Jefferso Davis County Grooms


AARON, Jean H GARNER, Pattie 1919-Jul-12
ADAM, Stephen LEE, Bessie 1914-May-04
ADAMS, Charles GHOLER, Rutus 1911-Oct-12
ADAMS, Dink WILLIAMS, Annie 1910-Dec-27
ADAMS, Estis NEWSON, Burtha 1906-Aug-22
ADAMS, Estus NEWSOME, Dellia 1908-Dec-14
ADAMS, Frank HALL, Vennus 1912-Dec-26
ADAMS, Hiram ISHMAN, Maggie 1915-Feb-06
ADAMS, James HOLLOWAY, Mollie 1914-Apr-04
ADAMS, James HOOKER, Isabella 1910-Nov-20
ADAMS, Sidney HOWELL, Roda 1915-Apr-03
ADAMS, Tom CARDIN, Clara 1923-Nov-16
ADAMS, Webb ROGERS, Charlie 1911-Dec-23
ADAMS, Willie POLK, Bessie 1924-Apr-14
ADMORE, John JEFFERSON, Bertha 1906-Oct-20
AIMSWORTH, W F BOUNDS, Ador 1922-May-13
ALLEN, Luther ROBERTSON, Josie 1912-Feb-15
ALLEN, O H SHIVER, Sallie 1920-Aug-08
ALLEN, Rual BLOUNT, Jennie Lee 1920-Jan-11
ANDERSON, Dock BLACKBURN, Mary 1906-Aug-14
ANDERSON, Luke MCPHAIL, Lela 1919-Mar-07
ANTHONY, Clark BLOUNT, Myrtis 1920-Aug-28
ANTHONY, E E SAULTERS, Leavernise 1923-Dec-22
APPLEWHITE, Harry MAGEE, Gladys 1917-Jan-25
APPLEWHITE, I H HATHORN, Kate May 1921-Jul-04
ARMDER, R F MOORE, Jane 1909-Sep-12
ARMDES, Wm MOORE, Mary 1910-Oct-14
ARMSTRONG, G L DYESS, Mollie 1917-Dec-30
ARMSTRONG, Lewis HARVEY, Helen 1913-Oct-23
ARMSTRONG, Walter WALTMAN, Aminta 1908-Jan-14
ARNOLD, L T PITTMAN, Della 1914-Dec-24
ASHLEY, Haden KYZAR, Manie 1913-May-19
ASHLEY, Nathan BRYANT, Susie 1912-Jan-30
ATLAS, Will WEBB, Bessie 1914-Jun-29
ATWOOD, Frank HALL, Mary 1925-Nov-23
AULTMAN, Jeno DANIELS, Estella 1915-Nov-23
AULTMAN, Lewis PARKMAN, Richard 1916-Dec-30
AULTMAN, Lige Bert AULTMAN, M E Mrs 1924-Dec-27
AULTMAN, Winnie MCRANEY, Eva 1926-Feb-16
AUSTIN, Larken WEBSTER, Vinnie 1910-Sep-29
AUSTIN, Larkin WEBSTER, Vinnie 1910-Sep-29


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