, B F 1892-Feb-23
HARRIS, Polly THIGPEN, Charlie 1898-Jun-30
HARRIS, Victoria WHITE, Thomas 1899-Jun-24
HARRIS, Virie JORDON, Frank 1899-Mar-14
HARRISON, Ella BROWN, H E 1900-May-12
HARRISON, Margaret HALLEN, E A 1891-Mar-11
HARVEY, Lizzy MCDUFFY, John 1893-Sep-15
HASBRAND, Charity MCELMORE, Robert 1897-Dec-28
HAWKINS, Nancy SELLERS, John 1888-Sep-05
HAYES, Laura FOSTER, William 1898-Dec-26
HAYS, Hattie DAUGHERTY, J T 1885-May-18
HEARD, Bell LEE, J D 1893-Nov-23
HEARH, Allice SANDERSON, A T 1891-Dec-22
HEIDEBIRRG, Alsy TERRELL, Henry 1899-Jul-03
HEIDELBERG, Mattie J FERGUSON, A G 1892-Oct-18
HEISCOX, Olive BRADLEY, S O Miss 1897-Sep-17
HEMLEY, S A Miss GINGER, J S 1895-Jul-19
HENDRICK, Kate ARRINGTON, Rufus 1898-Oct-27
HENDSY, Jane JONES, J B 1892-Jun-06
HENRY, Ellen GRANT, Amos 1900-Dec-31
HERNDON, M M Miss BONNER, E E 1895-May-03
HERRINGTON, A L Miss WARD, W H 1895-Jan-09
HERRINGTON, Arrillia COPELAND, J W 1896-Dec-24
HERRINGTON, Calista CRAFT, N R 1885-May-22
HERRINGTON, Frances PITTS, J L 1894-Jul-28
HERRINGTON, Millie RUMMELLS, A J 1895-Jan-07
HERRINGTON, Nancy J BEECH, J T 1891-Jan-08
HERRINGTON, Susan MYRICK, S W 1882-Dec-18
HESTER, Ella LAFANORE, C E 1892-Dec-21
HIELDBURG, Addie LONGERYER, James 1900-Nov-01
HILDERBURG, Zonia PATTERSON, John 1898-Sep-26
HILL, A J Miss RIVERS, J C 1895-May-21
HILL, Armedia HOLIFIELD, A L 1895-Jul-18
HILL, C J Miss MURRY, J S 1889-Jan-08
HILL, M A Miss HARPEN, J L 1888-Dec-24
HILL, P A Miss HILBURN, D B 1895-Jun-08
HILL, S E Miss HOLIFIELD, Joel 1893-Feb-01
HILL, Susan BUICK, Alexander 1882-Nov-13
HINTON, F A Miss COLLINS, J C 1896-Aug-26
HINTON, Hannie GANDY, J B 1894-Jul-08
HINTON, L B Miss GUNN, W E 1897-Oct-30
HOLDEN, Mattie WHETZELLE, F A 1895-May-07
HOLIDAY, Ora A MUSGROVE, W S 1884-May-23
HOLIFIELD, A M Miss MORSE, A J Jr 1886-Mar-18
HOLIFIELD, Amanda ATWOOD, J F 1891-Dec-05
HOLIFIELD, Aribell BYNMAN, G B 1896-Oct-06
HOLIFIELD, Azoline HOLIFIELD, Albert 1888-May-15
HOLIFIELD, Catherine TEMPLES, Pinckney 1885-Apr-21
HOLIFIELD, Dicey MUSGROVE, J M 1891-Mar-11
HOLIFIELD, Elizabeth HOLIFIELD, W R 1886-Jun-23
HOLIFIELD, F E Miss BUSH, John H 1897-Sep-22
HOLIFIELD, Georga Ann HUGHES, J H 1895-Aug-27
HOLIFIELD, Isabella MONTGOMERY, J A 1894-Sep-07
HOLIFIELD, Josephine MAXEY, John 1892-Oct-22
HOLIFIELD, M J Miss BARNES, C M 1893-Mar-09
HOLIFIELD, Margaret M RODGERS, Andy 1887-Dec-21
HOLIFIELD, Mary T JACKSON, J M 1894-Mar-06
HOLIFIELD, Matilda LOWE, James 1887-Nov-16
HOLIFIELD, Nancy HESTER, J G 1883-Dec-27
HOLIFIELD, Nancy SUMMALL, C S 1883-Sep-17
HOLIFIELD, Nancy J WALTERS, F M 1888-Jan-11
HOLIFIELD, Peggy WOOD, C J 1893-Jul-29
HOLIFIELD, Roena BYNUM, John M 1897-Aug-27
HOLIFIELD, Viecy A HOLIFIELD, John M 1883-Sep-04
HOLLIMAN, Clara WATSON, Daniel 1899-Jul-20
HOLLIMAN, Jennie ANDERSON, George 1883-Feb-08
HOLLIMAN, Josephine NOBLES, J E 1896-Jan-20
HOLLIMAN, Mary K BOUTWELL, D J 1883-Jan-11
HOLLOMON, Catherine WILLIAMS, Eddie 1895-Jul-26
HOLMES, Maybell WOODWARD, C 1898-Dec-17
HOOD, A J Mrs WARD, J F 1887-Sep-30
HOOD, Loney BUNCH, George 1895-Oct-16
HOOD, Lutie L PICKERING, J M 1890-Nov-01
HOPKINS, E A Miss FLYUT, J O 1882-Dec-28
HOPKINS, Lillie HUNTER, H 1899-Aug-24
HOPKINS, Nancy BULLOCK, M J 1893-Jan-16
HORTON, Minnie GRUBBS, J A 1893-Jun-15
HOWARD, E E Miss SCRUGGS, W J 1882-Dec-05
HOWARD, M A Miss STEPHANS, T J 1892-Oct-01
HOWARD, Malinda COATNEY, J E 1894-Apr-07
HOWARD, Mary JEFFCOAT, Benjamin 1897-May-05
HOWELL, Viola B ROGERS, C W 1890-Nov-03
HUBBARD, Sallie MCLAURINE, Alonzo 1898-Dec-26
HUFF, E A Miss BUCHANAN, James A 1895-Oct-23
HUGGINS, Lula LOFERS, Will 1899-Dec-16
HUGH, M J Miss CRAWFORD, J H 1887-Nov-30
HUTCHERSON, Amelia HALE, L E 1895-Aug-31
HUTTO, Mattie TISDALE, E C 1894-May-06



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