Jefferson Davis County Grooms

F - G

FAGAN, Edward WELCH, Della 1914-Jul-26
FAGAN, J W KIRBY, Rose 1907-Feb-07
FAGAN, James OCONNELL, B R Mrs 1922-Dec-27
FAGAN, Leo C FALER, Lucy 1913-May-04
FAGAN, Otho TYRENE, Bessie 1913-Jan-14
FAGAN, T P DALEY, Isadoria 1909-Aug-05
FALER, C B HANEGAN, Mannie 1920-Nov-25
FALL, G Ivan GRIFFITH, Bulah 1907-Jul-14
FERNANDEZ, Frank EVANS, Ella Mae 1922-Dec-30
FINVEASH, G O MAGEE, Minnie 1922-Jul-09
FIVRASH, John L GARDNER, Elizabeth 1915-Aug-15
FLYNT, J W NICHOLS, Myrtle 1917-Sep-15
FOLES, L E WILLIAMSON, Bonna 1910-Sep-06
FOMES, S T INGRAME, Carrie 1911-Jun-10
FORTENBERRY, Andrew KING, Mary 1914-Jan-22
FORTENBERRY, Buford SYKES, Velma 1927-May-28
FORTENBERRY, Carl SMITH, Mattie 1924-Jul-12
FORTENBERRY, Charley MCNEASE, May 1914-Dec-02
FORTENBERRY, Clever BARNES, Dizzie 1918-Nov-03
FORTENBERRY, Emitt BARNES, Lula 1917-Feb-18
FORTENBERRY, J F BAKER, Lurrene 1925-Feb-15
FORTENBERRY, J H MYERS, Ruby 1926-Apr-11
FORTENBERRY, John N JONES, Olivis 1919-Jul-08
FORTENBERRY, Johna TAYLOR, Clidie 1919-Oct-12
FORTENBERRY, Johnnie RUTLAND, Etta 1914-Oct-12
FORTENBERRY, Oritus LOFTIN, H G 1923-Jan-13
FORTENBERRY, Parkman JONES, Emma 1922-May-24
FORTENBERRY, Ray POLK, Dimple 1923-Dec-24
FORTENBERRY, Reesie TAYLOR, Sessie 1912-Aug-11
FORTENBERRY, Rex POLK, Jewell 1921-Nov-20
FORTENBERRY, Scott LEE, Lizzie 1918-Dec-24
FORTENBERRY, T C NAULS, Lillie 1916-Feb-16
FORTENBERY, I W CONE, May Belle 1910-May-14
FOSTER, Charles FOSTER, Fannie 1913-Mar-27
FOSTER, F T BRYANT, Madolin 1916-Oct-23
FOSTER, John Jr KIRKLEY, Lessie 1925-Aug-30
FREDRICK, D G HAGAN, Cora 1920-Jun-05
FREEMAN, Clifford BROOM, Cora 1918-Feb-09
FREEMAN, John POLK, Emma 1906-Jul-03
FUTCH, B R PERKINS, Estelle 1919-Mar-14
GANTIN, H H QUINN, Hattie 1916-Sep-20
GARAWAY, V B CARAWAY, Bertha 1913-Apr-30
GARDNER, Dentis BLACKWELL, Lela 1927-May-28
GARDNER, Lauie TOWNSEND, Cora Mae 1928-Jan-29
GARDNER, Ruben MCMILLON, Bessie 1924-Oct-13
GARNER, B H BERRY, Ida E 1909-Jul-15
GARNER, Frank HERRIN, Bessie 1915-Feb-09
GENTRY, J A MARTIN, Annie 1922-Apr-09
GHOLER, Louis WARNER, Jossie 1909-Jun-30
GHOLER, Rutus ADAMS, Charles 1911-Oct-12
GIBBONS, Frank DYESS, Ruby 1908-Nov-04
GILBERT, J E POWER, Carness 1921-Mar-29
GILBERT, James FALER, Cathern 1922-Jun-28
GILES, Dan TYRONE, Iva 1913-Sep-04
GILL, E J TURNAGE, Velma 1920-Mar-07
GLENN, Frank S BYRD, Edna L 1915-Nov-06
GOODMAN, Claud HEDGPETH, Amanda 1915-Jan-10
GORMAN, Estas COULTER, Exie 1916-Oct-23
GRACE, A E BROADWATER, Belle 1907-Jan-20
GRAHAM, V M SPATTAFARA, Anna 1926-Mar-13
GRAHAM, William MILLS, Leona 1922-Oct-15
GRANTHAM, O T BROWN, Mary 1910-Oct-09
GRAVES, C E RUNNELLS, Bertha 1907-Jun-16
GRAVES, Dewey WILSON, Angelina 1920-Jul-14
GRAVES, Dillon SPEIGHTS, Ruth 1925-Feb-22
GRAVES, Ernest HANLEY, Bessie 1924-Jan-26
GRAVES, Hanson STEARLING, Bertha 1926-May-27
GRAVES, J B WALKER, Brilla 1925-Jan-04
GRAVES, J R GRAVES, R L Mrs 1907-Sep-08
GRAVES, John GRAVES, Lorie 1918-Apr-04
GRAVES, John MATHIS, Eula 1913-May-08
GRAVES, Lowernar JOHNSON, Amanda 1909-Jun-30
GRAVES, Luther REYNOLDS, Estella 1907-Aug-03
GRAVES, Nell CREEL, Ella 1918-Mar-23
GRAVES, Olliver WILSON, May Bell 1919-Apr-23
GRAVES, Oscar WILLIAMS, Norah 1910-Oct-30
GRAVES, Robert JONES, Rosa 1917-Jan-21
GRAVES, Stanley WILSON, Rochie 1916-Jul-17
GRAVES, Telie GRAVES, Maggie 1915-Sep-14
GRAVES, W P RUNNELS, Edna 1923-Aug-08
GRAVES, Walter BYRNES, Eula 1925-May-16
GRAVES, Will WILSON, Tuly 1913-Jan-23
GRAY, Charles M LEE, Katie S 1906-Jun-28
GRAY, Louis COB, Myrtle 1923-May-14
GRAY, Sam NICHOLS, Velma 1924-Jan-27
GRAY, W H LUPER, Clara 1917-Aug-28
GREEN, Carl BURKHALTER, Dovie 1927-Jul-22
GREEN, D W MILLER, Bertha 1920-Oct-03
GREEN, E J POLK, Augusta 1924-Jun-01
GREEN, Jessie YATES, Urdie 1923-Dec-02
GREEN, Lannie BURKHALTER, Nora 1927-Aug-06
GREEN, R M MYERS, Cora 1909-Apr-30
GRIFFIN, Augis YATES, Berley 1925-Apr-21
GRIFFITH, A H EVINS, Polly 1908-Sep-30
GRIFFITH, A N GRIFFITH, Hattie 1908-Dec-16
GRIFFITH, B C DUCKWORTH, Margaret 1926-Jun-27
GRIFFITH, Dale GRAY, Melissa 1908-Dec-27
GRIFFITH, F M MAGEE, Ona 1919-Oct-29
GRIFFITH, Houston GRAYLON, Lora 1924-Jun-28
GRIFFITH, J L SYKES, Nellie 1919-Jun-07
GRIFFITH, Parkman WILLIAMSON, Lucy 1915-Nov-07
GRIFFITH, Tom SMITH, Cora 1908-Aug-18
GRIFFITH, W D STEWART, Sallie 1910-Dec-18
GRIFFITH, Walter COULTER, Gertrude 1918-Oct-06
GULLEDGE, Ervin L DALE, Ada 1924-Mar-30
GURLEY, Vander KING, Blanche 1914-Aug-19
GUY, John E BUCKHALTER, Annie 1921-Oct-29


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