Jefferson Davis County Brides

D - E

DALE, Ada GULLEDGE, Ervin L 1924-Mar-30
DALE, Annie Lou WOLDER, R F 1910-Mar-27
DALE, Ava V CARLTON, Jasper C 1906-Jun-05
DALE, Irene POLK, B 1925-Nov-13
DALE, Manise JOHNSON, Hugh 1924-Mar-31
DALE, Pearl SUMRALL, Elizabeth 1921-Apr-17
DALE, Sarah POLK, Wood 1922-Nov-18
DALEY, Anastasia HANEGAN, Sylvester 1927-Oct-29
DALEY, Helen MILLER, Fleet 1919-Dec-25
DALEY, Isadoria FAGAN, T P 1909-Aug-05
DALEY, Labilha Ann WALKER, Grady 1924-Dec-21
DALEY, Lucy HANEGAN, Richard 1926-Nov-12
DALEY, Mary DOLAN, M J 1921-Feb-08
DANGHDRILL, Ida MABLEY, Vernon 1922-Dec-24
DANIEL, A R Mrs DANIEL, S E 1920-Dec-24
DANIELS, Estella AULTMAN, Jeno 1915-Nov-23
DANPEER, Ota Mae BETHEA, J B 1926-Dec-22
DAUGHDRILL, Dora BRIDGES, Thomas 1916-Aug-06
DAVIDSON, Vivian MOORE, A L 1907-Jun-26
DAVIS, Addie CLARK, Thomas 1912-Nov-25
DAVIS, Della MILLS, I H 1916-Mar-29
DAVIS, E R Mrs MURPHY, G F 1920-Dec-30
DAVIS, Edna WADE, Cecil O 1918-May-05
DAVIS, Erline KING, Mckinley 1919-Apr-20
DAVIS, Eva Velma BUTS, Edd Ray 1918-Mar-11
DAVIS, Floid Mrs MIKELL, C J 1907-Jan-20
DAVIS, Hattie HURST, Pete 1910-Dec-23
DAVIS, Ida May BELL, E W 1914-Mar-15
DAVIS, Lena BUTLER, Oscar 1923-Jan-07
DAVIS, Lucy MCNEASE, Pink 1923-Dec-02
DAVIS, Millie BUXTON, Joe 1914-Jun-14
DAVIS, Nora KING, Homer 1909-Sep-07
DAVIS, Sarah POLK, Banks 1927-Nov-29
DAVIS, Selina TYRONE, Robert 1917-May-06
DAVIS, Zilla KING, Samuel 1907-Nov-27
DEAR, Rennie MILLICAN, J R 1921-Oct-15
DEEN, Mamie DALEY, Canullus 1920-Dec-25
DEEN, Mollie KING, Carlie 1917-Dec-16
DEEN, P E Miss ROBERTS, M M 1922-Jun-04
DEER, Grace COLE, O W Jr 1923-Mar-04
DEER, Hattie MCRANEY, D C 1910-Jul-09
DEER, Laura PORKER, R S 1909-Feb-27
DEER, Lizzie DAVIS, Henry 1913-Dec-24
DEER, Ruth POLK, George 1924-Dec-27
DELANCEY, Etta BASS, Clarance 1921-Jun-19
DELANCEY, Mannie KIMNEL, Joe 1926-Oct-09
DELANEY, Maggie ROBERTSON, Andie 1913-Jul-06
DENMONT, Emmie RICH, J W 1906-Sep-10
DEWETT, Lillie CARRAWAY, Shelby 1927-May-01
DEWETT, M O Miss MORROW, W O 1923-Dec-21
DEWITT, Anna SINCLAIR, Fulton 1912-Aug-19
DEWITT, Hollie MCNEASE, Archie 1907-Apr-21
DEWITT, Susie BULLOCK, Joe H 1912-Dec-01
DICKENS, Emma BROOM, E R 1912-Jun-16
DICKERSON, Corena DAVIS, Abe 1915-Dec-19
DICKERSON, Eva V HARVEY, Forrest 1925-Apr-11
DICKINES, Addie NELSON, A E 1911-Nov-19
DIXON, Bellie SASSER, Willie 1927-Nov-15
DIXON, Millie CLIBORN, J C 1921-Apr-26
DOUGLESS, Elsie HATTON, F L 1926-Aug-15
DOUNER, Etna HALL, Samuel 1912-Aug-11
DREMINDS, Prudie YATES, Robert 1919-Sep-13
DRUMMOND, Edna HARVEY, Bert 1912-Oct-27
DRUMMOND, Susie HEDGPETH, Henry 1913-May-14
DUCKWORTH, Margaret GRIFFITH, B C 1926-Jun-27
DUNMOND, May IZARD, S E 1910-Feb-20
DUNN, Sarah SMITH, Claud 1927-Nov-20
DYE, Odie BUTLER, Roland 1923-Jul-28
DYESS, Belle ROBBINS, Hebert 1921-Nov-13
DYESS, Honor PATTERSON, H C 1916-Jul-02
DYESS, Lucill HERRING, W H 1924-Feb-17
DYESS, Mary J PRINE, O B 1923-Jul-23
DYESS, Mollie ARMSTRONG, G L 1917-Dec-30
DYESS, Nellie SMITH, M C 1907-Dec-19
DYESS, Ruby GIBBONS, Frank 1908-Nov-04
DYESS, Ruth Mae SMITH, W C 1926-Dec-26
DYESS, Velma SMITH, Brady 1925-Feb-01
DYESS, Zelma BASS, Oliver 1928-Feb-04
DYKES, Belva MCPHAIL, Hoy 1917-Jan-21
DYKES, Sybell HUTCHINSON, Claude 1925-Jun-11
EASTERLING, Annie BUCKLEY, E F 1911-Dec-17
EASTERLING, Mary MILLER, D S 1912-Jan-11
ELZEY, Bessie POLK, Alex 1922-Nov-15
ENTERKINS, Hattie HILL, H L 1909-Dec-18
EVANS, Addie ROBERTS, Robert 1918-Jun-02
EVANS, Bertha DELANCEY, E J 1921-Apr-02
EVANS, Dora LOTT, L L 1910-Aug-02
EVANS, Ella Mae FERNANDEZ, Frank 1922-Dec-30
EVANS, Hassie HUTCHENSON, Rufus 1924-Mar-08
EVANS, Leona DANIELS, W A 1925-Feb-15
EVANS, Lou TYRONE, H W 1915-Feb-03
EVANS, Lucile PERISH, Wayne 1926-Feb-21
EVANS, May CHANCE, J E 1906-Oct-14
EVINS, Polly GRIFFITH, A H 1908-Sep-30


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