Jefferson Davis County Brides


LADNER, O L BAKER, Orine 1923-Dec-06
LAIRD, Annie BROOM, Bert 1912-Dec-01
LAIRD, Bamma LOFLIN, James 1907-Apr-06
LAIRD, Clara MIKELL, Rex 1916-Jun-10
LAIRD, Cora Irene BAKER, Robert 1916-Jul-10
LAIRD, Danie ROUD, R G 1914-Jul-26
LAIRD, Lucille MCLENDON, R J 1907-Jan-28
LAIRD, Ruby BERRY, Denson 1914-Sep-30
LANE, Helen MCNEASE, H E 1915-Jan-13
LANE, Ora Mae BERRY, Y G 1919-May-11
LANGSTON, Betsy POLK, Leodon 1908-Sep-24
LANGSTON, Carroll BASS, Mamie 1911-Nov-26
LANGSTON, Exen NEWSOM, Henry 1919-Feb-20
LANGSTON, Henrietta PARKMAN, E C 1919-May-18
LANGSTON, Lena BRANTON, L R 1921-Dec-26
LANGSTON, Mertie UPTON, Lauren 1907-Jun-09
LANGSTON, Myrtie LANE, G 1923-Dec-22
LANGSTON, Rebeca BRIDGES, Coy 1922-Jul-02
LANGSTON, Sarah WILLIAMSON, Hesstor 1911-Dec-31
LANGSTON, Tera WILLIAMS, W E 1907-Aug-04
LAURD, Mary SPEIGHTS, O D 1921-May-22
LEDINGHAM, Lois WARD, H J 1922-Oct-22
LEE, Bessie ADAM, Stephen 1914-May-04
LEE, Dovie CRIDER, S E 1925-Aug-09
LEE, Ella WALKER, Bruce 1918-Dec-24
LEE, Florence L BETHEA, Robert 1909-Mar-02
LEE, Katie S GRAY, Charles M 1906-Jun-28
LEE, Lid RUNNELS, L W 1922-Oct-03
LEE, Lizzie FORTENBERRY, Scott 1918-Dec-24
LEE, Marie BRIDGES, Albert 1927-May-01
LEE, Martha COLE, J A 1906-Oct-24
LEE, Mary ROBERTS, Maxie 1926-Dec-12
LEE, Mary Belle MAGEE, Forrest 1924-Dec-23
LEE, Millie HEDGEPETH, J R 1910-Jun-13
LEE, Minnie BUCKLEY, D M 1916-Jan-15
LEE, Pearlie SANDERS, Dan 1912-Jan-03
LEE, Susie BUTLER, Ethel 1925-Dec-23
LEE, Susie DALE, W M 1910-Oct-27
LEE, Tiny SMITH, William 1925-Feb-01
LENARD, Pheaba POLK, Oke 1926-Dec-19
LITTLE, Etta BUFKIN, W A 1927-Jul-30
LITTLE, Nomie BERRY, Walter 1913-Jan-14
LOFTEN, Lessie M ROBBINS, W O 1919-Feb-07
LOFTIN, Alice MIKELL, A M 1925-Dec-26
LOFTIN, Lethea BAGGERT, Z S 1908-Jul-19
LOFTIN, Mary YATES, Hugh R 1910-Jan-26
LOFTIN, Ollie MCGAHEY, W L 1910-Mar-06
LOFTIN, Sessie KIRKLEY, John 1912-Jun-08
LOTT, Annie KING, J C 1914-Nov-04
LOTT, Clara ROBBINS, Simon 1920-Jun-20
LOTT, Queenie DEEN, T G 1926-Dec-16
LUPER, Clara GRAY, W H 1917-Aug-28


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