Jefferson Davis County Grooms


DALE, Homer COLE, Sallie 1911-Aug-03
DALE, Isaac BERRY, Nora 1919-May-09
DALE, Sebe BURROW, Thelma 1920-May-30
DALE, W M LEE, Susie 1910-Oct-27
DALE, W R WILLIAMSON, Bettie 1909-Oct-09
DALEY, Barney COOPER, Mabel 1924-Dec-02
DALEY, Canullus DEEN, Mamie 1920-Dec-25
DALEY, James CLARK, Novella 1920-Mar-20
DALEY, Sylvester PRENTISS, Hattie 1912-Feb-08
DALEY, T D KIRBY, Regena 1910-May-12
DALON, J Y POLK, Cora O 1924-Dec-11
DANELS, R R SPEIGHTS, Emmie 1927-Jul-17
DANIEL, Forrest SANDERS, Eggie 1927-Jul-10
DANIEL, Georgie RAWLS, N L 1921-Nov-20
DANIEL, Roscoe BLACKWELL, Velma 1920-Mar-26
DANIEL, S E DANIEL, A R Mrs 1920-Dec-24
DANIELS, E W CORLEY, B B Mrs 1923-Jun-10
DANIELS, Edgar HERRINGTON, Lucile 1924-Dec-27
DANIELS, Houston PRICE, Mollie 1908-Jul-28
DANIELS, Robert PRICE, Luna 1913-Aug-07
DANIELS, W A EVANS, Leona 1925-Feb-15
DANIELS, Z R STAMPS, Bulah 1918-Dec-22
DAUGHDRILL, Arnon STEPHENS, Maybell 1927-Nov-23
DAUGHDRILL, Enoch COLE, Letha 1916-Nov-08
DAUGHDRILL, Frank SMITH, Eulah 1907-Jan-17
DAVIS, Abe DICKERSON, Corena 1915-Dec-19
DAVIS, Artie PLARCE, F E 1924-Jan-14
DAVIS, B B BROADWATER, Eunice 1910-May-22
DAVIS, Benjamin MCNEASE, Martha 1928-Feb-05
DAVIS, Eddie SMITH, Annie 1926-Sep-12
DAVIS, Ernest PATTERSON, Lennie 1919-Aug-02
DAVIS, Henry DEER, Lizzie 1913-Dec-24
DAVIS, Homer WILKS, Lou 1912-Sep-24
DAVIS, J L MOHAFFY, Susie 1908-Jul-25
DAVIS, Johnie L CLARK, Annie 1913-Oct-09
DAVIS, M M JOLLY, D L Mrs 1923-May-27
DAVIS, W F HATHORN, Cora 1909-Jun-15
DECAMILLE, Lorenzo BLACKBURN, Minnie 1915-   -28
DEEN, Andrew RUTLAND, Myrtle 1915-Jul-10
DEEN, Charley MCGREW, Denice 1914-Apr-20
DEEN, Griffin GUY, Mary 1914-Feb-05
DEEN, Ira RUSSELL, Rena 1921-Jan-09
DEEN, T G LOTT, Queenie 1926-Dec-16
DEEN, W H FIVRASH, Lizzie 1916-Jan-16
DEER, Andrew HOLLYFIELD, Della 1907-Dec-19
DEER, C R CAULTES, Nancy 1910-Dec-11
DEER, Jessie RANKIN, Amanda 1912-Oct-17
DELANCEY, E J EVANS, Bertha 1921-Apr-02
DELANCEY, J E BRYANT, Dovie 1921-Feb-13
DELANEY, J P JONES, Margarnie 1926-Mar-20
DENMONT, M F DUNCAN, Auzo 1907-Jan-30
DENNIS, D O Jr BURKETT, Maude 1919-Jan-31
DENSON, F B BURKETT, Lucy 1910-Sep-18
DEWITT, Otis MCNEASE, Maggie 1907-Dec-18
DEWITT, T S MCNEASE, Addie 1907-Apr-10
DICKENS, Pete BLOUNT, Eula Mae 1925-Nov-28
DICKINS, S D KENNEDY, Bulah 1916-Nov-19
DIXON, Dewey WARD, Eurrie 1921-Oct-09
DOLAN, M J DALEY, Mary 1921-Feb-08
DOLE, Paul A MOORE, Dixon 1917-Dec-16
DONALD, Edd PARKMAN, Lizzie 1925-Nov-08
DOUGLAS, Sam ROBBINS, Flutes Mrs 1917-Jan-10
DOUGLAS, Tom HARVEY, Jewell 1918-Mar-28
DOUGLASS, Hollis MCRANEY, Velma 1923-Jun-13
DUGLAS, Horace CHILDERS, Ruby 1920-Jan-27
DUMAS, Percy RUSSELL, Ora 1909-Dec-18
DUNCAN, Auzo DENMONT, M F 1907-Jan-30
DUNCAN, C S LAIRD, Bozie 1917-Nov-25
DUNN, R E SMITH, I M 1923-Aug-16
DYER, D D SULLIVAN, Mattie 1916-Jan-31
DYESA, W L RAYNES, Bell 1915-Dec-10
DYESS, Albert KING, Pashie 1912-Dec-25
DYESS, B L JOHNSON, Lula 1911-May-21
DYESS, Blount BASS, Hattie 1917-Sep-06
DYESS, E E MURRAY, Ethel 1910-Nov-02
DYESS, E J BASS, Millie 1920-Apr-26
DYESS, Jasper COLE, Orden 1921-Aug-07
DYESS, Joe PIERCE, Ollie 1919-Mar-05
DYESS, Kattie SMITH, Mildred F 1927-Oct-08
DYESS, Lonnie SHOEMAKE, Ida Mae 1919-Jul-24
DYESS, Mack REED, Virgie 1922-Dec-17
DYESS, Monroe BROCKMAN, Maude 1917-Dec-09
DYESS, Monroe KITCHENSON, Arlem 1926-Feb-20
DYESS, P M WORTHEY, Clara 1921-Dec-20
DYESS, Paul BLACKWELL, Nancy 1921-Jan-09
DYESS, R C REID, Danie 1924-Feb-03
DYESS, Robert BERRY, Hattie 1922-Jan-03
DYESS, Robert GARNER, Etta 1914-Aug-09
DYESS, Robert REED, Maybell 1914-Aug-25
DYESS, Robert G MILER, Hattie 1916-Aug-26
DYESS, W T REID, Ida 1921-Oct-02
DYKES, H PRIME, Erma 1921-Dec-23
DYKES, Rubin JONES, Mary 1922-Feb-12
DYRES, Buford WARD, Bessie 1910-Jun-23
DYRES, Irvin MCPHAIL, Mande 1907-Nov-20
EASTERLING, E C MIXON, Ellanis 1924-Mar-12
EASTERLING, W L HERRIN, Anna Lura 1916-Feb-20
ETHRIDGE, G D MONTAGUE, Hilda 1925-Dec-20
ETHRIDGES, John MOORE, Lucy 1911-Jun-07
EVANS, Edmond GOMER, Mananda 1909-Feb-28
EVANS, George MURRAY, Marie 1907-Apr-14
EVANS, J M SHIVERS, Louie 1920-Nov-07
EVANS, Joseph GASKIN, Nicie 1919-Dec-14
EVANS, M G HATHORN, Lura 1906-Aug-26
EVANS, Sam MORRIS, Julia 1910-Nov-09
EVANS, Thomas MORRIS, Dovie 1910-May-01
EVANS, W P GRIFFITH, Mattie 1909-Jan-03
EVANS, William ROBINS, Mattie 1908-Apr-29
EVANS, Willie ROBERSON, Maggie 1918-Dec-25



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