Jefferson County Brides


RAGLAND, Mamida POSEY, Jessie 1908-Mar-09
RAMSEY, Margie POLK, J L 1922-May-18
RANDELL, Lola PERRETT, L B 1907-May-12
RANKIN, Amanda DEER, Jessie 1912-Oct-17
RATCLIFF, Margrett MCPHAIL, R L 1922-Nov-12
RAYBAN, Lois BALEWARE, Ellis 1928-Jan-21
RAYNES, Bell DYESA, W L 1915-Dec-10
REDDOCK, Lelah CLARK, F J 1912-Jan-06
REDOCK, Lillian MATHEWS, J E 1906-Sep-05
REDWOOD, Ilaska WARD, L E 1925-Jun-06
REED, Maybell DYESS, Robert 1914-Aug-25
REED, Virgie DYESS, Mack 1922-Dec-17
REESE, Elma POWELL, C C 1910-May-15
REEVES, Addie LOWERY, C A 1916-Mar-12
REID, Danie DYESS, R C 1924-Feb-03
REID, Hassie MCPHAIL, Luther 1920-Aug-25
REID, Ida DYESS, W T 1921-Oct-02
RENFROW, Catherine SPEED, Clarence 1906-Oct-01
RENFROW, Jessie Pearl SPEED, Clarence 1908-May-10
REYNOLDS, Estella GRAVES, Luther 1907-Aug-03
ROBBERTS, Eula May SLATER, E J 1920-Jul-04
ROBBIN, Norah MUCKLEROTH, Monroe 1909-Jan-05
ROBBINS, Fannie MART, Freddy 1907-Nov-20
ROBBINS, Flutes Mrs DOUGLAS, Sam 1917-Jan-10
ROBBINS, Lurina MCINNIS, A D 1921-Jun-15
ROBBINS, May MCRAMSEY, Jasper 1919-Jan-01
ROBBINS, Myrtle WEATHERFORD, Henry 1922-Dec-04
ROBERSON, Aruel HERRINGTON, Loor 1919-Oct-12
ROBERSON, Lish CANNOY, J W 1909-Mar-06
ROBERSON, Maggie EVANS, Willie 1918-Dec-25
ROBERTS, Alma PACE, S E 1926-Mar-13
ROBERTS, Bessie WALKER, Houston 1920-Jun-26
ROBERTS, Carrie BLOUNT, Spurgeon 1914-Jul-27
ROBERTS, Delia MYERS, Sherdon 1927-Nov-13
ROBERTS, Etta CORRE, Charlie 1920-Feb-21
ROBERTS, Eula CORRE, Willie 1920-Aug-21
ROBERTS, Florence HOLLOWAY, Walter 1919-Apr-13
ROBERTS, Irene JONES, Rudolph 1924-Jan-20
ROBERTS, Maxie LEE, Mary 1926-Dec-12
ROBERTS, Minni ROBERTS, Quitman 1908-Jan-30
ROBERTS, Molie BAKER, John 1920-Apr-24
ROBERTS, Nora COLE, S N 1910-Jan-20
ROBERTS, Sarah BYER, Bernard 1906-Sep-28
ROBERTSON, Josie ALLEN, Luther 1912-Feb-15
ROBINS, Edna HATHORN, Frank 1924-Apr-02
ROBINS, Lanie PIERCE, Frank 1927-Oct-07
ROBINS, Mattie EVANS, William 1908-Apr-29
ROBINSON, Willie WILSON, Allen 1907-Sep-04
ROGERS, Jean WINBORS, Ruth 1924-Jul-20
ROGERS, Johnie Mrs TOLAR, Alton 1927-Jun-04
ROPER, Rubye MATTHEWS, J H 1923-Jan-21
ROSS, Susie WILSON, A L 1915-Jun-06
RUNNELLS, Bertha GRAVES, C E 1907-Jun-16
RUNNELS, Edna GRAVES, W P 1923-Aug-08
RUSH, Lorna THOMPSON, L S 1909-Dec-08
RUSH, Mae KIMBLE, Charles 1919-Jun-28
RUSSELL, Beckie BROOM, Estus 1918-Jun-08
RUSSELL, Carene LEE, Ike 1925-Dec-27
RUSSELL, Leola BROOM, Eugene 1916-Jul-02
RUSSELL, Luna BRIDGES, Bryant 1925-Oct-18
RUSSELL, Mary MCNEASE, Willis 1920-Dec-26
RUSSELL, Ora DUMAS, Percy 1909-Dec-18
RUSSELL, Rena DEEN, Ira 1921-Jan-09
RUSSELL, Talna Irene MILLER, Cecil 1924-Jun-27
RUTLAND, Etta FORTENBERRY, Johnnie 1914-Oct-12
RUTLAND, Minnie KING, L M 1909-Apr-18
RUTLAND, Myrtle DEEN, Andrew 1915-Jul-10
RUTLAND, Nancy SUMRALL, Earl 1909-Jul-06


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