Jones County Brides

F - G

FAIGG, Lula PAGE, F D 1886-Feb-03
FAIRCHILD, Margaret OVERLAND, John 1882-Jun-24
FAIRCHILD, Mary RIALS, W W 1884-Jul-06
FAIRCHILD, Mary S WISCOLT, D W 1882-Sep-11
FAIRCHILDS, Dicey ATWOOD, W J 1895-Feb-20
FAIRLEY, Kate BONNER, J L 1893-Oct-15
FAIRLEY, Sallie KELLEY, Walter 1894-Sep-13
FARION, L E Miss CROSS, S T 1892-Oct-27
FERGUSON, Carrie MCRAE, Walter F 1895-Dec-14
FERGUSON, Sarah A MCRAE, Malcom 1893-Dec-27
FERRILL, Debbie MYERS, J H 1893-Dec-04
FERRILL, M I Miss FEAGELL, M P 1893-Jun-01
FINLAY, M E Miss BLACKLIDGE, W A 1895-Jan-19
FLINT, Amanda BYNUM, B T 1896-Oct-06
FLOWERS, Annie EVANS, Clem 1898-Nov-26
FLOWERS, Laura CHEEK, John 1893-Jul-05
FLYNT, Charity C COOPER, James R 1888-Sep-24
FLYNT, M A Miss BUCKHALTER, A G 1889-Jan-07
FLYNT, Martha J COOPER, J W 1891-Feb-04
FLYNT, S I Miss BUSH, D R 1894-Sep-05
FLYUT, Elizabeth WARREN, C H 1882-Dec-15
FOLKS, Nancy GANDY, A B 1883-Feb-28
FOSTER, Clara HORTON, Dennis 1899-May-02
FOSTER, Mammie WILLIAMS, Charles 1900-Dec-20
FREEMAN, Arma YOUNG, D S 1897-Jul-30
FREEMAN, Mary M GRAVES, J R 1897-Nov-15
FRENCH, Addie V GOSS, B F 1893-Oct-10
FUTCH, Agnus MARSHALL, Henry 1898-Apr-26
GABLE, Lizzie HUSBAND, J E 1897-Nov-03
GANDY, Annie HAYNES, J T 1893-Mar-22
GANDY, Ida J HILL, J R 1885-Dec-05
GANDY, M F Miss ODOM, W C 1888-Nov-10
GARDNER, Julia NUTT, J M 1887-Feb-15
GARNER, Nellie RUSSEL, A T 1892-Nov-05
GARRICK, Louisa YATES, John J 1885-Jan-17
GATTIN, Mary L BOMEN, Jefferson D 1888-Jun-28
GEDDIE, Mary J BRADSHAW, G A 1885-Dec-23
GEIGER, Azalene HOLIFIELD, J M 1885-Nov-26
GEIGER, Millie TEMPLES, Rolin 1895-Jul-12
GEIGGEN, Lillie BUSH, Westley 1891-Aug-05
GENTRY, Rosana CREEL, Jim 1894-Feb-10
GEORGE, Mary WILSON, Louis 1898-Nov-22
GERY, Margret WALSTON, S R 1883-Dec-08
GIDDIE, E R Miss SHOWS, M J 1888-Jan-05
GIEGGEN, Mary SMITH, C R 1890-Nov-13
GILBERT, Elizabeth SELLERS, Jefferson 1887-Jun-16
GILLIAN, Levenia TERRIL, Sam 1898-Jul-14
GILLUM, Rosa WILLIAMS, Columbus 1900-Mar-14
GILMORE, Calie GILMORE, John 1899-Sep-13
GINGER, Fannie STRANGE, David 1894-Jan-22
GLASNER, Pearl YOUNG, Eugene 1895-Oct-04
GOODMAN, Eliza MAY, Lenis 1899-Dec-24
GOODWIN, Sallie HOLIFIELD, John G 1896-Jun-08
GORDINER, Fannie SANDERSON, J W 1895-Mar-13
GOUGH, M J Miss LANGLEY, J S 1897-Aug-04
GRACE, Ella CHEEK, M J 1892-Apr-06
GRAHAM, Annis BERRY, James 1900-Jun-17
GRAHAM, Kisiah GANDY, J N 1891-Feb-03
GRAHAM, Lizzie SHELBOURNE, Thos D 1884-Aug-30
GRAHAM, Nancy BASS, J W 1893-Feb-03
GRAHAM, Nancy HARRIS, James 1900-May-20
GRANT, Elizabeth SCOTT, Austin 1893-Sep-01
GRANT, Vida MOORE, Walter 1891-Dec-29
GRANTHAM, M H Miss JEFCOAT, J D S 1894-Nov-09
GRANTHAM, P M Miss THOMPSON, S S 1893-Jan-24
GRANTHAM, S J Miss JEFFCOAT, J N B 1896-Jan-22
GRAVES, Almeda RUMPH, H L 1886-May-06
GRAVES, Laura FLYNT, T R 1892-Oct-11
GRAVES, Susan COLLINS, V A 1890-Oct-03
GRAYSON, M C Miss JONES, E G 1886-Jun-02
GREELEY, Nancy MASTERS, James 1898-Oct-26
GREEN, C V Miss SUMRALL, B N 1891-Jun-16
GREGGORY, Mary Jane GRAHAM, Thomas 1898-Jan-07
GREGORY, Elizabeth DAVIDGE, T G 1886-Jul-01
GRICE, B A Miss BUCKLEY, L L A 1894-Dec-18
GRIGGORY, Estella MCNEAL, Richard 1897-Dec-17
GRIMBLY, Nancy MATHEWS, Tom 1898-Oct-21
GRISSOM, Flora GILMORE, L R 1895-Jan-03
GRISSOM, Lula C WILLIAMS, W A 1897-Feb-08
GUNTER, Melie NELSON, Marian 1891-Nov-13
GUNTER, Sarah J M WILLIAMS, E E 1885-Sep-09
GUY, Laura GRAHAM, E V 1896-May-29



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