Jefferson Davis County Brides

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HAGAN, Cora FREDRICK, D G 1920-Jun-05
HAGENS, Ida ROBERTS, T R 1925-Dec-10
HAGGAN, Bullah BUTLER, Shelby 1924-Nov-09
HALL, Jennie MCPHEARSON, Authur 1912-Oct-27
HALL, Mary ATWOOD, Frank 1925-Nov-23
HALL, Mathia HOLMES, John A 1909-Dec-14
HALL, Vennus ADAMS, Frank 1912-Dec-26
HALLOWAY, Dora SALTERS, Vernon 1925-Dec-10
HALLOWAY, Estella ROBERTS, L R 1927-Feb-17
HALT, Orra LOFTIN, T L 1911-Aug-26
HAMILTON, Eula LOTT, Elzie 1916-May-31
HAMILTON, Mary HARRISON, Henry 1918-Sep-27
HANBERRY, Clora STEWART, C A 1919-Oct-09
HANLEY, Anna HEDGPETH, Joseph 1909-Feb-25
HANLEY, Bessie GRAVES, Ernest 1924-Jan-26
HAROLD, May CONERLY, Jessie 1910-Sep-14
HARRELL, Ellen SHOEMAKE, Willie 1927-Jul-09
HARRELL, Emma MAY, E B 1912-Apr-08
HARRISON, Myrtie LEE, Garson 1927-Apr-16
HARRY, Alpha BULLOCK, R D 1907-Aug-21
HART, Fannie POND, T J 1915-Feb-22
HARTHOM, Bertha THOMPSON, Ras M 1907-Aug-01
HARTHOM, Leola BLOUNT, Estes N Dr 1907-Jun-26
HARTZAG, Minnie MIKELL, Dewey L 1917-Oct-23
HARVEY, Bertha HERRINGTON, Larkins 1922-Jan-25
HARVEY, Bulah STRINGER, Joseph 1910-Jan-17
HARVEY, Edna ROGERS, Lee 1913-Dec-27
HARVEY, Helen ARMSTRONG, Lewis 1913-Oct-23
HARVEY, Jewell DOUGLAS, Tom 1918-Mar-28
HARVEY, Jinnie ROGERS, Knox 1912-Jul-18
HARVEY, Julia BUCKLEY, Tom 1913-Dec-21
HARVEY, Lena HERRING, Juett 1912-Oct-16
HARVEY, Lilla HARDMAN, L C 1910-Dec-07
HARVEY, Lr YATES, Lonnie 1918-Mar-30
HARVEY, Mary BASS, Ray 1915-Nov-28
HARVEY, Rubie Lee BURROW, Frederick 1923-Mar-04
HATHORN, Alva BUFFINS, Dorie 1911-Dec-16
HATHORN, Bessie TRACY, John W 1910-Jun-20
HATHORN, Cora DAVIS, W F 1909-Jun-15
HATHORN, Demple WILLIAMS, Stanley 1921-Feb-13
HATHORN, Gertrude SPEIGHTS, V C 1921-May-29
HATHORN, Ida SANCER, J R 1913-Mar-11
HATHORN, Ina REDDOCK, John B 1921-Nov-05
HATHORN, Julia LANGSTON, Haskel 1914-Oct-20
HATHORN, Kate May APPLEWHITE, I H 1921-Jul-04
HATHORN, Lizzie MARTON, Fred 1918-Dec-05
HATHORN, Lura EVANS, M G 1906-Aug-26
HATHORN, Nannie SPEIGHT, G L 1911-Dec-24
HATHORN, Neva SINCLAIR, R E 1912-Oct-23
HAWTHORE, Elvra COOK, Thomas 1918-Sep-06
HAYES, Rena MCPHAIL, John 1908-Nov-20
HEADSPETH, Nollie ROBERSON, Albert 1911-Aug-13
HEDGPETH, Amanda GOODMAN, Claud 1915-Jan-10
HEGGINS, May MCLENDON, Knox 1919-Jun-08
HEGWOOD, Mary BAYELS, T C 1908-May-20
HENDERSON, Alma MCMILLON, Leroy 1914-Apr-09
HENDERSON, Lula MOBBLEY, A W 1910-Feb-10
HENDERSON, Mamie ROSS, Owen 1907-May-01
HERRIN, Anna Lura EASTERLING, W L 1916-Feb-20
HERRIN, Bessie GARNER, Frank 1915-Feb-09
HERRING, Nettie LOWE, Luke 1910-Oct-26
HERRINGTON, Lucile DANIELS, Edgar 1924-Dec-27
HERRINGTON, Rhea STAMPS, Joe 1925-Mar-28
HERRINGTON, Synda COX, Bill 1913-Aug-10
HOLLOWAY, Frank GRIFFITH, Francis 1911-May-19
HOLLOWAY, Irene MCPHAIL, James 1912-Dec-24
HOLLOWAY, Lillie BASS, Goodwin 1922-Dec-24
HOLLOWAY, Margrett BALLARD, Aubry 1922-Jan-14
HOLLOWAY, Mollie ADAMS, James 1914-Apr-04
HOLLOWAY, Ruth BERRY, Wood L 1913-Apr-16
HOLLYFIELD, Della DEER, Andrew 1907-Dec-19
HOLMES, Gertrude STEWART, J F 1907-Apr-25
HOLYFIELD, Julia BASS, M L 1920-Aug-05
HOOD, Katie BAKER, George 1909-Jun-13
HOOKER, Isabella ADAMS, James 1910-Nov-20
HOOKS, Moranda MATHIS, M L 1909-Dec-09
HORTON, Maddie C JEFFREYS, Texanna 1907-Dec-16
HOUSE, Sudie BENSON, R E 1907-Feb-01
HOWELL, Roda ADAMS, Sidney 1915-Apr-03
HUDSON, Media SPEIGHTS, E R 1927-Feb-27
HUNT, Florence YATES, Levy 1914-Aug-31
HURD, Mabel ADAMS, Jane 1918-Dec-28
HURST, Vaudie STEWART, Charlie 1926-Jun-15
HUTCHINS, Etta PAGE, M B 1908-Jun-07
HUTCHINSON, Bertie MONTGOMERY, Clarance 1922-Dec-01
HUTCHINSON, Zollie WILSON, Rena 1927-Sep-04
HUTCHISON, Anna WILLIAMSON, Albert 1907-Oct-06
INGRAME, Carrie FOMES, S T 1911-Jun-10
ISHMAN, Maggie ADAMS, Hiram 1915-Feb-06
IZARD, Bulah NELSON, A E 1918-May-05


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