Jefferson Davis County Brides

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WALDEN, Pearl THOMPSON, C E 1912-Dec-03
WALKER, Bertha LOFTON, W D 1914-Dec-30
WALKER, Brilla GRAVES, J B 1925-Jan-04
WALKER, Lillie CALHANE, J P 1927-Nov-15
WALKER, Lucie BROOM, Willard 1921-Nov-05
WALKER, Malissia PITTS, Willie 1915-Jan-05
WALKER, Mattie POLK, E E 1927-Mar-10
WALKER, Myra HUTCHINS, Gosland 1911-Aug-07
WALLER, Ina U HILTON, Wilbur D 1906-Aug-25
WALTMAN, Aminta ARMSTRONG, Walter 1908-Jan-14
WALTMAN, Bessie SMITH, Burnice 1919-Jul-06
WARD, Bertha MATHERRY, John 1912-Feb-22
WARD, Bessie DYRES, Buford 1910-Jun-23
WARD, Eurrie DIXON, Dewey 1921-Oct-09
WARD, Gertie POOL, J A 1923-Apr-27
WARD, Mettie JAMES, William 1924-Jan-18
WARNER, Jossie GHOLER, Louis 1909-Jun-30
WARREN, Bulah CLERK, J R 1911-Jul-02
WATSON, Lillie BERRY, R L 1908-Aug-08
WATSON, Virgie LEE, A G 1907-Apr-23
WATTS, Claudie SAXON, Presley 1926-Dec-01
WATTS, Lula BLACKMAN, Victor 1911-Jul-26
WATTS, Sallie ROBERTSON, Clark 1919-Sep-06
WATTS, Vergie SPEIGHTS, Carral 1925-Jun-14
WATTS, Zadie HASSON, Kelly 1914-Nov-09
WEATHERSBY, Mary HARVEY, Clarence 1925-Dec-24
WEBB, Bessie ATLAS, Will 1914-Jun-29
WEBSTER, Vinnie AUSTIN, Larken 1910-Sep-29
WEBSTER, Vinnie AUSTIN, Larkin 1910-Sep-29
WELCH, Della FAGAN, Edward 1914-Jul-26
WELCH, Ella BLACKWELL, E M 1913-Dec-15
WELCH, Harriet UNDERWOOD, Jim 1916-May-22
WELCH, Rosa BLACKWELL, Luther 1913-Dec-23
WHITE, Alvin Mrs LEE, W W 1916-Oct-24
WHITE, Burgie MARGINN, J N 1919-Jan-19
WHITE, Emma LOFTIN, Tom 1917-Nov-27
WHITE, Janie WILLIAMSON, H W 1911-Sep-12
WHITEHEAD, Bertha MCPHAIL, Monroe 1924-Jan-20
WHITEHEAD, Essie STEWART, Ottis 1925-Oct-17
WHITEHEAD, Ruth WILSON, Buford 1924-May-03
WHITEHEAD, Velma BALEWARE, Earley 1927-Oct-15
WHITFIELD, Sallie HARRELL, Howard 1906-Oct-13
WIGGINTON, Mattie JONES, Randolph 1912-Jan-08
WILIAMSON, Jewell SHIVERS, Cliner 1920-Aug-08
WILKS, Curma RANDALL, Arther 1921-Oct-13
WILKS, Janie RAYBURN, Albert 1915-Feb-10
WILKS, Lou DAVIS, Homer 1912-Sep-24
WILLIAMS, A L Mrs MOUNGER, Henry Jr 1922-Oct-12
WILLIAMS, Annie ADAMS, Dink 1910-Dec-27
WILLIAMS, Edna TYRONE, Albert 1922-Nov-25
WILLIAMS, Letha HATHORN, W J 1926-Feb-28
WILLIAMS, Norah GRAVES, Oscar 1910-Oct-30
WILLIAMSON, Agnes ROBBINS, I L 1908-Mar-22
WILLIAMSON, Emma IRBY, Oroen 1911-May-23
WILLIAMSON, Hettie HARGRAVE, Ronnie 1913-Sep-18
WILLIAMSON, Lucy GRIFFITH, Parkman 1915-Nov-07
WILLIAMSON, Lula WELCH, Zack 1908-Mar-22
WILLIAMSON, Myrtis SPEIGHTS, R L 1923-Apr-29
WILLIAMSON, Sadie TAYLOR, Ed 1915-Feb-15
WILLIS, Kate COOK, Jessie L 1911-May-08
WILSON, Angelina GRAVES, Dewey 1920-Jul-14
WILSON, Eliza J SYKES, Houston L 1909-Dec-02
WILSON, Emily HAMILTON, Willard 1927-Apr-02
WILSON, Maggie WILSON, John 1925-Sep-19
WILSON, May MCNEASE, Bob 1923-Jun-09
WILSON, May Bell GRAVES, Olliver 1919-Apr-23
WILSON, Minie ROBERSON, William 1910-Mar-17
WILSON, Ollie MCCRAY, Ernest 1926-Mar-27
WILSON, Rena HUTCHINSON, Zollie 1927-Sep-04
WILSON, Rena MCCRAY, Hollis 1927-Jan-24
WILSON, Rochie GRAVES, Stanley 1916-Jul-17
WILSON, Tuly GRAVES, Will 1913-Jan-23
WINBORS, Ruth ROGERS, Jean 1924-Jul-20
WINDHAM, May Bell WOOLEY, R F 1926-Sep-26
WOLF, Eva POLK, Terrell 1927-Nov-22
WORTHEY, Clara DYESS, P M 1921-Dec-20
WORTHEY, Thaddie MCPHAIL, Alvin 1916-Oct-10
WORTHY, Addie MCPHAIL, Wyatt 1917-Dec-26
WORTHY, May NICHOLS, V N 1910-Jun-11
WRIGHT, Ether KING, Talmage 1926-Feb-13
WRIGHT, Lillie CARRAWAY, W N 1926-Oct-10
YATES, Etta PRINCE, Ollie 1919-Feb-02
YATES, Leonia MCCRAY, Walter 1908-Mar-11
YATES, Mary POLK, Dudly 1909-Oct-24
YATES, Mimmie MCCRAY, Sim 1908-Mar-29
YATES, Rosetta MCPHAIL, Houston 1920-Jul-25




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