Jefferson Davis County Grooms


MABLEY, Vernon DANGHDRILL, Ida 1922-Dec-24
MAGEE, B E GRIFFITH, A M Mrs 1920-Aug-22
MAGEE, B E MCPHAIL, Lizzie 1920-Feb-12
MAGEE, Dempsey GARNER, Lois 1923-Jan-25
MAGEE, Dewey WEATHERFORD, Gay 1922-Feb-17
MAGEE, Everett JACKSON, Edna 1926-Feb-07
MAGEE, Forrest LEE, Mary Belle 1924-Dec-23
MAGEE, Guss BURN, Billie Mrs 1913-Sep-01
MAGEE, J M COLE, Thelma 1920-Aug-22
MAGEE, L E BULLOCK, Ruth 1911-Dec-17
MAGEE, R P MILLER, Myrtis 1919-May-24
MAGEE, S G MCPHAIL, Clara 1911-Feb-19
MANTON, Albert BURKETT, Annie 1917-Nov-08
MANTON, Bruce BURKETT, Kate 1913-Sep-17
MANTON, Calbert SPEIGHTS, Ollie 1918-May-07
MANTON, Henry PITTS, Vernon Miss 1926-Mar-09
MANTON, Jewel SPEIGHTS, Tom 1925-Oct-18
MAPE, Frank BASS, Bertie 1922-May-13
MARGINN, J N WHITE, Burgie 1919-Jan-19
MARKS, C S LEE, Ocil 1924-Dec-10
MARSALIS, T R GRIFFITH, Ruby 1912-Apr-03
MARSHALL, J T GARDNER, Dosia 1919-Jun-05
MART, Freddy ROBBINS, Fannie 1907-Nov-20
MARTIN, Claud GREEN, Minnie 1924-Oct-04
MARTIN, Eddie POLK, Gay 1912-Aug-21
MARTIN, Hermon BROOM, Nora 1911-Jan-05
MARTON, C E CRAWFORD, Allie 1922-Sep-16
MARTON, Fred HATHORN, Lizzie 1918-Dec-05
MATHERRY, John WARD, Bertha 1912-Feb-22
MATHEWS, J E REDOCK, Lillian 1906-Sep-05
MATHEWS, Riley GREEN, Gertie 1915-Aug-21
MATHIS, Carl STRAHAM, Olma 1910-Jul-14
MATHIS, M L HOOKS, Moranda 1909-Dec-09
MATHISON, C B MCNAIR, Ira 1922-Oct-22
MATHISON, Johnie PRICE, Edna 1914-Dec-20
MATIANS, Hollis COOPER, Gladis 1925-Aug-08
MATTHEWS, J H ROPER, Rubye 1923-Jan-21
MAY, E B HARRELL, Emma 1912-Apr-08
MAY, H E WALLACE, Haughdy 1907-Dec-24
MCCARDEE, C R MCBERRY, Annie 1926-Jun-13
MCCLAIN, Aldo BASS, J B 1920-Jan-17
MCCRAW, W D BROOM, Essie Irene 1927-Mar-13
MCCRAY, Ernest WILSON, Ollie 1926-Mar-27
MCCRAY, Hollis WILSON, Rena 1927-Jan-24
MCCRAY, Sim YATES, Mimmie 1908-Mar-29
MCCRAY, Walter YATES, Leonia 1908-Mar-11
MCDEWITT, Frank KIRBY, Kathleen 1924-May-21
MCDONALD, Freeman BROOM, Anie 1918-Oct-05
MCDONALD, Willie BEASLEY, Irvice 1909-Jun-30
MCDWITT, Frank CAVANOUGH, Ann 1916-Oct-01
MCGAHEY, W L LOFTIN, Ollie 1910-Mar-06
MCGEE, Aster BUCKLEY, Florence 1927-Jul-20
MCGUFFIE, Spencer CARTER, Gatha 1925-Dec-26
MCINNIS, A D ROBBINS, Lurina 1921-Jun-15
MCINNIS, Roland PARISH, May Belle 1914-Jan-22
MCINNIS, Scott PARISH, Chellie 1913-May-15
MCIRMIS, Albert BROWN, Bessie 1908-Dec-06
MCKEE, Slade MCDANIEL, Abbie 1924-Nov-03
MCLAIN, M D POLK, Bessie 1925-Feb-05
MCLAUREN, John GRIFFITH, Gladis 1916-Jan-03
MCLENDON, Knox HEGGINS, May 1919-Jun-08
MCLENDON, R J LAIRD, Lucille 1907-Jan-28
MCMILLON, C W GRAVES, Laney 1924-Jun-08
MCMILLON, Leroy HENDERSON, Alma 1914-Apr-09
MCNAIR, Ira MATHISON, C B 1922-Oct-22
MCNEASE, Archie DEWITT, Hollie 1907-Apr-21
MCNEASE, Bob WILSON, May 1923-Jun-09
MCNEASE, C D BRINSON, Ella 1922-Nov-16
MCNEASE, Frank KING, Ollie 1919-Apr-23
MCNEASE, H E LANE, Helen 1915-Jan-13
MCNEASE, J L POLK, Pearl 1909-Nov-09
MCNEASE, J M CARDON, Angelin 1922-May-21
MCNEASE, Maunie GARNER, Hallie 1913-Aug-16
MCNEASE, N L PERKINS, Ida 1919-Nov-09
MCNEASE, Pink DAVIS, Lucy 1923-Dec-02
MCNEASE, Rudie ROBBINS, H R 1910-Jul-03
MCNEASE, W O ATWOOD, Myrta 1909-Jun-08
MCNEASE, Willis RUSSELL, Mary 1920-Dec-26
MCPHAIL, Alvin WORTHEY, Thaddie 1916-Oct-10
MCPHAIL, Clifton BERRY, Kattie 1928-Jan-02
MCPHAIL, Houston YATES, Rosetta 1920-Jul-25
MCPHAIL, Hoy DYKES, Belva 1917-Jan-21
MCPHAIL, James HOLLOWAY, Irene 1912-Dec-24
MCPHAIL, Jim MARLIN, Laura 1923-Oct-07
MCPHAIL, John HAYES, Rena 1908-Nov-20
MCPHAIL, Luther REID, Hassie 1920-Aug-25
MCPHAIL, Monroe WHITEHEAD, Bertha 1924-Jan-20
MCPHAIL, R L RATCLIFF, Margrett 1922-Nov-12
MCPHAIL, Sam GARNER, Barbra 1909-Dec-07
MCPHAIL, Walter BULLOCK, Essie 1924-Dec-23
MCPHAIL, Wesley SMITH, Bulah 1925-Jul-26
MCPHAIL, Wilburn COLE, Myra 1918-Feb-28
MCPHAIL, Wyatt WORTHY, Addie 1917-Dec-26
MCPHEARSON, Authur HALL, Jennie 1912-Oct-27
MCPHEARSON, J L TERRELL, Sallie 1911-Dec-25
MCRAE, C J BURKETT, Maude 1919-Dec-04
MCRAMSEY, Jasper ROBBINS, May 1919-Jan-01
MCRANEY, D C DEER, Hattie 1910-Jul-09
MCRANEY, Herod COULTER, Lular A 1920-Dec-24
MCRANEY, Sam THOMPSON, Johnie 1920-Dec-23
MCRANEY, Talmage CAMPBELL, Grace 1926-Dec-30
MCRANEY, Webb KING, Alvis 1923-Sep-15
MEENS, A C SHORT, Effie 1909-May-29
MERRETT, K C KING, Elizabeth 1927-Feb-28
MERRETT, Wade KING, Mamye 1924-   -30
MESSER, I S BRADFORD, Ruby 1909-Apr-05
MIKELL, A M LOFTIN, Alice 1925-Dec-26
MIKELL, C J DAVIS, Floid Mrs 1907-Jan-20
MIKELL, C J SMITH, Bettie 1909-Apr-09
MIKELL, Dewey L HARTZAG, Minnie 1917-Oct-23
MIKELL, Hubert POLK, Etta 1919-Jul-20
MIKELL, J J PRICKERING, Ruby 1926-Jun-15
MIKELL, Luther SMITH, Mannie 1915-Aug-08
MIKELL, Ora POLK, Tina Lee 1927-Jan-09
MIKELL, Rex LAIRD, Clara 1916-Jun-10
MIKELL, Roy BRINSON, Edna 1918-May-19
MIKELL, S L BEAL, Lucy 1922-Apr-28
MILLER, Cecil RUSSELL, Talna Irene 1924-Jun-27
MILLER, D O ODUM, Emma 1908-Jan-20
MILLER, D S EASTERLING, Mary 1912-Jan-11
MILLER, E L CARTER, Gay 1916-Feb-27
MILLER, Fleet DALEY, Helen 1919-Dec-25
MILLER, Hugh R MAGER, Maggie 1908-Apr-12
MILLER, Jon W JOHNSTON, Laurel 1923-Jul-09
MILLER, Nalan BROOM, Pearl 1919-Oct-19
MILLER, R C BASS, Maude 1908-Sep-23
MILLER, R C POLK, Lydda 1915-Oct-17
MILLER, Sam COULTON, Margie 1906-Dec-01
MILLER, Tom COLE, Fannie 1907-Mar-28
MILLER, William GARDNER, Sarah 1914-Sep-17
MILLER, Willie GARNER, Curtis Mrs 1916-Sep-30
MILLES, Lee KING, J M 1909-Nov-07
MILLICAN, J R DEAR, Rennie 1921-Oct-15
MILLS, I H DAVIS, Della 1916-Mar-29
MILLS, J F ANDERSON, Pearly 1906-Aug-07
MOBBLEY, A W HENDERSON, Lula 1910-Feb-10
MOBLEY, J Houston COULTER, Suzzie 1912-May-19
MOHAFFY, Lonzo THOMPSON, Mary 1908-Dec-01
MONTGOMERY, Clarance HUTCHINSON, Bertie 1922-Dec-01
MOORE, A L DAVIDSON, Vivian 1907-Jun-26
MOORE, Newton GRAVES, Azzie 1923-Jul-28
MORGAN, W L SMITH, F L Miss 1910-Apr-03
MORRIS, Harvey BERRY, Lena 1924-Jan-12
MORRIS, Lowry THURMAN, Lois 1917-Feb-09
MORRIS, Nelson BERRY, Lula 1921-Nov-24
MORRIS, Ollie L BROOM, Hattie May 1920-Jan-02
MORROW, W O DEWETT, M O Miss 1923-Dec-21
MOUNGER, Henry Jr WILLIAMS, A L Mrs 1922-Oct-12
MUCKLERATH, Scott TAYLOR, Mary J 1908-Sep-27
MUCKLEROTH, Monroe ROBBIN, Norah 1909-Jan-05
MULFORD, Charlie CONERLY, Mollie 1926-May-29
MULLINS, Estes BYRD, Emma 1910-Feb-20
MULLINS, G L THURMAN, Mable 1925-Sep-12
MURPHY, G F DAVIS, E R Mrs 1920-Dec-30
MURRAY, H L SPEIGHTS, Hazel 1926-May-11
MURRAY, Wallace POLK, Allice 1908-Dec-22
MYERS, Edd MITCHELL, Annie 1907-Sep-23
MYERS, Haron SHIVERS, Ella Mae 1927-Jul-10
MYERS, Jewel ROBERTS, Louis 1910-Dec-25
MYERS, John POLK, Lillie 1917-Dec-26
MYERS, Sherdon ROBERTS, Delia 1927-Nov-13


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