Jefferson Davis County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, Hubert GARDNER, Bertha 1927-May-11
PACE, S E ROBERTS, Alma 1926-Mar-13
PAGE, M B HUTCHINS, Etta 1908-Jun-07
PARISH, Charley POLK, Clara 1915-Jul-06
PARISH, Eltus BLAIR, Lillie 1924-Mar-11
PARISH, Ester COLE, Lillie 1918-Oct-09
PARISH, J F STEWART, Bettie 1920-Sep-08
PARISH, S J STEWART, Jay Mrs 1911-Nov-29
PARISH, W B POLK, L L Miss 1922-Nov-12
PARKER, L J SUTTON, Francis 1906-Nov-05
PARKER, P S PARKER, Lilian 1913-Oct-10
PARKIMAN, J R MCRANEY, Florence 1917-Mar-01
PARKINSON, Shepherd POLK, Houston 1907-Oct-06
PARKMAN, E C LANGSTON, Henrietta 1919-May-18
PARKMAN, Estus FORTENBERRY, Opal 1912-Feb-11
PARKMAN, Flent POLK, Ida 1908-Dec-06
PARKMAN, Lee NELSON, Ruby 1919-Nov-08
PARKMAN, Richard AULTMAN, Lewis 1916-Dec-30
PASQUALETTI, Charly CARTER, Glay 1916-Oct-16
PATTERSON, H C DYESS, Honor 1916-Jul-02
PAYNE, Robert F Dr KING, Frances A 1925-Mar-01
PEOPLES, H I BLACKMAN, Mamie 1910-Aug-03
PERISH, Jimmie SULLIVAN, Frankie 1925-Sep-16
PERISH, Wayne EVANS, Lucile 1926-Feb-21
PERRETT, L B RANDELL, Lola 1907-May-12
PETERSON, Ray POLK, Bertha 1925-Mar-26
PICKERNELL, Harry MCCARTHEY, Helen 1925-Feb-14
PIERCE, Frank ROBINS, Lanie 1927-Oct-07
PIERCE, H P POLK, Clincie 1917-Dec-11
PIERCE, H P POLK, Mary O 1918-Jun-11
PIERSY, G E BLACKBURN, Florence 1912-Jul-11
PIKE, J D ATWOOD, Brezetta 1909-Jun-11
PITTS, Willie WALKER, Malissia 1915-Jan-05
POLK, Abner MYRES, Addie 1907-Nov-24
POLK, Alex ELZEY, Bessie 1922-Nov-15
POLK, B DALE, Irene 1925-Nov-13
POLK, Banks DAVIS, Sarah 1927-Nov-29
POLK, Bennie TERRELL, Gracie 1916-Oct-26
POLK, C E SPEIGHT, Pauline 1908-Dec-24
POLK, Cassie NICKOLS, Carrie 1926-Jul-13
POLK, Charley G FORTENBERRY, Tina 1923-Mar-27
POLK, Clarence STAMPS, Mattie 1914-Jul-29
POLK, Clifton GRIFFITH, Sallie 1907-Nov-24
POLK, Clifton SMITH, Mandy 1909-Dec-22
POLK, D C MABLEY, Lillie 1926-Jun-26
POLK, D L BROWN, Tamie 1909-Mar-13
POLK, Dan NICHOLS, Dora 1915-Apr-25
POLK, Deloach BASS, Suebell 1913-Apr-06
POLK, Dudly YATES, Mary 1909-Oct-24
POLK, E E WALKER, Mattie 1927-Mar-10
POLK, Flint MCPHAIL, Ednar 1922-Dec-31
POLK, Forest POLK, Bulah 1917-Dec-23
POLK, Gay MARTIN, Eddie 1912-Aug-21
POLK, George DEER, Ruth 1924-Dec-27
POLK, Houston PARKINSON, Shepherd 1907-Oct-06
POLK, Iddo CHANCE, Rebecca 1921-May-15
POLK, J Jones COLE, Etta 1920-Nov-08
POLK, J L RAMSEY, Margie 1922-May-18
POLK, J R POLK, Clara 1909-Aug-24
POLK, Knox SPEIGHTS, Marganie 1915-Dec-22
POLK, Leodon LANGSTON, Betsy 1908-Sep-24
POLK, Nt JORDAN, Eva Mae 1917-Mar-11
POLK, Oke LENARD, Pheaba 1926-Dec-19
POLK, Ray BAKER, Hildridge 1912-Dec-19
POLK, Roe KING, Anna Bell 1919-Feb-02
POLK, Rufus O MCPHAIL, Susie Mae 1913-Jun-22
POLK, T R GRAY, Bettie 1912-Aug-04
POLK, Terrell WOLF, Eva 1927-Nov-22
POLK, W O BLOUNT, Bessie 1925-Sep-20
POLK, Wilborn G MCPHAIL, Maggie 1920-Feb-06
POLK, Wood DALE, Sarah 1922-Nov-18
POND, T J HART, Fannie 1915-Feb-22
POOL, J A WARD, Gertie 1923-Apr-27
POPE, Moran BURROW, Flroence 1912-Aug-05
PORKER, R S DEER, Laura 1909-Feb-27
POSEY, Jessie RAGLAND, Mamida 1908-Mar-09
POWELL, C C REESE, Elma 1910-May-15
POWELL, Ray CHIBERN, Lela 1926-Jan-04
POWERS, M W BLOUNT, Maggie 1911-Feb-01
POWERY, Alorizo POLK, Maranda 1916-Jul-26
PRICE, Bay BASS, Cora 1921-Aug-13
PRINCE, Ollie YATES, Etta 1919-Feb-02
PRINE, E Q TOLAR, Omar Mrs 1927-Jun-23
PRINE, O B DYESS, Mary J 1923-Jul-23
QUIN, C R BERRY, Rebeca 1923-Jun-25
QUINN, D B BERRY, Bellie 1927-Apr-16


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