Jefferson Davis County Brides


CALHOUNE, Lena May STEWART, H C 1925-Feb-18
CAMPBELL, Grace MCRANEY, Talmage 1926-Dec-30
CANTLER, Etta BRUNSON, Claude 1918-Jul-21
CANTLER, Louana SMITH, Buford 1918-Aug-04
CANTRY, Susan LOULES, Alex 1917-Apr-17
CARAWAY, Bertha GARAWAY, V B 1913-Apr-30
CARAWAY, Lucell SMITH, W C 1922-Mar-11
CARDIN, Clara ADAMS, Tom 1923-Nov-16
CARDIN, Maggie LITTLE, Edward 1925-Sep-19
CARDIN, Minnie RAYMER, M A 1915-Nov-10
CARDON, Angelin MCNEASE, J M 1922-May-21
CARLISLE, Vivian SMYTIE, J P 1927-Apr-03
CARRAWAY, Nora BROCK, V B 1923-Nov-01
CARTER, Amer SHANKS, Chester 1909-Oct-09
CARTER, Gatha MCGUFFIE, Spencer 1925-Dec-26
CARTER, Gay MILLER, E L 1916-Feb-27
CARTER, Gladis WARD, P W 1920-Oct-03
CARTER, Glay PASQUALETTI, Charly 1916-Oct-16
CARTER, Neome CARTER, J S 1918-Jan-06
CARTER, Velma TOWNSEND, W W 1925-Dec-18
CARTER, Willie Edna COOPER, Ej 1927-Aug-21
CARTSON, Maggie THOMPSON, B O 1922-Jul-12
CARVERON, M L Miss HARIGAN, I A 1923-Jan-15
CAUGHMAN, Mary CHANCE, Curtis 1927-Jan-22
CAULTES, Nancy DEER, C R 1910-Dec-11
CAVANOUGH, Ann MCDWITT, Frank 1916-Oct-01
CHAIN, Ella BEANKE, B H 1913-Jul-30
CHANCE, Connie BASS, Zelina 1918-Feb-10
CHANCE, Rebecca POLK, Iddo 1921-May-15
CHERRY, L O SHARP, Darris 1927-Sep-30
CHIBERN, Lela POWELL, Ray 1926-Jan-04
CHILDERS, Ruby DUGLAS, Horace 1920-Jan-27
CHILDRESS, Lila RAYNES, E T 1912-Nov-29
CHILDRESS, Susie LANGLEY, W B 1912-Jun-29
CLARK, Annie DAVIS, Johnie L 1913-Oct-09
CLARK, Mary HERRINGTON, S H 1922-Mar-29
CLARK, Mary KIRBY, J L 1908-Jan-03
CLARK, Novella DALEY, James 1920-Mar-20
COB, Myrtle GRAY, Louis 1923-May-14
COLE, Bobbie ROBBINS, Bruce 1919-Dec-28
COLE, Elizzie BROOM, H M 1915-Sep-28
COLE, Etta POLK, J Jones 1920-Nov-08
COLE, Fannie MILLER, Tom 1907-Mar-28
COLE, Lena WESMORELAND, Lennie 1922-Aug-24
COLE, Letha DAUGHDRILL, Enoch 1916-Nov-08
COLE, Lillie PARISH, Ester 1918-Oct-09
COLE, Mande SIMPSON, L J 1909-Dec-24
COLE, Myra MCPHAIL, Wilburn 1918-Feb-28
COLE, Orden DYESS, Jasper 1921-Aug-07
COLE, Ruth LEE, J R 1916-Sep-10
COLE, Sallie DALE, Homer 1911-Aug-03
COLE, Thelma MAGEE, J M 1920-Aug-22
CONE, Eva JONES, Clifton 1919-Mar-22
CONE, May Belle FORTENBERY, I W 1910-May-14
CONERLY, Clara CARROLL, John 1910-Apr-21
CONERLY, Mollie MULFORD, Charlie 1926-May-29
COOK, Marie ROBERTSON, Lamar 1913-Apr-21
COOPER, Anna E HATHORN, F S 1909-Feb-28
COOPER, Gladis MATIANS, Hollis 1925-Aug-08
COOPER, Mabel DALEY, Barney 1924-Dec-02
COOPER, Suzie SPEIGHTS, Roy 1913-Sep-14
CORLEY, B B Mrs DANIELS, E W 1923-Jun-10
COTTON, Bessie ROBBINS, Ernest 1922-May-06
COULTER, Exie GORMAN, Estas 1916-Oct-23
COULTER, Gertrude GRIFFITH, Walter 1918-Oct-06
COULTER, Lular A MCRANEY, Herod 1920-Dec-24
COULTER, May ROBERSON, Walter 1908-Sep-06
COULTER, Nannie SPEIGHTS, Coy 1915-May-16
COULTER, Reggis SMITH, Mannie 1912-Sep-23
COULTER, Rubie BLACKBURN, Ben 1921-Jul-31
COULTER, Suzzie MOBLEY, J Houston 1912-May-19
COULTON, Margie MILLER, Sam 1906-Dec-01
COUNTRY, Myrtle CREEL, John 1919-Sep-25
COVANAUGH, Flora OFLYNN, Joseph 1919-Nov-20
COX, Bessie SUMMERALL, John 1914-Dec-24
COX, Eva HARRISON, W M 1914-Dec-24
COX, Lena RENFROW, Robert 1914-Sep-17
COX, Martha HEDGEPH, William 1906-Sep-01
CRAWFORD, Allie MARTON, C E 1922-Sep-16
CREEL, Ella GRAVES, Nell 1918-Mar-23
CROSBY, Melysa BURGESS, L A 1913-Dec-14


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