Jefferson Davis County Grooms


CALHANE, J P WALKER, Lillie 1927-Nov-15
CALHOUN, Clifford MAGEE, Ella 1913-Jan-09
CALHOUN, D M MILLOY, Emmie 1908-Jan-15
CAMPBELL, Dan MATHES, Inez 1915-Oct-17
CANN, S F TYRONE, Effie Jane 1914-Feb-16
CANNOY, J W ROBERSON, Lish 1909-Mar-06
CARAWAY, J O AUTRY, Nellie 1922-Dec-26
CARLTON, Jasper C DALE, Ava V 1906-Jun-05
CARRAWAY, John L MCLANE, Anna 1913-Oct-19
CARRAWAY, Shelby DEWETT, Lillie 1927-May-01
CARRAWAY, W N WRIGHT, Lillie 1926-Oct-10
CARROLL, John CONERLY, Clara 1910-Apr-21
CARTER, Clyde BOUNEE, Katie 1919-Apr-29
CARTER, Hay MAULDIN, Ruth 1927-Jul-05
CARTER, Houston BASS, Mollie 1908-Dec-17
CARTER, J S CARTER, Neome 1918-Jan-06
CARTER, Jasman POLK, Ella 1912-Jul-14
CARTER, Nathan SALTERS, Beulah 1911-Dec-24
CAULTER, Adam MCRANEY, Irene 1927-Apr-09
CAULTER, Wiley POLK, Willie Mae 1927-Aug-14
CAVANAUGH, J B BAKER, Aletha 1920-Dec-23
CHANCE, Curtis CAUGHMAN, Mary 1927-Jan-22
CHANCE, J E EVANS, May 1906-Oct-14
CHANCE, J J UPTON, Jenervia 1915-Jul-15
CHANCE, Lonnie UPTON, Nettie 1917-Oct-21
CHANCE, Marvin MARLORE, Effie 1925-Jul-22
CHANCE, S G ALLEN, Rachel 1924-Feb-06
CHANCE, S G BURNS, Matilda 1907-Dec-24
CHANCES, T R BUTTES, Becky 1910-Dec-25
CLANEY, A H BAKER, Mary 1922-Dec-19
CLARK, F J REDDOCK, Lelah 1912-Jan-06
CLARK, G C KIRBY, Laura 1908-Jul-06
CLARK, Hilburn TALER, Vallie 1927-Nov-18
CLARK, J R MCCURTY, Callie 1911-Mar-16
CLARK, J R PARISH, Abbie 1913-Aug-27
CLARK, M A KENLEY, Kattie 1910-Nov-21
CLARK, Sylvaster THOMPSON, Lizzie 1907-Nov-10
CLARK, Thomas DAVIS, Addie 1912-Nov-25
CLAYTON, J P SIMS, Eva May 1911-May-19
CLERK, J R WARREN, Bulah 1911-Jul-02
CLIBORN, J C DIXON, Millie 1921-Apr-26
CLINTON, Bert MCNEASE, Bertha 1916-Oct-30
COCKRAN, H M MICKEL, Edna 1926-Sep-11
COLE, H R BUCKLEY, Pearlie 1915-Feb-16
COLE, J A LEE, Martha 1906-Oct-24
COLE, Louis S BUSH, Lillian 1919-Sep-24
COLE, O W Jr DEER, Grace 1923-Mar-04
COLE, S N ROBERTS, Nora 1910-Jan-20
CONE, I L BUCKLEY, Jessie 1923-Nov-12
CONE, L J SMITH, Maybelle 1917-Jul-04
CONERLY, Jessie HAROLD, May 1910-Sep-14
CONERLY, T C UNDERWOOD, Maggie 1909-Apr-23
CONN, N D SPEIGHTS, Burgia 1910-Dec-08
COOK, Ira PACE, Malissa 1912-Jun-21
COOK, Jessie L WILLIS, Kate 1911-May-08
COOK, Thomas HAWTHORE, Elvra 1918-Sep-06
COOK, W N PATTON, Venie 1908-Feb-23
COOPER, Ej CARTER, Willie Edna 1927-Aug-21
CORLEY, J M MCPHAIL, Floyd Mrs 1908-Aug-15
CORRE, Charlie ROBERTS, Etta 1920-Feb-21
CORRE, T L SMITH, Lina 1910-Jan-05
CORRE, Willie ROBERTS, Eula 1920-Aug-21
COULTER, Carson SALTERS, Lula 1911-Dec-31
COULTER, D D GRIFFITH, Susie 1919-Jun-07
COULTER, T R MCRANEY, M E Mrs 1923-Oct-06
COULTER, W R FAIRCHILDS, Azzie 1911-Oct-22
COURTNEY, C C SAVELL, Sallie 1924-Oct-18
COWAN, Sam PITTMAN, Maryl E 1916-May-14
COX, Bill HERRINGTON, Synda 1913-Aug-10
COX, Tom JONES, E E Miss 1908-Aug-16
COX, Walter SULLIVAN, Ruth 1921-May-12
CRAWFORD, Edward TYRONE, Alma 1919-Aug-25
CRAWFORD, Luther THURMOND, Sara 1912-Aug-23
CRAWLEY, Collins ADKINSON, Mittie 1925-Sep-25
CREEL, B F MYERS, Cora 1914-Nov-22
CREEL, B F TURNBAUGH, Lendie 1924-Nov-02
CREEL, John COUNTRY, Myrtle 1919-Sep-25
CREEL, John PARISH, Julia 1920-Jan-10
CREEL, John SALTERS, Martha 1912-Mar-14
CRIDER, S E LEE, Dovie 1925-Aug-09
CROSBY, Fred ALLEN, Mary E 1910-Nov-27
CROWLEY, Ed MCNEASE, Etta 1917-Nov-29
CURRY, William MCLAIRE, Emily 1911-May-10



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