Jefferson Davis County Grooms

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HALL, J M SULLIVAN, Minnie 1916-Feb-20
HALL, Samuel DOUNER, Etna 1912-Aug-11
HALLOWAY, Walter ANSWORTH, Edna 1927-Feb-09
HALTER, T J SPEIGHTS, Gay 1925-Sep-01
HAMELTON, Lelon POWERS, Hilda 1922-Feb-28
HAMILTON, Willard WILSON, Emily 1927-Apr-02
HANEGAN, Mannie FALER, C B 1920-Nov-25
HANEGAN, Richard DALEY, Lucy 1926-Nov-12
HANEGAN, Sylvester DALEY, Anastasia 1927-Oct-29
HARDMAN, L C HARVEY, Lilla 1910-Dec-07
HARGRAVE, Ronnie WILLIAMSON, Hettie 1913-Sep-18
HARIGAN, I A CARVERON, M L Miss 1923-Jan-15
HARLING, Henry C BERRY, Gala V 1926-Aug-06
HARPER, Allen TYRONE, Mary 1912-Sep-04
HARRELL, Howard WHITFIELD, Sallie 1906-Oct-13
HARRIS, Newton GRAVES, Leona 1914-Mar-28
HARRISON, Henry HAMILTON, Mary 1918-Sep-27
HARRISON, W M COX, Eva 1914-Dec-24
HARRISON, Wall KING, Edna 1911-Nov-26
HARRISON, Woodard STATER, Myrtle 1918-May-03
HARTFIELD, Q C FUR, Muttie 1907-May-31
HARTZAG, Howard BARNES, Mary 1927-May-29
HARVEY, Bert DRUMMOND, Edna 1912-Oct-27
HARVEY, Buford BEALL, Ella 1916-Aug-30
HARVEY, Clarence WEATHERSBY, Mary 1925-Dec-24
HARVEY, Curtis GREEN, Mattie 1920-Feb-08
HARVEY, Forrest DICKERSON, Eva V 1925-Apr-11
HARVEY, Joe MAGEE, Mary 1914-Aug-20
HARVEY, O T STEWART, Anna May 1909-Aug-24
HASSON, Kelly WATTS, Zadie 1914-Nov-09
HATHORN, A F AVERY, Sarah 1912-Apr-18
HATHORN, Ed BOURN, Nellie 1920-Dec-04
HATHORN, Eddie R BARNES, Jessie 1914-Feb-19
HATHORN, F S COOPER, Anna E 1909-Feb-28
HATHORN, Frank ROBINS, Edna 1924-Apr-02
HATHORN, Hugh FORTENBERRY, Addie 1914-Nov-18
HATHORN, J W JONES, Carrie 1910-Jan-11
HATHORN, Louis POLK, Ona 1918-Jul-28
HATHORN, Ray PUCKETT, Vida 1925-Jan-09
HATHORN, W J WILLIAMS, Letha 1926-Feb-28
HATHORN, Wm R BRENTON, Ruth 1908-Jul-08
HATTEN, B L MCDONALD, Jewell 1922-Oct-30
HATTON, F L DOUGLESS, Elsie 1926-Aug-15
HATTON, J I SHIVERS, Ollie 1907-Mar-26
HAYES, Albert GARNER, Lorinda 1909-Dec-01
HAZEL, Joseph M SIMPSON, Sallie 1921-Jul-08
HEARD, Henry BROCK, S M Miss 1923-Sep-19
HEBBARD, Fl BROOM, Kattie 1920-Aug-08
HEDGEMAN, Borra M BOURN, Thedora 1922-Feb-06
HEDGEPATH, Hamit WILKES, W N 1909-Jan-24
HEDGEPETH, H Q BLOUNT, Annie 1921-May-28
HEDGEPETH, J R LEE, Millie 1910-Jun-13
HEDGEPH, William COX, Martha 1906-Sep-01
HEDGPETH, Henry DRUMMOND, Susie 1913-May-14
HEDGPETH, Joseph HANLEY, Anna 1909-Feb-25
HENRY, Carl W BOZEMAN, Mary 1915-Dec-25
HERRING, Juett HARVEY, Lena 1912-Oct-16
HERRING, Michael KIRBY, Martha 1921-Feb-02
HERRING, W H DYESS, Lucill 1924-Feb-17
HERRINGTON, B C BASS, Otie 1923-Apr-15
HERRINGTON, L L MORRIS, Connie 1908-Jul-05
HERRINGTON, Larkins HARVEY, Bertha 1922-Jan-25
HERRINGTON, Loor ROBERSON, Aruel 1919-Oct-12
HERRINGTON, S H CLARK, Mary 1922-Mar-29
HERRINGTON, Tanner BOURNE, Y J 1917-Sep-22
HERRINGTON, V R BARNES, Tressie 1926-Dec-12
HERRINGTON, W W MCNEASE, Susie 1924-Oct-06
HESTER, Every MORELAND, Sallie 1910-Nov-01
HILBURN, Frank SEASTRANG, Edna 1927-Jun-20
HILL, H L ENTERKINS, Hattie 1909-Dec-18
HILTON, Wilbur D WALLER, Ina U 1906-Aug-25
HOLLOWAY, Birth SINGLY, Cassie 1920-Apr-04
HOLLOWAY, Rex BROOM, Virgie 1922-Jul-16
HOLLOWAY, Walter ROBERTS, Florence 1919-Apr-13
HOLMES, John A HALL, Mathia 1909-Dec-14
HOOD, A L GRAVES, Elizabeth 1910-Jun-12
HOOD, Webb MILLER, Mimmie 1908-Apr-12
HOOVER, H H BRADY, Marie 1914-Sep-13
HUNTER, W D SULTER, Emma 1909-Jan-06
HURST, Pete DAVIS, Hattie 1910-Dec-23
HUTCHENSON, R B POLK, Florence 1908-Dec-06
HUTCHENSON, Rufus EVANS, Hassie 1924-Mar-08
HUTCHINS, Gosland WALKER, Myra 1911-Aug-07
HUTCHINS, Lee MIKELL, Ella 1917-Jul-12
HUTCHINSON, Claude DYKES, Sybell 1925-Jun-11
IRBY, Oroen WILLIAMSON, Emma 1911-May-23
IZARD, S E DUNMOND, May 1910-Feb-20


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