Jefferson Davis County Grooms


SALTERS, Barley THOMPSON, John 1912-Oct-23
SALTERS, Homer GRAVES, Dianna 1911-Feb-14
SALTERS, Jasper GRAVES, Mamie 1913-Jul-01
SALTERS, Vernon HALLOWAY, Dora 1925-Dec-10
SANCER, J R HATHORN, Ida 1913-Mar-11
SANDERS, Arthur P MARD, Mattie 1920-Feb-28
SANDERS, Dan LEE, Pearlie 1912-Jan-03
SANDERSON, Neelie BRUCE, Nettie 1906-Nov-26
SASSER, Willie DIXON, Bellie 1927-Nov-15
SAXON, Presley WATTS, Claudie 1926-Dec-01
SCHIANI, Frank POLK, Essa 1918-Jun-08
SCOTT, William R BERRY, Bettie Jane 1919-Sep-05
SEWARD, J A BUTLER, Pollie 1908-Sep-06
SHANKS, Chester CARTER, Amer 1909-Oct-09
SHARP, Alfred SUTTON, Ida 1911-Nov-05
SHIVERS, Burnett STAMPS, Iris 1914-Dec-20
SHIVERS, Cliner WILIAMSON, Jewell 1920-Aug-08
SHIVERS, Houston SLATER, Mattie 1916-Feb-20
SHIVERS, Louie EVANS, J M 1920-Nov-07
SHIVERS, Porter BASS, Emma 1911-Dec-20
SHOEMAKE, Willie HARRELL, Ellen 1927-Jul-09
SHOEMAKER, John BURKHALTER, Alenedia 1914-Mar-18
SHORT, T H BASS, Hellie 1910-Apr-24
SILLS, Ethee POLK, Laura 1918-May-12
SIMPSON, Gus MYERS, Ollie 1909-Jun-26
SIMPSON, L J COLE, Mande 1909-Dec-24
SINCLAIR, Fulton DEWITT, Anna 1912-Aug-19
SINCLAIR, R E HATHORN, Neva 1912-Oct-23
SLADE, Lyman FOLDS, Vilina 1917-Aug-25
SLATER, Benjamin SMITH, Jean 1925-Apr-12
SLATER, E J ROBBERTS, Eula May 1920-Jul-04
SLATER, Tom SMITH, Lula 1910-Feb-13
SMITH, Ben TERRY, Cleta 1910-Sep-09
SMITH, Brady DYESS, Velma 1925-Feb-01
SMITH, Buford CANTLER, Louana 1918-Aug-04
SMITH, Burnice WALTMAN, Bessie 1919-Jul-06
SMITH, C T BRIDGES, Ella 1918-Sep-15
SMITH, Clarence GARNER, Gertrude 1927-May-23
SMITH, Claud DUNN, Sarah 1927-Nov-20
SMITH, Cleters STAMPS, Bernice 1920-Jun-06
SMITH, Clyde SMITH, Annie Rose 1920-Oct-07
SMITH, D L GRIFFITH, Allie 1911-Jan-14
SMITH, Dan MILLER, Nannie 1916-Oct-01
SMITH, Ezar TOWNSEND, Eliza 1915-Oct-09
SMITH, F L BOUTWELL, Lina 1920-Oct-11
SMITH, H C GRAVES, Vallie 1920-Oct-10
SMITH, H L GRIFFITH, Tina 1915-Dec-01
SMITH, Hiram SYKES, Maggie 1922-Nov-12
SMITH, Houston BUCKLEY, Enice 1919-Aug-10
SMITH, I M DUNN, R E 1923-Aug-16
SMITH, J H BASS, Anna 1925-Oct-19
SMITH, Jewell POLK, Lena May 1921-May-01
SMITH, M C DYESS, Nellie 1907-Dec-19
SMITH, R J SMITH, Lina 1924-   -20
SMITH, Rasney BERRY, Affie 1909-Apr-01
SMITH, Reades BRIDGES, Virgie 1911-Jan-11
SMITH, Sam JORDAN, Mary E 1920-Mar-20
SMITH, Vernon MILLER, Vera 1917-Oct-13
SMITH, W C CARAWAY, Lucell 1922-Mar-11
SMITH, W C DYESS, Ruth Mae 1926-Dec-26
SMITH, W G N SMITH, Letha Mae 1918-Nov-06
SMITH, William LEE, Tiny 1925-Feb-01
SMYTIE, J P CARLISLE, Vivian 1927-Apr-03
SORRELLS, Robert SMITH, Lottie 1918-May-11
SPEED, Clarence RENFROW, Catherine 1906-Oct-01
SPEED, Clarence RENFROW, Jessie Pearl 1908-May-10
SPEIGHT, G L HATHORN, Nannie 1911-Dec-24
SPEIGHTS, A M POLK, Lessie Mae 1926-Dec-08
SPEIGHTS, Carral WATTS, Vergie 1925-Jun-14
SPEIGHTS, Carrel ANDERSON, Gay 1924-Jan-13
SPEIGHTS, Coy COULTER, Nannie 1915-May-16
SPEIGHTS, E R HUDSON, Media 1927-Feb-27
SPEIGHTS, L V BRITTON, Matilda 1926-Jul-04
SPEIGHTS, Luther STEWART, Augusta 1912-Jul-17
SPEIGHTS, O D LAURD, Mary 1921-May-22
SPEIGHTS, O M SPEIGHTS, Ellar 1920-Jan-28
SPEIGHTS, R L WILLIAMSON, Myrtis 1923-Apr-29
SPEIGHTS, Roy COOPER, Suzie 1913-Sep-14
SPEIGHTS, S E PADGETT, Geneva 1910-Nov-27
SPEIGHTS, Sidgie BUFKIN, Addie 1919-Mar-16
SPEIGHTS, Tom MANTON, Jewel 1925-Oct-18
SPEIGHTS, V C HATHORN, Gertrude 1921-May-29
STAMPS, A J POLK, Lovie 1920-Jan-30
STAMPS, A L BYRD, Lola 1913-Dec-09
STAMPS, H E SPEIGHTS, Ora 1914-Sep-24
STAMPS, Joe HERRINGTON, Rhea 1925-Mar-28
STAMPS, John B MOBLEY, Elizabeth 1917-Oct-21
STAMPS, Samuel BURROW, Gladys 1926-Sep-11
STEAMS, Dan BUTLER, Lily 1907-Sep-03
STEELE, Wm Andrew FORTENBERRY, Hattie 1913-Apr-18
STEEN, J W BURKETT, Maggie 1911-Jun-06
STEPHENS, William AUTRY, Lilie 1909-Jan-01
STERLING, D J BASS, Bertha 1909-Apr-10
STEVENS, Richard MCMILLON, Fannie 1915-Dec-16
STEWART, C A HANBERRY, Clora 1919-Oct-09
STEWART, C D MCINIS, Fannie 1910-Dec-14
STEWART, Charlie HURST, Vaudie 1926-Jun-15
STEWART, H C CALHOUNE, Lena May 1925-Feb-18
STEWART, H H SINCLAIR, Anna 1909-Dec-13
STEWART, J B SHOEMAKER, Myrtee 1925-Aug-10
STEWART, J F HOLMES, Gertrude 1907-Apr-25
STEWART, Ottis WHITEHEAD, Essie 1925-Oct-17
STEWART, Preston PARISH, Ronna 1923-Sep-06
STEWART, Robert SMITH, Leona 1917-Dec-31
STEWIT, Abe MOORE, Minnie 1907-Dec-23
STRICLAND, L F BRAONE, Bulah 1926-May-05
STRINGER, Joseph HARVEY, Bulah 1910-Jan-17
STRONG, Owen SORRELLS, Lexie 1923-Sep-24
SUDDUTH, Wilburn BRADY, Carrie 1918-Jan-20
SUMMERALL, John COX, Bessie 1914-Dec-24
SUMRALL, Earl RUTLAND, Nancy 1909-Jul-06
SWETMAN, R H MCPEARSON, Nellie 1925-Dec-13
SYKES, Houston L WILSON, Eliza J 1909-Dec-02


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