Jefferson Davis County Grooms

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NATIONS, Lennie STEVENS, Olvia 1917-Nov-09
NELSON, A E DICKINES, Addie 1911-Nov-19
NELSON, A E IZARD, Bulah 1918-May-05
NELSON, C E MIKELL, Mattie 1909-Mar-07
NELSON, H L BARNES, Etha 1916-Jun-01
NELSON, R H TURNAGE, Rosa 1911-Jan-11
NEWSOM, Henry LANGSTON, Exen 1919-Feb-20
NEWSOM, W L WEATHERSBY, Johnie 1928-Feb-05
NEWSON, John N FORTENBERY, Hattie 1907-Jan-18
NICHOLS, Henry MOHALS, Vilma 1910-Oct-09
NICHOLS, V N WORTHY, May 1910-Jun-11
ODUM, Frank BRINSON, Earine 1912-May-12
ODUM, Jasper MERRITT, Julia 1909-Feb-21
OFLYNN, Joseph COVANAUGH, Flora 1919-Nov-20
OWENS, Willis PERKINS, Ruth 1921-Sep-10


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