Jones County Brides


CAINE, Rosa D MOSLEY, Thomas 1900-Dec-28
CAINGGY, Laurie DAVIS, M 1898-Apr-29
CALAHAM, Amanda CREEL, J E 1882-Jul-15
CALHOUN, Cornilia MARTIN, Joe 1898-Feb-13
CALHOUN, Iaa MILLSAP, Simon 1899-Dec-05
CALHOUN, Lucinda DIAS, William 1900-Jun-26
CAMPBELL, Lizzie HARRIS, Allen 1897-Dec-29
CAMPBELL, May KENNEND, James 1891-Sep-11
CAMPBELL, Minnie SMITH, H J 1896-May-04
CANE, Alice FLUKER, A S 1897-Aug-28
CARROTT, J C Mrs TURNER, W D 1885-Jun-13
CARTER, Alice HOWARD, Ed 1899-Apr-23
CARTER, Amanda TOOMEY, J V 1896-Nov-21
CARTER, C K Miss HEMPHILL, B C 1888-May-01
CARTER, Ella PEARSON, Frank 1900-Jun-28
CARTER, Lellie DALLAS, Sylvester 1899-Oct-21
CARTER, M L Miss DAUGHTRY, G R 1896-Nov-13
CARTER, Maggie RIDGEWAY, William 1894-Feb-03
CARTER, Matilda OVERSTREET, Charles 1898-Jul-23
CASTILE, Lula FOSTER, James 1895-Dec-19
CATON, Nora PRIDGEON, C A 1891-May-30
CHAMBERS, Ada BRYANT, Buster 1900-Dec-25
CHAMPLIN, Eunice HAILEY, E F 1896-Jan-07
CHAMPMAN, Florence CRUISE, Frank 1900-May-05
CHUCK, Dora BURDETT, J 1893-Dec-25
CHUCK, Mattie JOHNSON, H R 1894-Jan-05
CLARK, A J Miss POWELL, J T 1894-Nov-08
CLARK, Aquilla TEMPLES, W A 1897-Aug-02
CLARK, C C Miss ROBERTS, I I 1894-Sep-02
CLARK, C L Miss CURTIS, F M 1891-Nov-24
CLARK, E J Miss VEMER, J A 1893-Dec-06
CLARK, H L Miss DREMAN, M A 1896-Nov-13
CLARK, Hester JOHNSON, T A 1897-Jun-10
CLARK, Isabelle ROBERTS, J W 1885-Aug-15
CLARK, Mary GREEN, W D 1894-Jan-10
CLARK, Susan E SCHWAN, George 1886-Feb-22
CLAYTON, Gurry Mrs MURPHY, William 1898-Mar-23
COATNEY, Ellen J TUCKER, J W 1887-Nov-16
COATNEY, J E HOWARD, Malinda 1894-Apr-07
COATS, F J Mrs WELBORN, W S 1891-Feb-26
COATS, K J Mrs BLACK, John L 1890-Dec-29
COATS, M A Miss ROYALS, J S 1892-Jan-23
COKER, A L Miss WILLIAMS, A E 1891-Jul-22
COKER, Etta WALTERS, Archey 1897-Nov-06
COLEMAN, Hattie IRISH, Alfred 1900-Jun-25
COLLINS, Agnes WARD, E C 1895-Apr-28
COLLINS, Emma NOWELL, James 1891-Feb-24
COLLINS, Emma ROGERS, James 1899-Oct-23
COLLINS, S S Miss MIXON, I 1894-Oct-06
COOLEY, Mollie MCDONALD, Samuel 1900-Jan-21
COOLEY, Susan HINTON, Samuel 1893-Aug-31
COOLY, Mary HINTON, W C 1894-Dec-05
COOPER, Dicy SHOWS, M D 1891-Jan-12
COOPER, Ida PICKINS, John 1900-Jul-26
COOPER, R V Miss TEMPLES, A L 1896-Sep-11
COOPER, S A Miss MAYFIELD, W H 1896-Jun-02
COOPER, Victory TEMPLES, A L 1896-Jan-29
COPELAND, Belle WELCH, J R 1891-Dec-19
CORKSTREET, M M Miss NOBLES, E A 1884-Oct-06
CORLEY, M M Miss FOLKS, Willis 1887-Nov-19
COTTON, Rebecca GRANT, Charley 1899-Mar-13
COWART, Gertrude RADFORD, C L 1895-Feb-28
COX, Amzie PATES, F J 1894-Dec-01
COX, Lucinda AINSWORTH, J C 1891-Feb-06
COX, Sefhania KNIGHT, J F 1890-Oct-09
CRAFT, Annie ROSE, Alonzo 1896-Jun-20
CRAFT, Artilva SPADLEY, Jack 1887-Jun-25
CRAIG, Eliza SMALL, Samuel 1899-Sep-24
CRANE, Lula OVERSTREET, Rosin 1891-Apr-17
CRANER, E E Miss BLACKLEDGE, H D 1893-Jun-19
CRANFORD, Pollie HOOD, W W 1896-Mar-20
CRAVEN, Arabell JENKINS, R C 1897-Jun-25
CRAVEN, Ida WALTERS, J E 1897-Nov-20
CRAVEN, Vilind SMITH, E V 1896-Jun-20
CRAWFORD, Della WALLACE, G N 1895-Mar-18
CRAWFORD, Ella MOODEY, Alex 1899-Mar-06
CRAWFORD, Ella SMITH, Clifton 1900-Sep-23
CREEL, Elizabeth INGRAM, L A 1893-Aug-16
CREEL, Ida KIRKWOOD, A L 1893-Feb-25
CREEL, M J Miss HARBESON, W B 1882-Aug-31
CREEL, Martha MOORE, James R 1891-Apr-20
CRELL, Nicie LIGHTSEY, W A 1895-Nov-19
CREWSHAW, Rosaline BROWN, William 1891-Mar-17
CROFT, Elizabeth EVANS, Fred 1899-Feb-06
CROFT, W A EASTERLING, Amos 1899-Apr-20
CROMWELL, Sarah F WARD, O R 1897-Nov-06
CROSBY, Addy JOHNSON, Charley 1900-May-06
CROSBY, Beverly BRIDGES, Frazier 1900-Feb-19
CROSBY, Catherine WALLACE, H H 1887-May-04
CROSBY, Ida ODOM, J P 1896-Dec-17
CROSBY, M C Miss CARTER, T A 1897-May-13
CROSBY, Sarah RHODES, A H 1900-Dec-26
CROSBY, Viney PATRICK, M M 1893-Dec-02
CROSS, M L Miss LENOIR, L N 1891-Nov-06
CURRIE, Ella STARKS, Jessie 1898-Jul-22



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