Jefferson Davis County Brides

F - G

FAGAN, Alphonsine THOMPSON, R E 1919-Nov-16
FAGAN, Clara KIRBY, James E 1925-Jul-23
FAGAN, Imelda THOMPSON, Edgar 1914-Jan-07
FAGAN, Martha RANER, Philip 1925-Dec-30
FAGAN, Rita BRITTON, John 1916-Jun-11
FAIRCHILDS, Azzie COULTER, W R 1911-Oct-22
FALER, Allie KING, Charley 1915-Aug-21
FALER, Cardia BURNS, Pat 1923-Apr-19
FALER, Cathern GILBERT, James 1922-Jun-28
FALER, Lucy FAGAN, Leo C 1913-May-04
FALER, Maggie KIRBY, Will 1913-Oct-12
FALER, Mary KIRBY, D L 1913-Jan-17
FALER, May RUNNELS, Oliver 1914-Feb-08
FARHAM, Ragina BUTLER, Ullie 1926-Jun-12
FIVRASH, Lizzie DEEN, W H 1916-Jan-16
FOLDS, Vilina SLADE, Lyman 1917-Aug-25
FORD, Roxie BOOTHE, V H 1908-Feb-13
FORTENBERRY, Addie HATHORN, Hugh 1914-Nov-18
FORTENBERRY, Hattie STEELE, Wm Andrew 1913-Apr-18
FORTENBERRY, Lillian ROGERS, C H 1911-Mar-19
FORTENBERRY, Oda BERRY, Robert 1924-Dec-24
FORTENBERRY, Opal PARKMAN, Estus 1912-Feb-11
FORTENBERRY, Tina POLK, Charley G 1923-Mar-27
FORTENBERRY, Tiny WILLIAMSON, Grover 1914-Jan-13
FORTENBERRY, Vernie LANGSTON, Floyd 1920-Jun-20
FORTENBERY, Anna BRIDGES, Frank 1918-Jul-07
FORTENBERY, Hattie NEWSON, John N 1907-Jan-18
FORTENBERY, Mattie LANE, Jessie 1908-Jan-18
FORTINBERRY, Bettie THURMAN, Ramsey 1919-Dec-24
FOSTER, Fannie FOSTER, Charles 1913-Mar-27
FOXWORTH, Maude THOMPSON, D W 1927-Apr-09
FUR, Muttie HARTFIELD, Q C 1907-May-31
GAINS, Ella ROBERTS, Alonzo 1919-Jun-10
GARDNER, Allie WINTERS, William D 1926-Apr-19
GARDNER, Bertha PACE, Hubert 1927-May-11
GARDNER, Dosia MARSHALL, J T 1919-Jun-05
GARDNER, Elizabeth FIVRASH, John L 1915-Aug-15
GARDNER, Sarah MILLER, William 1914-Sep-17
GARNER, Barbra MCPHAIL, Sam 1909-Dec-07
GARNER, Curtis Mrs MILLER, Willie 1916-Sep-30
GARNER, Etta DYESS, Robert 1914-Aug-09
GARNER, Etta ROTCLIFF, Walter 1916-Oct-01
GARNER, Gertrude SMITH, Clarence 1927-May-23
GARNER, Hallie MCNEASE, Maunie 1913-Aug-16
GARNER, Lois MAGEE, Dempsey 1923-Jan-25
GARNER, Lorena LANGSTON, W F 1925-Mar-01
GARNER, Lorinda HAYES, Albert 1909-Dec-01
GARNER, Maud BLOUNT, Leon 1914-Nov-29
GARNER, Nannie REEVES, E L 1919-Jun-18
GARNER, Pattie AARON, Jean H 1919-Jul-12
GARNER, R E Mrs THOMPSON, G E 1923-Aug-17
GASKIN, Nicie EVANS, Joseph 1919-Dec-14
GOMER, Mananda EVANS, Edmond 1909-Feb-28
GOODMAN, Nettie LEE, Edwards 1918-Jan-05
GRAHAM, Myrtle TAYLOR, Jobus 1919-Mar-26
GRAVES, Ader WILSON, Clarence 1920-Aug-18
GRAVES, Angie RUNNELLS, Leff 1907-Nov-28
GRAVES, Azzie MOORE, Newton 1923-Jul-28
GRAVES, Bonnie WILSON, Manill 1918-Feb-09
GRAVES, Dianna SALTERS, Homer 1911-Feb-14
GRAVES, Elizabeth BLACKWELL, R H 1910-Oct-16
GRAVES, Elizabeth HOOD, A L 1910-Jun-12
GRAVES, Emma Lou RHODES, Purnie 1923-Sep-24
GRAVES, Laney MCMILLON, C W 1924-Jun-08
GRAVES, Lela JOHNSON, Claude 1926-Sep-24
GRAVES, Lenie BROOM, Ernest 1922-Jun-11
GRAVES, Leona HARRIS, Newton 1914-Mar-28
GRAVES, Lorie GRAVES, John 1918-Apr-04
GRAVES, Maggie GRAVES, Telie 1915-Sep-14
GRAVES, Mamie SALTERS, Jasper 1913-Jul-01
GRAVES, R L Mrs GRAVES, J R 1907-Sep-08
GRAVES, Susie WILSON, Rick 1924-Jun-20
GRAVES, Vallie SMITH, H C 1920-Oct-10
GRAY, Annie BOOTH, Albert C 1928-Feb-03
GRAY, Bettie POLK, T R 1912-Aug-04
GRAY, Melissa GRIFFITH, Dale 1908-Dec-27
GRAYLON, Lora GRIFFITH, Houston 1924-Jun-28
GREEN, Gertie MATHEWS, Riley 1915-Aug-21
GREEN, Mattie HARVEY, Curtis 1920-Feb-08
GREEN, Minnie MARTIN, Claud 1924-Oct-04
GREEN, Rosa RICHARDSON, A C 1921-Jun-25
GRETCHMAN, Ruby KING, Louis 1917-May-19
GRIFFITH, A M Mrs MAGEE, B E 1920-Aug-22
GRIFFITH, Allie SMITH, D L 1911-Jan-14
GRIFFITH, Bulah FALL, G Ivan 1907-Jul-14
GRIFFITH, Francis HOLLOWAY, Frank 1911-May-19
GRIFFITH, Gladis MCLAUREN, John 1916-Jan-03
GRIFFITH, Hattie GRIFFITH, A N 1908-Dec-16
GRIFFITH, Ima BOOTHE, In 1909-Jan-05
GRIFFITH, Mattie EVANS, W P 1909-Jan-03
GRIFFITH, May BASS, O C 1906-Nov-12
GRIFFITH, Ruby MARSALIS, T R 1912-Apr-03
GRIFFITH, Sallie POLK, Clifton 1907-Nov-24
GRIFFITH, Susie COULTER, D D 1919-Jun-07
GRIFFITH, Tina SMITH, H L 1915-Dec-01
GUY, Mary DEEN, Griffin 1914-Feb-05


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