Jefferson Davis County Brides

P - Q

PACE, Malissa COOK, Ira 1912-Jun-21
PADGETT, Geneva SPEIGHTS, S E 1910-Nov-27
PARE, Bama BROOME, Luther 1913-Sep-01
PARISH, Abbie CLARK, J R 1913-Aug-27
PARISH, Chellie MCINNIS, Scott 1913-May-15
PARISH, Julia CREEL, John 1920-Jan-10
PARISH, Laura BASS, H B 1910-Apr-10
PARISH, May Belle MCINNIS, Roland 1914-Jan-22
PARISH, Ronna STEWART, Preston 1923-Sep-06
PARKER, Lilian PARKER, P S 1913-Oct-10
PARKMAN, Ethel BERRY, D H 1919-Mar-09
PARKMAN, Lizzie DONALD, Edd 1925-Nov-08
PARKMAN, Lizzie YATES, Charlie 1921-Jul-31
PARRETT, Eula LEE, Charlie 1927-Nov-18
PATTERSON, Lennie DAVIS, Ernest 1919-Aug-02
PATTON, Venie COOK, W N 1908-Feb-23
PERKINS, E M Miss TERRELL, B S 1922-Jun-25
PERKINS, Estelle FUTCH, B R 1919-Mar-14
PERKINS, Ida MCNEASE, N L 1919-Nov-09
PERKINS, Ruth OWENS, Willis 1921-Sep-10
PHARLYAW, Minnie ROBERTS, Mack 1910-May-15
PICKERING, Addie THOMPSON, Sam 1916-Jun-23
PIERCE, Liddie WILLIAMSON, Grady 1915-Dec-30
PIERCE, Ollie DYESS, Joe 1919-Mar-05
PITTMAN, Della ARNOLD, L T 1914-Dec-24
PITTMAN, Hilma LANGSTON, Ozzie 1925-Oct-15
PITTMAN, Maryl E COWAN, Sam 1916-May-14
PITTS, Vernon Miss MANTON, Henry 1926-Mar-09
PLARCE, F E DAVIS, Artie 1924-Jan-14
POLK, Addie BOUREE, Ather 1917-Aug-26
POLK, Allice MURRAY, Wallace 1908-Dec-22
POLK, Augusta GREEN, E J 1924-Jun-01
POLK, Bertha PETERSON, Ray 1925-Mar-26
POLK, Bessie ADAMS, Willie 1924-Apr-14
POLK, Bessie MCLAIN, M D 1925-Feb-05
POLK, Bula TAYLOR, D S 1911-Jan-08
POLK, Bulah POLK, Forest 1917-Dec-23
POLK, Clara PARISH, Charley 1915-Jul-06
POLK, Clara POLK, J R 1909-Aug-24
POLK, Clincie PIERCE, H P 1917-Dec-11
POLK, Cora O DALON, J Y 1924-Dec-11
POLK, Dimple FORTENBERRY, Ray 1923-Dec-24
POLK, Dovie BOURN, J S 1920-Jun-06
POLK, Ella CARTER, Jasman 1912-Jul-14
POLK, Emily LOWE, M C 1908-Dec-23
POLK, Emma FREEMAN, John 1906-Jul-03
POLK, Essa SCHIANI, Frank 1918-Jun-08
POLK, Etta LOWE, A L 1910-Mar-01
POLK, Etta MIKELL, Hubert 1919-Jul-20
POLK, Flora BEETS, Edgar 1911-Apr-06
POLK, Flora BURKETT, R F 1920-Oct-16
POLK, Florence HUTCHENSON, R B 1908-Dec-06
POLK, Ida PARKMAN, Flent 1908-Dec-06
POLK, Ira SUTTON, Bulah 1919-Aug-03
POLK, Irene BERRY, George W 1921-Sep-03
POLK, Irma RAMSEY, T H 1912-May-02
POLK, Izzie BARNES, Will 1909-Jan-26
POLK, Jewell BOOTH, R P 1923-Jun-16
POLK, Jewell FORTENBERRY, Rex 1921-Nov-20
POLK, L L Miss PARISH, W B 1922-Nov-12
POLK, Laura SILLS, Ethee 1918-May-12
POLK, Lena May SMITH, Jewell 1921-May-01
POLK, Lessie Mae SPEIGHTS, A M 1926-Dec-08
POLK, Lillie MYERS, John 1917-Dec-26
POLK, Lillie THURMAN, Walter 1923-Dec-02
POLK, Lovie STAMPS, A J 1920-Jan-30
POLK, Lydda MILLER, R C 1915-Oct-17
POLK, Maranda POWERY, Alorizo 1916-Jul-26
POLK, Mary O PIERCE, H P 1918-Jun-11
POLK, Minnie WEATHERFORD, Tom 1915-Dec-19
POLK, Ona HATHORN, Louis 1918-Jul-28
POLK, Pearl MCNEASE, J L 1909-Nov-09
POLK, S J Mrs BASS, Jake S 1914-Dec-31
POLK, Texie LEE, J C 1927-Oct-29
POLK, Tina Lee MIKELL, Ora 1927-Jan-09
POLK, Willie Mae CAULTER, Wiley 1927-Aug-14
POWER, Carness GILBERT, J E 1921-Mar-29
POWERS, Hilda HAMELTON, Lelon 1922-Feb-28
POWERS, Virgie WHITE, A A 1916-Feb-05
PRENTISS, Hattie DALEY, Sylvester 1912-Feb-08
PRICE, Christeen VINSON, J C 1926-Oct-23
PRICE, Edna MATHISON, Johnie 1914-Dec-20
PRICE, Ida LANGSTON, Homer 1916-Aug-30
PRICE, Luna DANIELS, Robert 1913-Aug-07
PRICE, Mollie DANIELS, Houston 1908-Jul-28
PRICKERING, Ruby MIKELL, J J 1926-Jun-15
PRIME, Dollie YATES, W J 1910-May-29
PRIME, Erma DYKES, H 1921-Dec-23
PUCKETT, Erma BERRY, P W Jr 1925-Sep-11
PUCKETT, Vida HATHORN, Ray 1925-Jan-09
PUTTNAM, Ardie RARE, Tom 1912-Jul-24
QUICK, Eliza VEASH, M C 1909-Dec-12
QUICK, Myrtle TYRON, John 1913-May-29
QUINN, Hattie GANTIN, H H 1916-Sep-20
QUINN, Verda WALTERS, A J 1927-Sep-25


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