Jefferson Davis County Grooms

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WADE, Cecil O DAVIS, Edna 1918-May-05
WALKER, Bruce LEE, Ella 1918-Dec-24
WALKER, Grady DALEY, Labilha Ann 1924-Dec-21
WALKER, Houston ROBERTS, Bessie 1920-Jun-26
WALKER, Hulon MANSCO, Mandy 1920-Dec-04
WALKER, Isaac SLATER, Minnie 1920-May-21
WALKER, R D ASHLEY, Welma 1926-Apr-04
WALLACE, Haughdy MAY, H E 1907-Dec-24
WALLEY, Burney BARNETT, Lilly 1910-May-15
WALLS, Hughie ALBRITTON, Oley 1907-Feb-18
WALTERS, A J QUINN, Verda 1927-Sep-25
WALTMAN, J P SANDERS, Mollie 1909-Apr-18
WARD, H J LEDINGHAM, Lois 1922-Oct-22
WARD, L E REDWOOD, Ilaska 1925-Jun-06
WARD, L S JONES, Mollie 1910-Mar-08
WARD, P W CARTER, Gladis 1920-Oct-03
WARD, W O MATHERY, Gertrude 1911-Feb-26
WATTS, Garland MCNEASE, Edna 1921-Jun-23
WATTS, Hood BLACKMAN, Susie 1909-Aug-10
WATTS, Otto BUCKLEY, Frank 1913-Dec-22
WATTS, Robert KING, Ethel 1917-Sep-02
WATTS, T W MAXWELL, Leona 1922-Jul-23
WATTS, Walter BASS, Carrie 1913-Dec-21
WATTS, Walter UPTON, Minnie 1915-Jan-24
WEATHERFORD, Gay MAGEE, Dewey 1922-Feb-17
WEATHERFORD, Henry ROBBINS, Myrtle 1922-Dec-04
WEATHERFORD, Tom POLK, Minnie 1915-Dec-19
WEATHERSBY, Johnie NEWSOM, W L 1928-Feb-05
WELCH, Charley BLACKWELL, Nora 1913-Jul-25
WELCH, Zack WILLIAMSON, Lula 1908-Mar-22
WESMORELAND, Lennie COLE, Lena 1922-Aug-24
WHITE, A A POWERS, Virgie 1916-Feb-05
WHITEHEAD, L N MOREE, Mollie 1913-Sep-16
WHITFIELD, E C MCCRORY, Bessie 1907-Sep-29
WILKES, C R MAGEE, Lula 1910-Nov-27
WILKES, W N HEDGEPATH, Hamit 1909-Jan-24
WILKS, Ernest MAGEL, Billie 1907-May-12
WILLIAMS, Bishop BASS, Pearl 1912-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Carol BARNES, Winnie 1926-May-23
WILLIAMS, J C MARD, Magie 1920-Feb-28
WILLIAMS, J D BERRY, Ada 1906-Dec-09
WILLIAMS, Joh BURKETT, Rubye 1917-Sep-23
WILLIAMS, Louis TYRONE, Jammie 1925-Jan-19
WILLIAMS, R C MAGER, Bessie 1908-Jun-07
WILLIAMS, Stanley HATHORN, Demple 1921-Feb-13
WILLIAMS, W E LANGSTON, Tera 1907-Aug-04
WILLIAMSON, Albert HUTCHISON, Anna 1907-Oct-06
WILLIAMSON, Bettie DALE, W R 1909-Oct-09
WILLIAMSON, Bonna FOLES, L E 1910-Sep-06
WILLIAMSON, Clifton MCPHAIL, Minnie 1916-Nov-05
WILLIAMSON, Elbert SINCLAIR, Luna 1915-Feb-21
WILLIAMSON, Grady PIERCE, Liddie 1915-Dec-30
WILLIAMSON, Grover FORTENBERRY, Tiny 1914-Jan-13
WILLIAMSON, H W WHITE, Janie 1911-Sep-12
WILLIAMSON, Hesstor LANGSTON, Sarah 1911-Dec-31
WILLIAMSON, Lh SHOEMAKER, Estelle 1925-Nov-18
WILLIAMSON, Noah KING, Ellen 1914-Aug-16
WILLIAMSON, Ottis BARNES, Bettie 1908-Oct-18
WILSON, A L ROSS, Susie 1915-Jun-06
WILSON, Allen ROBINSON, Willie 1907-Sep-04
WILSON, Buford WHITEHEAD, Ruth 1924-May-03
WILSON, Clarence GRAVES, Ader 1920-Aug-18
WILSON, Frank ARMSTRONG, Mattie 1907-Feb-14
WILSON, John WILSON, Maggie 1925-Sep-19
WILSON, Manill GRAVES, Bonnie 1918-Feb-09
WILSON, Rick GRAVES, Susie 1924-Jun-20
WILSON, Robert BALEWARE, Lula 1927-Sep-26
WILSON, Ruput BRADY, Maggie 1907-Oct-05
WINTERS, William D GARDNER, Allie 1926-Apr-19
WOLDER, R F DALE, Annie Lou 1910-Mar-27
WOOD, M B STEWART, Sara O 1926-Jan-26
WOOLEY, R F WINDHAM, May Bell 1926-Sep-26
WRIGHT, J W MCLAIN, Pearlie Belle 1909-Apr-13
WRIGHT, James KING, Nedia 1922-Oct-28
YATES, Berley GRIFFIN, Augis 1925-Apr-21
YATES, Charlie PARKMAN, Lizzie 1921-Jul-31
YATES, Hugh R LOFTIN, Mary 1910-Jan-26
YATES, Levy HUNT, Florence 1914-Aug-31
YATES, Lonnie HARVEY, Lr 1918-Mar-30
YATES, Robert DREMINDS, Prudie 1919-Sep-13
YATES, Urdie GREEN, Jessie 1923-Dec-02
YATES, W J PRIME, Dollie 1910-May-29


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