Jefferson Davis County Brides


SALTEN, Fannie KING, J R 1907-Jun-26
SALTERS, Beulah CARTER, Nathan 1911-Dec-24
SALTERS, Lula COULTER, Carson 1911-Dec-31
SALTERS, Martha CREEL, John 1912-Mar-14
SANDERS, Eggie DANIEL, Forrest 1927-Jul-10
SANDERS, Lou THURMAN, W C 1912-Jan-18
SANDERS, Mattie BUMOW, J A 1911-Jan-01
SANDERS, Mollie WALTMAN, J P 1909-Apr-18
SAULTERS, Leavernise ANTHONY, E E 1923-Dec-22
SAVELL, Sallie COURTNEY, C C 1924-Oct-18
SCARBOUGH, Myrtis BULLOCK, E A 1926-Nov-25
SEASTRANG, Edna HILBURN, Frank 1927-Jun-20
SHARP, Darris CHERRY, L O 1927-Sep-30
SHARP, Ruby TYRONE, H G 1925-Nov-22
SHIVER, Sallie ALLEN, O H 1920-Aug-08
SHIVERS, Ella Mae MYERS, Haron 1927-Jul-10
SHIVERS, Ollie HATTON, J I 1907-Mar-26
SHOEMAKE, Ida Mae DYESS, Lonnie 1919-Jul-24
SHOEMAKER, Adelle JAMES, Talmer 1927-Nov-07
SHOEMAKER, Estelle WILLIAMSON, Lh 1925-Nov-18
SHOEMAKER, Myrtee STEWART, J B 1925-Aug-10
SHORT, Effie MEENS, A C 1909-May-29
SHORT, Susan RAMSEY, J M 1907-Aug-28
SHOWS, Virginia TURNAGE, William 1909-Aug-19
SIMMON, Myrtle TYRONE, Robert 1926-Jan-09
SIMPSON, Sallie HAZEL, Joseph M 1921-Jul-08
SIMS, Eva May CLAYTON, J P 1911-May-19
SINCLAIR, Anna STEWART, H H 1909-Dec-13
SINCLAIR, Anner BASS, H P 1920-Feb-14
SINCLAIR, Luna WILLIAMSON, Elbert 1915-Feb-21
SINGLY, Cassie HOLLOWAY, Birth 1920-Apr-04
SLATER, Ira Bell LANGSTON, B R 1922-Nov-26
SLATER, Mattie SHIVERS, Houston 1916-Feb-20
SLATER, Minnie WALKER, Isaac 1920-May-21
SMITH, Annie DAVIS, Eddie 1926-Sep-12
SMITH, Annie Rose SMITH, Clyde 1920-Oct-07
SMITH, Bettie MIKELL, C J 1909-Apr-09
SMITH, Bettie TURNAGE, J V 1909-Apr-27
SMITH, Bulah MCPHAIL, Wesley 1925-Jul-26
SMITH, Cora GRIFFITH, Tom 1908-Aug-18
SMITH, Della BENSON, W P Jr 1915-Nov-03
SMITH, Elna JONES, O M 1923-Sep-09
SMITH, Eulah DAUGHDRILL, Frank 1907-Jan-17
SMITH, F L Miss MORGAN, W L 1910-Apr-03
SMITH, Jean SLATER, Benjamin 1925-Apr-12
SMITH, Leona STEWART, Robert 1917-Dec-31
SMITH, Letha Mae SMITH, W G N 1918-Nov-06
SMITH, Lina CORRE, T L 1910-Jan-05
SMITH, Lina SMITH, R J 1924-   -20
SMITH, Lottie SORRELLS, Robert 1918-May-11
SMITH, Lula SLATER, Tom 1910-Feb-13
SMITH, M A Mrs TERRELL, V L 1921-Dec-18
SMITH, Mae BARNES, Robert 1926-Mar-31
SMITH, Mandy POLK, Clifton 1909-Dec-22
SMITH, Mannie COULTER, Reggis 1912-Sep-23
SMITH, Mannie MIKELL, Luther 1915-Aug-08
SMITH, Mattie BASS, A O 1918-Sep-01
SMITH, Mattie FORTENBERRY, Carl 1924-Jul-12
SMITH, Maud TERRELL, Persy 1920-Jun-13
SMITH, Maybelle CONE, L J 1917-Jul-04
SMITH, Mildred F DYESS, Kattie 1927-Oct-08
SMITH, Milie RAYNES, H 1919-Mar-05
SMITH, Myra REID, Sam 1923-Oct-08
SMITH, Myrtis LEE, Wilbourn 1926-Feb-15
SMITH, Parle THURMAN, J H 1921-Nov-24
SMITH, Pearl BUCKLEY, Lorras 1921-Jan-25
SORRELLS, Lexie STRONG, Owen 1923-Sep-24
SORROLS, Mattie ROBERTSON, J L 1910-Jun-11
SPATTAFARA, Anna GRAHAM, V M 1926-Mar-13
SPEIGHT, Pauline POLK, C E 1908-Dec-24
SPEIGHTS, Burgia CONN, N D 1910-Dec-08
SPEIGHTS, Ellar SPEIGHTS, O M 1920-Jan-28
SPEIGHTS, Emmie DANELS, R R 1927-Jul-17
SPEIGHTS, Gay HALTER, T J 1925-Sep-01
SPEIGHTS, Hazel MURRAY, H L 1926-May-11
SPEIGHTS, Maggie THURMAN, Maxie 1912-Dec-23
SPEIGHTS, Marganie POLK, Knox 1915-Dec-22
SPEIGHTS, Minnie THURMAN, Houston 1921-Oct-12
SPEIGHTS, Ollie MANTON, Calbert 1918-May-07
SPEIGHTS, Ora STAMPS, H E 1914-Sep-24
SPEIGHTS, Ruth GRAVES, Dillon 1925-Feb-22
SPELL, Edna BEESH, Luther 1919-Feb-02
STAMPS, Bernice SMITH, Cleters 1920-Jun-06
STAMPS, Bulah DANIELS, Z R 1918-Dec-22
STAMPS, Ina BRADY, James 1914-Oct-11
STAMPS, Iris SHIVERS, Burnett 1914-Dec-20
STAMPS, Mattie POLK, Clarence 1914-Jul-29
STAMPS, R M Mrs BURROW, R 1922-Oct-15
STATER, Myrtle HARRISON, Woodard 1918-May-03
STEARLING, Bertha GRAVES, Hanson 1926-May-27
STEPHENS, Maybell DAUGHDRILL, Arnon 1927-Nov-23
STEVENS, Ollie ROBBIN, Eddie 1915-Dec-29
STEVENS, Olvia NATIONS, Lennie 1917-Nov-09
STEWART, Anna May HARVEY, O T 1909-Aug-24
STEWART, Augusta SPEIGHTS, Luther 1912-Jul-17
STEWART, Bettie PARISH, J F 1920-Sep-08
STEWART, Jay Mrs PARISH, S J 1911-Nov-29
STEWART, Sallie GRIFFITH, W D 1910-Dec-18
STEWART, Sara O WOOD, M B 1926-Jan-26
STRAHAM, Olma MATHIS, Carl 1910-Jul-14
STRINGER, Gertie BUCKLEY, Austin 1921-Jul-09
STUCKEY, Olivia LANGSTON, R B 1914-Dec-27
SUDDUTH, Bessie BRADY, Neade 1917-Dec-18
SULIVIN, Clara BASS, F N 1920-Jul-12
SULLIVAN, Floyd Mrs JOSEPH, C H 1917-May-13
SULLIVAN, Frankie PERISH, Jimmie 1925-Sep-16
SULLIVAN, Mattie DYER, D D 1916-Jan-31
SULLIVAN, Minnie HALL, J M 1916-Feb-20
SULLIVAN, Ruth COX, Walter 1921-May-12
SULTER, Emma HUNTER, W D 1909-Jan-06
SUMRALL, Elizabeth DALE, Pearl 1921-Apr-17
SUTTAN, Sophia BEGLEY, Mitchell 1919-Jun-15
SUTTON, Bulah POLK, Ira 1919-Aug-03
SUTTON, Francis PARKER, L J 1906-Nov-05
SUTTON, Ida SHARP, Alfred 1911-Nov-05
SUTTON, Macye BRADY, B M 1909-Jul-20
SYKES, Maggie SMITH, Hiram 1922-Nov-12
SYKES, Nellie GRIFFITH, J L 1919-Jun-07
SYKES, Velma FORTENBERRY, Buford 1927-May-28


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