Jefferson Davis County Brides


JACKSON, Carrie BASS, R C 1911-Sep-17
JACKSON, Edna MAGEE, Everett 1926-Feb-07
JACKSON, Jewell JORDAN, Arthur 1924-   -16
JACKSON, Lillie LEE, Houston 1911-Sep-07
JACKSON, Minie BRIDGES, H G 1922-Dec-16
JACKSON, Odie LANGSTON, Rex 1923-Jan-06
JAMES, Ada BASS, E E 1925-Oct-01
JEFFERSON, Bertha ADMORE, John 1906-Oct-20
JENKINS, Evia BRYANT, H H 1922-Sep-02
JOHNSON, Amanda GRAVES, Lowernar 1909-Jun-30
JOHNSON, Lula DYESS, B L 1911-May-21
JOHNSON, Mamie RATCLIFF, Richmond 1920-Feb-12
JOHNSTON, Hilda LEE, C E 1908-Oct-06
JOHNSTON, Laurel MILLER, Jon W 1923-Jul-09
JOLLY, D L Mrs DAVIS, M M 1923-May-27
JOLLY, Mina Ree BRADY, Leffie 1925-Mar-07
JONES, Carrie HATHORN, J W 1910-Jan-11
JONES, E E Miss COX, Tom 1908-Aug-16
JONES, Effie ROSS, Larence 1910-Jul-10
JONES, Emma FORTENBERRY, Parkman 1922-May-24
JONES, Lizzie BRADY, C C 1910-May-08
JONES, Margarnie DELANEY, J P 1926-Mar-20
JONES, Mary DYKES, Rubin 1922-Feb-12
JONES, Mollie WARD, L S 1910-Mar-08
JONES, Rosa GRAVES, Robert 1917-Jan-21
JONES, Sarah Nora BERRY, Albert B 1922-Mar-08
JORDAN, Eva Mae POLK, Nt 1917-Mar-11
JORDAN, Mary E SMITH, Sam 1920-Mar-20
KEEN, Lena Mae BERRY, Alamzo 1919-Sep-27
KENLEY, Kattie CLARK, M A 1910-Nov-21
KENNEDY, Bulah DICKINS, S D 1916-Nov-19
KINDERICK, Stella BROOM, Nathan 1912-Aug-30
KING, Alvis MCRANEY, Webb 1923-Sep-15
KING, Anna Bell POLK, Roe 1919-Feb-02
KING, Blanche GURLEY, Vander 1914-Aug-19
KING, Elizabeth MERRETT, K C 1927-Feb-28
KING, Ellen WILLIAMSON, Noah 1914-Aug-16
KING, Ethel WATTS, Robert 1917-Sep-02
KING, Frances A PAYNE, Robert F Dr 1925-Mar-01
KING, Hester JAMES, Jim 1914-Jul-18
KING, Edna HARRISON, Wall 1911-Nov-26
KING, Lena REDDOCK, G D 1908-Dec-20
KING, M W LANGSTON, Henry 1921-Jan-15
KING, Maggie KNIGHT, Warner 1927-Aug-09
KING, Mamye MERRETT, Wade 1924-   -30
KING, Mary FORTENBERRY, Andrew 1914-Jan-22
KING, Minnie BILL, E M 1910-Dec-24
KING, Nedia WRIGHT, James 1922-Oct-28
KING, Nellie BROOM, H C 1910-Apr-09
KING, Ollie MCNEASE, Frank 1919-Apr-23
KING, Pashie DYESS, Albert 1912-Dec-25
KING, Phena JONES, Robert 1919-Jan-19
KIRBY, Kathleen MCDEWITT, Frank 1924-May-21
KIRBY, Laura CLARK, G C 1908-Jul-06
KIRBY, Martha HERRING, Michael 1921-Feb-02
KIRBY, Mary BURKETT, Fred 1914-Jan-04
KIRBY, Regena DALEY, T D 1910-May-12
KIRBY, Rose FAGAN, J W 1907-Feb-07
KIRKLEY, Lessie FOSTER, John Jr 1925-Aug-30
KIRKLY, Annie KING, J C 1907-Jul-21
KIRLEY, Annie Mae BRITTON, E L 1925-Nov-12
KITCHENSON, Arlem DYESS, Monroe 1926-Feb-20
KYZAR, Manie ASHLEY, Haden 1913-May-19


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