Jefferson Davis County Grooms


LAIRD, Bozie DUNCAN, C S 1917-Nov-25
LAIRD, Charlie G MCGEHEE, Dovie 1919-Dec-21
LAIRD, E D BROOM, Ether 1910-Dec-02
LAIRD, Guy BROOM, Mary 1913-Mar-13
LAIRD, Rex BAKER, Maud 1912-Jan-21
LAIRD, Thomas BROOM, Lina 1915-Jul-04
LANE, G LANGSTON, Myrtie 1923-Dec-22
LANE, J F BERRY, Dovie 1920-Dec-12
LANE, Jessie FORTENBERY, Mattie 1908-Jan-18
LANGLEY, W B CHILDRESS, Susie 1912-Jun-29
LANGSTON, B R SLATER, Ira Bell 1922-Nov-26
LANGSTON, Floyd FORTENBERRY, Vernie 1920-Jun-20
LANGSTON, Haskel HATHORN, Julia 1914-Oct-20
LANGSTON, Henry KING, M W 1921-Jan-15
LANGSTON, Homer PRICE, Ida 1916-Aug-30
LANGSTON, Kirby BOURN, Floura 1921-Feb-27
LANGSTON, Ozzie PITTMAN, Hilma 1925-Oct-15
LANGSTON, R B STUCKEY, Olivia 1914-Dec-27
LANGSTON, Rex JACKSON, Odie 1923-Jan-06
LANGSTON, W F GARNER, Lorena 1925-Mar-01
LEE, A G WATSON, Virgie 1907-Apr-23
LEE, Almond BRIDGES, Clara 1909-Dec-22
LEE, Biga MCNEASE, Nola 1920-Dec-04
LEE, Bill BRIDGES, Lena 1914-Feb-15
LEE, Bular BRIDGES, Johnie 1916-Feb-27
LEE, C E JOHNSTON, Hilda 1908-Oct-06
LEE, Charlie PARRETT, Eula 1927-Nov-18
LEE, Edwards GOODMAN, Nettie 1918-Jan-05
LEE, Garson HARRISON, Myrtie 1927-Apr-16
LEE, Hollie BRIDGES, Myrtle 1919-Jan-05
LEE, Houston JACKSON, Lillie 1911-Sep-07
LEE, Ike RUSSELL, Carene 1925-Dec-27
LEE, J C POLK, Texie 1927-Oct-29
LEE, J R BOZERMAN, Edna 1926-Nov-27
LEE, J R COLE, Ruth 1916-Sep-10
LEE, N J BOYANTON, Ottie 1911-Jan-18
LEE, Ocil MARKS, C S 1924-Dec-10
LEE, Robert E BURKETT, Clara Bell 1917-Jun-08
LEE, W H BERRY, Lela 1926-Dec-30
LEE, W W WHITE, Alvin Mrs 1916-Oct-24
LEE, Wilbourn SMITH, Myrtis 1926-Feb-15
LITTLE, E J BUTLER, Connie May 1909-Nov-20
LITTLE, Edward CARDIN, Maggie 1925-Sep-19
LOFLIN, James LAIRD, Bamma 1907-Apr-06
LOFTIN, H G FORTENBERRY, Oritus 1923-Jan-13
LOFTIN, John W MYRAY, Mertie 1909-Nov-04
LOFTIN, T L HALT, Orra 1911-Aug-26
LOFTIN, Tom WHITE, Emma 1917-Nov-27
LOFTON, W D WALKER, Bertha 1914-Dec-30
LONG, Ellis ALLEN, Mollie 1919-Aug-24
LONG, Thomas MOORE, Lonnie 1919-Jul-17
LOTT, Elzie HAMILTON, Eula 1916-May-31
LOTT, L L EVANS, Dora 1910-Aug-02
LOTT, Philip MAGEE, Myrtle 1924-Jul-12
LOULES, Alex CANTRY, Susan 1917-Apr-17
LOVELESS, R C BOLEWARE, Lena 1912-Feb-10
LOVERETT, Hugh BROWN, Emice 1913-May-10
LOWE, A L POLK, Etta 1910-Mar-01
LOWE, Luke HERRING, Nettie 1910-Oct-26
LOWE, M C POLK, Emily 1908-Dec-23
LOWERY, C A REEVES, Addie 1916-Mar-12
LUPER, Clyde BURKETT, Ina 1910-Apr-30


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