Jefferson Davis County Brides


BAKER, Aletha CAVANAUGH, J B 1920-Dec-23
BAKER, Hildridge POLK, Ray 1912-Dec-19
BAKER, Lurrene FORTENBERRY, J F 1925-Feb-15
BAKER, Mary CLANEY, A H 1922-Dec-19
BAKER, Mary RILEY, Ja 1926-Oct-03
BAKER, Maud LAIRD, Rex 1912-Jan-21
BAKER, Orine LADNER, O L 1923-Dec-06
BALEWARE, Lula WILSON, Robert 1927-Sep-26
BALEWARE, Mandy BALEWARE, J A 1926-Oct-06
BARAGON, Pearl ROBERTSON, Albert 1922-Aug-26
BARNES, Bettie WILLIAMSON, Ottis 1908-Oct-18
BARNES, Dizzie FORTENBERRY, Clever 1918-Nov-03
BARNES, Etha NELSON, H L 1916-Jun-01
BARNES, Fannie May BARNES, R B 1922-Mar-11
BARNES, Jessie HATHORN, Eddie R 1914-Feb-19
BARNES, Laverne BERRY, Vergie 1925-Apr-16
BARNES, Lula FORTENBERRY, Emitt 1917-Feb-18
BARNES, Mary HARTZAG, Howard 1927-May-29
BARNES, Ollie AULTMAN, Asie 1922-Mar-16
BARNES, Tressie HERRINGTON, V R 1926-Dec-12
BARNES, Winnie WILLIAMS, Carol 1926-May-23
BARNETT, Lilly WALLEY, Burney 1910-May-15
BASS, Anna SMITH, J H 1925-Oct-19
BASS, Bertha STERLING, D J 1909-Apr-10
BASS, Bertie MAPE, Frank 1922-May-13
BASS, Carrie WATTS, Walter 1913-Dec-21
BASS, Cora PRICE, Bay 1921-Aug-13
BASS, Emma SHIVERS, Porter 1911-Dec-20
BASS, Floyd Mrs BUTLER, John 1914-Mar-08
BASS, Hattie DYESS, Blount 1917-Sep-06
BASS, Hellie SHORT, T H 1910-Apr-24
BASS, Mamie LANGSTON, Carroll 1911-Nov-26
BASS, Maude MILLER, R C 1908-Sep-23
BASS, Millie DYESS, E J 1920-Apr-26
BASS, Mollie CARTER, Houston 1908-Dec-17
BASS, Nannie KING, Jap 1913-Feb-16
BASS, Ortie BLACKMAN, Estes 1917-Nov-16
BASS, Pearl WILLIAMS, Bishop 1912-Dec-24
BASS, Suebell POLK, Deloach 1913-Apr-06
BASS, Zelina CHANCE, Connie 1918-Feb-10
BATSON, Annette BROWN, Philip 1909-Oct-21
BAUR, Rose TYRONE, Lelan 1920-Jun-06
BAYLES, Mayme BROOM, L B 1919-Sep-28
BAZEMANN, Tiny KELLY, Perry 1926-Feb-14
BAZERMAN, Helda ROGERS, S L 1928-Jan-08
BEAL, Lucy MIKELL, S L 1922-Apr-28
BEALL, Ella HARVEY, Buford 1916-Aug-30
BEALL, M E Mrs BASS, Ira 1918-Apr-27
BERRY, Bellie QUINN, D B 1927-Apr-16
BERRY, Bertha THURMON, D B 1912-Apr-07
BERRY, Bettie Jane SCOTT, William R 1919-Sep-05
BERRY, Cora BRUNSON, W A 1917-Dec-23
BERRY, Dovie LANE, J F 1920-Dec-12
BERRY, Effie ROGERS, J L 1909-Nov-11
BERRY, Effie THURMAN, Ellis 1920-Mar-07
BERRY, Florence BRINSON, W A 1923-Apr-21
BERRY, Gala V HARLING, Henry C 1926-Aug-06
BERRY, Hattie DYESS, Robert 1922-Jan-03
BERRY, Ida E GARNER, B H 1909-Jul-15
BERRY, Kattie MCPHAIL, Clifton 1928-Jan-02
BERRY, Lela LEE, W H 1926-Dec-30
BERRY, Lena MORRIS, Harvey 1924-Jan-12
BERRY, Lula MORRIS, Nelson 1921-Nov-24
BERRY, Mae ROUSS, O S 1916-Nov-15
BERRY, Nora DALE, Isaac 1919-May-09
BERRY, Rebeca QUIN, C R 1923-Jun-25
BETHEA, Anna Mary THOMPSON, Samuel 1919-Nov-09
BLACKBURN, Florence PIERSY, G E 1912-Jul-11
BLACKBURN, Mary ANDERSON, Dock 1906-Aug-14
BLACKBURN, Minnie DECAMILLE, Lorenzo 1915-   -28
BLACKLEY, Rosie THOMPSON, Clyde 1927-Jul-07
BLACKMAN, Mamie PEOPLES, H I 1910-Aug-03
BLACKMAN, Susie WATTS, Hood 1909-Aug-10
BLACKWELL, Lela GARDNER, Dentis 1927-May-28
BLACKWELL, Nancy DYESS, Paul 1921-Jan-09
BLACKWELL, Nora WELCH, Charley 1913-Jul-25
BLACKWELL, Pashie JONES, Jock 1914-Jul-28
BLACKWELL, Velma DANIEL, Roscoe 1920-Mar-26
BLAIR, Lillie PARISH, Eltus 1924-Mar-11
BLAIR, Nannie ROBERTS, Jerone 1917-Dec-22
BLOUNT, Annie HEDGEPETH, H Q 1921-May-28
BLOUNT, Bessie POLK, W O 1925-Sep-20
BLOUNT, Eula Mae DICKENS, Pete 1925-Nov-28
BLOUNT, Jennie Lee ALLEN, Rual 1920-Jan-11
BLOUNT, Maggie POWERS, M W 1911-Feb-01
BLOUNT, Myrtis ANTHONY, Clark 1920-Aug-28
BLOUNT, Susie KING, Frank 1925-Jan-25
BOLEWARE, Lena LOVELESS, R C 1912-Feb-10
BOOTH, Vina TERRELL, Clyde 1923-Aug-02
BOOTHE, Edna BERRY, John H 1917-Nov-16
BOUNDS, Ador AIMSWORTH, W F 1922-May-13
BOUNEE, Katie CARTER, Clyde 1919-Apr-29
BOURN, Clara BROOM, J F 1920-Jun-05
BOURN, Floura LANGSTON, Kirby 1921-Feb-27
BOURN, Nellie HATHORN, Ed 1920-Dec-04
BOURN, Thedora HEDGEMAN, Borra M 1922-Feb-06
BOUTWELL, Jessie BASS, Sam 1920-Nov-20
BOUTWELL, Lina SMITH, F L 1920-Oct-11
BOZEMAN, Mary HENRY, Carl W 1915-Dec-25
BOZERMAN, Edna LEE, J R 1926-Nov-27
BRADFORD, Ruby MESSER, I S 1909-Apr-05
BRADY, Birtie TYRONE, Buford M 1915-Feb-18
BRADY, Carrie SUDDUTH, Wilburn 1918-Jan-20
BRADY, Lippie TAMMEHILL, Bertie 1914-Nov-24
BRADY, Maggie WILSON, Ruput 1907-Oct-05
BRADY, Marie HOOVER, H H 1914-Sep-13
BRANTON, Claire BLACKMAN, T B 1911-Dec-03
BRAONE, Bulah STRICLAND, L F 1926-May-05
BRENTON, Ruth HATHORN, Wm R 1908-Jul-08
BREWTON, Lela BRYANT, Earl 1909-Oct-03
BRIDGES, Clara LEE, Almond 1909-Dec-22
BRIDGES, Ella SMITH, C T 1918-Sep-15
BRIDGES, Katie ROBERTS, John A 1919-Jan-26
BRIDGES, Lena LEE, Bill 1914-Feb-15
BRIDGES, Myrtle LEE, Hollie 1919-Jan-05
BRIDGES, Ona RUSSELL, Quit 1909-Jan-06
BRIDGES, Rhea ROBERSON, G H 1911-Nov-01
BRIDGES, Virgie SMITH, Reades 1911-Jan-11
BRINSON, Earine ODUM, Frank 1912-May-12
BRINSON, Edna MIKELL, Roy 1918-May-19
BRINSON, Ella MCNEASE, C D 1922-Nov-16
BRITTON, Matilda SPEIGHTS, L V 1926-Jul-04
BROADWATER, Belle GRACE, A E 1907-Jan-20
BROCK, S M Miss HEARD, Henry 1923-Sep-19
BROCKMAN, Maude DYESS, Monroe 1917-Dec-09
BROOM, Angeline JACKSON, Lee 1926-Sep-12
BROOM, Anie MCDONALD, Freeman 1918-Oct-05
BROOM, Cora FREEMAN, Clifford 1918-Feb-09
BROOM, Essie Irene MCCRAW, W D 1927-Mar-13
BROOM, Ether LAIRD, E D 1910-Dec-02
BROOM, Hattie May MORRIS, Ollie L 1920-Jan-02
BROOM, Kattie HEBBARD, Fl 1920-Aug-08
BROOM, Liddie BOWMAN, Clarence 1918-Feb-09
BROOM, Lina LAIRD, Thomas 1915-Jul-04
BROOM, Mary LAIRD, Guy 1913-Mar-13
BROOM, Nancy BROOM, T A 1915-Feb-27
BROOM, Nora MARTIN, Hermon 1911-Jan-05
BROOM, Pearl MILLER, Nalan 1919-Oct-19
BROOM, Virgie HOLLOWAY, Rex 1922-Jul-16
BROOM, Wessie BALEWARE, Guy 1924-Sep-03
BROOME, Annie BROOME, Richmond 1913-Sep-30
BROOME, Myrtle BROOME, Wilburn 1913-Sep-13
BROWN, Bessie MCIRMIS, Albert 1908-Dec-06
BROWN, Emice LOVERETT, Hugh 1913-May-10
BROWN, Ernet S TARGET, Jacob 1906-Sep-10
BROWN, Ida BROOM, E M 1919-Feb-07
BROWN, Mary GRANTHAM, O T 1910-Oct-09
BROWN, Tamie POLK, D L 1909-Mar-13
BRUCE, Nettie SANDERSON, Neelie 1906-Nov-26
BRYANT, Dovie DELANCEY, J E 1921-Feb-13
BRYANT, Madolin FOSTER, F T 1916-Oct-23
BRYANT, Susie ASHLEY, Nathan 1912-Jan-30
BUCKHALTER, Annie GUY, John E 1921-Oct-29
BUCKLEY, Enice SMITH, Houston 1919-Aug-10
BUCKLEY, Florence MCGEE, Aster 1927-Jul-20
BUCKLEY, Jessie CONE, I L 1923-Nov-12
BUCKLEY, Pearlie COLE, H R 1915-Feb-16
BUFFINS, Dorie HATHORN, Alva 1911-Dec-16
BUFKIN, Addie SPEIGHTS, Sidgie 1919-Mar-16
BULLOCK, Essie MCPHAIL, Walter 1924-Dec-23
BULLOCK, Lucile THOMPSON, Oh 1927-Jun-25
BULLOCK, Ruth MAGEE, L E 1911-Dec-17
BURCH, Susie Bell KIMP, Gus 1926-Sep-26
BURGESS, Hattie KENNEDY, Lonzo 1917-Dec-09
BURKETT, Annie MANTON, Albert 1917-Nov-08
BURKETT, Clara Bell LEE, Robert E 1917-Jun-08
BURKETT, Ina LUPER, Clyde 1910-Apr-30
BURKETT, Kate MANTON, Bruce 1913-Sep-17
BURKETT, Lucy DENSON, F B 1910-Sep-18
BURKETT, Maggie STEEN, J W 1911-Jun-06
BURKETT, Mary BUTLER, Frank 1919-Feb-20
BURKETT, Mary BUTS, Vergie 1917-Nov-03
BURKETT, Maud RAWLS, W B 1914-Dec-24
BURKETT, Maude DENNIS, D O Jr 1919-Jan-31
BURKETT, Maude MCRAE, C J 1919-Dec-04
BURKETT, Rubye WILLIAMS, Joh 1917-Sep-23
BURKHALTER, Alenedia SHOEMAKER, John 1914-Mar-18
BURKHALTER, Dovie GREEN, Carl 1927-Jul-22
BURKHALTER, Nora GREEN, Lannie 1927-Aug-06
BURKHALTER, Pearl BURKHALTER, Harvey 1927-Aug-13
BURN, Billie Mrs MAGEE, Guss 1913-Sep-01
BURNETT, Alena ROGERS, J L 1927-May-21
BURNHAM, Bulah BROOM, W A 1916-Jul-30
BURNS, Matilda CHANCE, S G 1907-Dec-24
BURROW, Edna THURMAN, Ezra 1915-Dec-21
BURROW, Flroence POPE, Moran 1912-Aug-05
BURROW, Gladys STAMPS, Samuel 1926-Sep-11
BURROW, Thelma DALE, Sebe 1920-May-30
BURROW, Tray Marie THOMAS, Charles 1926-Oct-25
BURT, Angie B THOMPSON, Otho 1914-Nov-05
BUSH, Lillian COLE, Louis S 1919-Sep-24
BUTLER, Connie May LITTLE, E J 1909-Nov-20
BUTLER, Ethel LEE, Susie 1925-Dec-23
BUTLER, Lily STEAMS, Dan 1907-Sep-03
BUTLER, Pollie SEWARD, J A 1908-Sep-06
BUTTES, Becky CHANCES, T R 1910-Dec-25
BYRD, Edna L GLENN, Frank S 1915-Nov-06
BYRD, Emma MULLINS, Estes 1910-Feb-20
BYRD, Lola STAMPS, A L 1913-Dec-09
BYRNES, Eula GRAVES, Walter 1925-May-16


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