Jefferson Davis County Brides

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TALER, Vallie CLARK, Hilburn 1927-Nov-18
TAMMEHILL, Bertie BRADY, Lippie 1914-Nov-24
TATE, Alma G RUNNELS, Oliver 1916-May-13
TATE, Julia TATE, Peter 1913-Mar-24
TAYLOR, L Jane TUMBOUGH, J F 1907-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Mary J MUCKLERATH, Scott 1908-Sep-27
TAYLOR, Sessie FORTENBERRY, Reesie 1912-Aug-11
TERRELL, Gracie POLK, Bennie 1916-Oct-26
TERRELL, Pauline BALEWARE, Claud 1925-Jan-20
TERRELL, Sallie MCPHEARSON, J L 1911-Dec-25
TERRY, Cleta SMITH, Ben 1910-Sep-09
THOMPSON, Fannie BURKETT, Clevin 1911-Jul-02
THOMPSON, Johnie MCRANEY, Sam 1920-Dec-23
THOMPSON, Lizzie CLARK, Sylvaster 1907-Nov-10
THOMPSON, Mary MOHAFFY, Lonzo 1908-Dec-01
THOMPSON, Troy Mae BRANTON, W W 1924-Jun-19
THURMAN, K E Miss BERRY, A C 1910-Sep-17
THURMAN, Lois MORRIS, Lowry 1917-Feb-09
THURMAN, Mable MULLINS, G L 1925-Sep-12
THURMAN, Maxie SPEIGHTS, Maggie 1912-Dec-23
THURMAN, Maybelle TOUCHSTONE, Albert 1909-May-29
THURMOND, Sara CRAWFORD, Luther 1912-Aug-23
TOLAR, Omar Mrs PRINE, E Q 1927-Jun-23
TOLLER, Hester BREWTON, G C 1908-Dec-22
TOWNSEND, Bula TAYLOR, H B 1908-Dec-23
TOWNSEND, Cora Mae GARDNER, Lauie 1928-Jan-29
TOWNSEND, Eliza SMITH, Ezar 1915-Oct-09
TRAYLOR, I Belle JOHNSON, A J 1910-Jun-25
TURNAGE, Ethel BRINSON, Myrtis 1922-Sep-30
TURNAGE, Lola BRINSON, Adam 1910-Jan-08
TURNAGE, Rosa NELSON, R H 1911-Jan-11
TURNAGE, Velma GILL, E J 1920-Mar-07
TURNBAUGH, Lendie CREEL, B F 1924-Nov-02
TYRENE, Bessie FAGAN, Otho 1913-Jan-14
TYRONE, Alma CRAWFORD, Edward 1919-Aug-25
TYRONE, Effie Jane CANN, S F 1914-Feb-16
TYRONE, Irene BEASLEY, J T 1916-Mar-02
TYRONE, Iva GILES, Dan 1913-Sep-04
TYRONE, Jammie WILLIAMS, Louis 1925-Jan-19
TYRONE, Mary HARPER, Allen 1912-Sep-04
TYRONE, Myrtis THOMPSON, Fred 1912-Sep-29
UNDERWOOD, Maggie CONERLY, T C 1909-Apr-23
UPTON, Ella BLACKMAN, Mayor 1916-Sep-14
UPTON, Jenervia CHANCE, J J 1915-Jul-15
UPTON, Lauren LANGSTON, Mertie 1907-Jun-09
UPTON, Minnie WATTS, Walter 1915-Jan-24
UPTON, Nettie CHANCE, Lonnie 1917-Oct-21
VAN ZANDT, Sallie BEASH, J W 1914-Mar-28



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