Jefferson Davis County Grooms

J - K

JACKSON, Lee BROOM, Angeline 1926-Sep-12
JAMES, Floyd E MCPHAIL, Elannie 1927-Nov-05
JAMES, Jim KING, Hester 1914-Jul-18
JAMES, Talmer SHOEMAKER, Adelle 1927-Nov-07
JAMES, William WARD, Mettie 1924-Jan-18
JEFFREYS, Texanna HORTON, Maddie C 1907-Dec-16
JERNINGON, Elvyn MAGEE, Betsie 1926-May-25
JOHNSON, A J TRAYLOR, I Belle 1910-Jun-25
JOHNSON, Claude GRAVES, Lela 1926-Sep-24
JOHNSON, Hugh DALE, Manise 1924-Mar-31
JONES, Clifton CONE, Eva 1919-Mar-22
JONES, Ellis MARTON, Bernice 1927-Oct-06
JONES, Fred ALLEN, Ruby 1918-Jan-27
JONES, Jock BLACKWELL, Pashie 1914-Jul-28
JONES, O M SMITH, Elna 1923-Sep-09
JONES, Olivis FORTENBERRY, John N 1919-Jul-08
JONES, Randolph WIGGINTON, Mattie 1912-Jan-08
JONES, Robert KING, Phena 1919-Jan-19
JONES, Rudolph ROBERTS, Irene 1924-Jan-20
JORDAN, Arthur JACKSON, Jewell 1924-   -16
JOSEPH, C H SULLIVAN, Floyd Mrs 1917-May-13
KELLY, Perry BAZEMANN, Tiny 1926-Feb-14
KENLEY, John H MCGILL, Anett 1919-Dec-25
KENNEDY, Lonzo BURGESS, Hattie 1917-Dec-09
KIMBLE, Charles RUSH, Mae 1919-Jun-28
KIMNEL, Joe DELANCEY, Mannie 1926-Oct-09
KIMP, Gus BURCH, Susie Bell 1926-Sep-26
KING, Bob ARNOLD, Bertie Lee 1927-Feb-03
KING, Carlie DEEN, Mollie 1917-Dec-16
KING, Charley FALER, Allie 1915-Aug-21
KING, Frank BLOUNT, Susie 1925-Jan-25
KING, Homer DAVIS, Nora 1909-Sep-07
KING, J C KIRKLY, Annie 1907-Jul-21
KING, J C LOTT, Annie 1914-Nov-04
KING, J C MILLER, Emily 1908-Jun-08
KING, J M MILLES, Lee 1909-Nov-07
KING, J R SALTEN, Fannie 1907-Jun-26
KING, Jap BASS, Nannie 1913-Feb-16
KING, L M RUTLAND, Minnie 1909-Apr-18
KING, Louis GRETCHMAN, Ruby 1917-May-19
KING, Mckinley DAVIS, Erline 1919-Apr-20
KING, Otho MCDONALD, Anna 1925-Dec-29
KING, Samuel DAVIS, Zilla 1907-Nov-27
KING, Talmage WRIGHT, Ether 1926-Feb-13
KINNEY, M A MYERS, Edna 1910-Jan-29
KIRBY, D L FALER, Mary 1913-Jan-17
KIRBY, J L CLARK, Mary 1908-Jan-03
KIRBY, James E FAGAN, Clara 1925-Jul-23
KIRBY, T E MAGEE, Effie 1914-Feb-01
KIRBY, Will FALER, Maggie 1913-Oct-12
KIRKLEY, John LOFTIN, Sessie 1912-Jun-08
KNIGHT, Warner KING, Maggie 1927-Aug-09
KNOX, Martin NEWELL, Shirley 1913-Jan-31
KOLB, J T MILLER, Clara 1910-Jul-11


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