Jefferson County  County Brides


MABLEY, Lillie POLK, D C 1926-Jun-26
MAGEE, Betsie JERNINGON, Elvyn 1926-May-25
MAGEE, Effie KIRBY, T E 1914-Feb-01
MAGEE, Ella CALHOUN, Clifford 1913-Jan-09
MAGEE, Gladys APPLEWHITE, Harry 1917-Jan-25
MAGEE, Lula WILKES, C R 1910-Nov-27
MAGEE, Maggie BRUNSON, W A 1914-Sep-06
MAGEE, Mary HARVEY, Joe 1914-Aug-20
MAGEE, Mary M BURROW, Rex L 1927-Apr-23
MAGEE, Minnie FINVEASH, G O 1922-Jul-09
MAGEE, Myrtle LOTT, Philip 1924-Jul-12
MAGEE, Olie Mae RODGERS, Ben 1924-Nov-07
MAGEE, Ona GRIFFITH, F M 1919-Oct-29
MAGEL, Billie WILKS, Ernest 1907-May-12
MAGER, Bessie WILLIAMS, R C 1908-Jun-07
MAGER, Kate BRINSON, W T 1907-Dec-28
MAGER, Maggie MILLER, Hugh R 1908-Apr-12
MANSCO, Mandy WALKER, Hulon 1920-Dec-04
MARD, Magie WILLIAMS, J C 1920-Feb-28
MARD, Mattie SANDERS, Arthur P 1920-Feb-28
MARLIN, Laura MCPHAIL, Jim 1923-Oct-07
MARLORE, Effie CHANCE, Marvin 1925-Jul-22
MARTIN, Annie GENTRY, J A 1922-Apr-09
MARTIN, Minnie BROOM, George 1912-Dec-01
MARTON, Bernice JONES, Ellis 1927-Oct-06
MATHERY, Gertrude WARD, W O 1911-Feb-26
MATHES, Inez CAMPBELL, Dan 1915-Oct-17
MATHIS, Eula GRAVES, John 1913-May-08
MAULDIN, Ruth CARTER, Hay 1927-Jul-05
MAXWELL, Leona WATTS, T W 1922-Jul-23
MCBERRY, Annie MCCARDEE, C R 1926-Jun-13
MCCARTHEY, Helen PICKERNELL, Harry 1925-Feb-14
MCCOLLUM, Allena BAKER, Henry 1918-May-23
MCCRORY, Bessie WHITFIELD, E C 1907-Sep-29
MCCURTY, Callie CLARK, J R 1911-Mar-16
MCDANIEL, Abbie MCKEE, Slade 1924-Nov-03
MCDONALD, Anna KING, Otho 1925-Dec-29
MCDONALD, Jewell HATTEN, B L 1922-Oct-30
MCGEHEE, Dovie LAIRD, Charlie G 1919-Dec-21
MCGILL, Anett KENLEY, John H 1919-Dec-25
MCGREW, Denice DEEN, Charley 1914-Apr-20
MCIMIS, Martha BRADY, P 1908-Mar-08
MCINIS, Fannie STEWART, C D 1910-Dec-14
MCLAIN, Mary BURNHORN, Emmett 1926-May-08
MCLAIN, Pearlie Belle WRIGHT, J W 1909-Apr-13
MCLAIN, Virginia BURKETT, Ray 1912-Dec-05
MCLAIRE, Emily CURRY, William 1911-May-10
MCLANE, Anna CARRAWAY, John L 1913-Oct-19
MCMILLON, Bessie GARDNER, Ruben 1924-Oct-13
MCMILLON, Fannie STEVENS, Richard 1915-Dec-16
MCNEASE, Addie DEWITT, T S 1907-Apr-10
MCNEASE, Bertha CLINTON, Bert 1916-Oct-30
MCNEASE, Edna WATTS, Garland 1921-Jun-23
MCNEASE, Etta CROWLEY, Ed 1917-Nov-29
MCNEASE, Ida BASS, Eugene 1913-Sep-25
MCNEASE, Maggie DEWITT, Otis 1907-Dec-18
MCNEASE, Martha DAVIS, Benjamin 1928-Feb-05
MCNEASE, May FORTENBERRY, Charley 1914-Dec-02
MCNEASE, Nola LEE, Biga 1920-Dec-04
MCNEASE, Susie HERRINGTON, W W 1924-Oct-06
MCPEARSON, Nellie SWETMAN, R H 1925-Dec-13
MCPHAIL, Allie RHODES, George 1916-Oct-06
MCPHAIL, Bertha BULLOCK, Wm 1912-Sep-29
MCPHAIL, Clara MAGEE, S G 1911-Feb-19
MCPHAIL, Ednar POLK, Flint 1922-Dec-31
MCPHAIL, Elannie JAMES, Floyd E 1927-Nov-05
MCPHAIL, Ella ROBERTS, Homer 1917-Nov-11
MCPHAIL, Floyd Mrs CORLEY, J M 1908-Aug-15
MCPHAIL, Lela ANDERSON, Luke 1919-Mar-07
MCPHAIL, Lizzie MAGEE, B E 1920-Feb-12
MCPHAIL, Maggie POLK, Wilborn G 1920-Feb-06
MCPHAIL, Mande DYRES, Irvin 1907-Nov-20
MCPHAIL, Minnie WILLIAMSON, Clifton 1916-Nov-05
MCPHAIL, Myra ROBINS, Lee 1920-Jan-25
MCPHAIL, Roberta RAYNES, C R 1917-Jan-21
MCPHAIL, Susie Mae POLK, Rufus O 1913-Jun-22
MCPHAIL, Zudie BROOM, Claude 1921-Dec-24
MCRANEY, Eva AULTMAN, Winnie 1926-Feb-16
MCRANEY, Florence PARKIMAN, J R 1917-Mar-01
MCRANEY, Irene CAULTER, Adam 1927-Apr-09
MCRANEY, M E Mrs COULTER, T R 1923-Oct-06
MCRANEY, Velma DOUGLASS, Hollis 1923-Jun-13
MEADOWS, Nettie BROWN, E A 1912-Jul-23
MERRITT, Julia ODUM, Jasper 1909-Feb-21
MICKEL, Edna COCKRAN, H M 1926-Sep-11
MIKELL, Ella HUTCHINS, Lee 1917-Jul-12
MIKELL, Hattie May BAKER, W L 1916-Oct-09
MIKELL, Mattie NELSON, C E 1909-Mar-07
MILER, Hattie DYESS, Robert G 1916-Aug-26
MILLER, Bertha GREEN, D W 1920-Oct-03
MILLER, Clara KOLB, J T 1910-Jul-11
MILLER, Emily KING, J C 1908-Jun-08
MILLER, Etta THURMAN, C E 1909-Jul-23
MILLER, Mimmie HOOD, Webb 1908-Apr-12
MILLER, Myrtis MAGEE, R P 1919-May-24
MILLER, Nannie SMITH, Dan 1916-Oct-01
MILLER, Vera SMITH, Vernon 1917-Oct-13
MILLOY, Emmie CALHOUN, D M 1908-Jan-15
MILLS, Leona GRAHAM, William 1922-Oct-15
MITCHELL, Annie MYERS, Edd 1907-Sep-23
MIXON, Ellanis EASTERLING, E C 1924-Mar-12
MOBLEY, Elizabeth STAMPS, John B 1917-Oct-21
MOBLEY, Virgie ROSS, L D 1912-Jun-18
MOHAFFY, Susie DAVIS, J L 1908-Jul-25
MOHALS, Vilma NICHOLS, Henry 1910-Oct-09
MONTAGUE, Hilda ETHRIDGE, G D 1925-Dec-20
MOORE, Dixon DOLE, Paul A 1917-Dec-16
MOORE, Jane ARMDER, R F 1909-Sep-12
MOORE, Lonnie LONG, Thomas 1919-Jul-17
MOORE, Lucy ETHRIDGES, John 1911-Jun-07
MOORE, Mary ARMDES, Wm 1910-Oct-14
MOORE, Minnie STEWIT, Abe 1907-Dec-23
MOREE, Mollie WHITEHEAD, L N 1913-Sep-16
MORELAND, Sallie HESTER, Every 1910-Nov-01
MORRIS, Connie HERRINGTON, L L 1908-Jul-05
MORRIS, Dovie EVANS, Thomas 1910-May-01
MORRIS, Hellen RILEY, S P 1910-Dec-25
MORRIS, Julia EVANS, Sam 1910-Nov-09
MURRAY, Ethel DYESS, E E 1910-Nov-02
MURRAY, Marie EVANS, George 1907-Apr-14
MYERS, Cora CREEL, B F 1914-Nov-22
MYERS, Cora GREEN, R M 1909-Apr-30
MYERS, Edna KINNEY, M A 1910-Jan-29
MYERS, Ollie SIMPSON, Gus 1909-Jun-26
MYERS, Ruby FORTENBERRY, J H 1926-Apr-11
MYRAY, Mertie LOFTIN, John W 1909-Nov-04
MYRES, Addie POLK, Abner 1907-Nov-24


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