Jackson County Grooms


TADE, J T FOSTER, Susie 1898-Feb-24
TALLY, Jessie FINKLE, Marie 1886-Dec-27
TALOR, Marion SHIELD, Margaret Roberts 1892-Jun-04
TANNER, Alfred HAMILTON, Mary A 1899-Nov-27
TANNER, Alfred PARKER, Louisa 1885-Jan-08
TANNER, Calvin PARKER, Mary 1885-Jan-09
TANNER, Charles PIERCE, Mahala 1900-Mar-01
TANNER, Elbert J LEWIS, Anna 1885-Feb-24
TANNER, Herndon WILSON, Frances 1900-Jul-24
TANNER, J M HINTON, Narcise 1890-Apr-25
TANNER, John PHELPS, Sarah 1896-Sep-29
TANNER, John TAYLOR, Frances 1891-Jan-28
TANNER, John W DAVIS, Almina 1888-Mar-19
TANNER, John W D HOWELL, Emily 1877-Apr-17
TANNER, L A TANNER, Fanny 1896-Jan-17
TANNER, L A WALTERS, Jane 1900-Dec-07
TANNER, Matthew LAWRENCE, Frances 1892-Jul-28
TANNER, Wiley ONEAL, Rebecca J 1900-Dec-27
TANNER, William GOFF, Martha 1893-Jun-26
TANNER, William MURPHY, Mary 1897-May-11
TANNER, William M HINTON, Maranda 1878-Jun-23
TAR, John NICKECALL, Rose 1889-May-10
TARDY, Edward L SAUNDERS, Leontine 1889-Apr-11
TARDY, Edward L SMITH, Olevia 1891-Mar-28
TATUM, Allen HARRIS, Mary 1897-Jul-28
TATUM, Jesse MOFFATT, Mary 1900-Apr-12
TAYLOR, Albert RAY, Alice 1893-Nov-01
TAYLOR, B H HAVERS, Sarah L 1896-Mar-17
TAYLOR, Benjamin HARRIS, Ira 1882-May-01
TAYLOR, Caesar BURNEY, Biner 1875-Jan-05
TAYLOR, Caesar BURNEY, Biner 1875-Apr-04
TAYLOR, Calvin W NOBLES, Martha E 1875-Jun-19
TAYLOR, Calvin W NOBLES, Martha E 1875-Jun-21
TAYLOR, Ceasar BURNEY, Biner 1875-Apr-04
TAYLOR, Cicero LADNIER, Inez 1899-Oct-24
TAYLOR, E M CUMBEST, Margaret 1889-Nov-13
TAYLOR, Frank RANDOLPH, Isabella 1888-Nov-27
TAYLOR, Henry TAYLOR, Bessie Jane 1893-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Henry THOMAS, Lucy 1894-Sep-29
TAYLOR, Henry B PARKER, Lou A 1896-Jan-01
TAYLOR, Ira EVANS, Zie 1891-May-30
TAYLOR, Jacob B DANIEL, Caroline E 1881-Dec-02
TAYLOR, James WHITE, Julia 1881-Jul-04
TAYLOR, John D BILBO, Frances 1892-Dec-26
TAYLOR, Louis MARTIN, Susan 1888-Aug-11
TAYLOR, Percy COWART, Mary Emeline 1900-Jun-07
TAYLOR, Robert TANNER, Lulu 1892-Feb-16
TAYLOR, Simon L JONES, Susan 1892-Feb-11
TAYLOR, W J ROBERTS, S A 1890-Oct-22
TAYLOR, Westley RAMSEY, Delia Ann 1885-Oct-25
TERRY, W A PANYAN, Olive 1896-Jan-22
THATCHER, Cornelias BROWN, Lizzie 1886-Sep-09
THMPSON, Sidney THOMAS, Virginia 1884-Apr-01
THOMAS, Coleman WALTER, Catharine 1878-Jun-01
THOMAS, Ed Jr BRADLEY, Drucilla 1899-Nov-18
THOMAS, Frank RYAN, Dora J 1894-Oct-04
THOMAS, George GRAYHAM, Rosetta 1888-Jun-29
THOMAS, George SHEPHERD, S L 1884-Jun-19
THOMAS, George SUTTON, Laura 1875-Dec-31
THOMAS, George SUTTON, Laura 1876-Jan-05
THOMAS, George W WOODCOCK, Eveline 1890-Feb-18
THOMAS, Gus DANIELS, Agnes 1898-Nov-08
THOMAS, Jacob HALL, Cora 1898-Jul-11
THOMAS, John MILLER, Jane 1899-Nov-08
THOMAS, John PLENNY, Minnie 1892-Oct-08
THOMAS, John SEAMORE, Mariah 1878-Aug-23
THOMAS, Samuel BROWN, Queen 1885-Apr-03
THOMAS, Tom FRANKLIN, Mary Jane 1883-Dec-13
THOMAS, Wesley DEFLANDERS, Lucy 1893-Oct-26
THOMAS, Wm JONES, Martha 1892-Oct-29
THOMPSON, Alexander MCFAIL, Lanesiana 1883-Dec-19
THOMPSON, Frank NICHOLS, Sarah 1884-Oct-06
THOMPSON, George BROWN, Maggie 1889-Nov-02
THOMPSON, George MOORE, Pinkey 1899-May-03
THOMPSON, George R GREINER, Delphine Z 1893-Nov-03
THOMPSON, James JONES, Francis 1897-May-05
THOMPSON, James M STEPIR, Ellen 1878-Jul-18
THOMPSON, John JACKSON, Lenora 1888-Apr-28
THOMPSON, John H CROXIER, Margaret 1880-Mar-25
THOMPSON, John S CRAIN, Luella 1895-Jun-04
THOMPSON, Joseph SUTHAFF, Elizabeth 1899-Nov-08
THOMPSON, Manuel SHOWERS, Roclesie J 1896-May-07
THOMPSON, Odin TURNER, Frances 1889-Oct-17
THOMPSON, Thornton DEFLANDERS, Ellen 1877-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Thornton HENDERSON, Lula 1887-May-05
THOMPSON, William BOLDEN, Amanda 1889-May-18
THREWER, Andrew SEYMOUR, Emma 1877-Sep-20
TIBLIER, Albert RYAN, Johanna 1897-Feb-25
TIBLIER, Lawrence Jr FOUNTAIN, Ulalie 1892-Dec-17
TILLERY, Earl TREHERN, Emma 1900-Jul-16
TILLMAN, Caesar THOMAS, Harriet 1899-Oct-18
TILLMAN, Gideon TACHE, Laura 1894-May-03
TILLMAN, Isaac WILLIAMS, Minnie 1896-Sep-03
TILLMAN, Rufus BOSARGE, Margaret 1900-Apr-06
TILLY, Martin CRANE, Sarah A 1875-May-12
TINNIN, J W HOWELL, Ida 1886-Nov-10
TIRK, Levy WILLIAMS, Lizzie 1900-Oct-30
TOBIAS, H P FOSTER, Sarah E 1884-Jan-11
TODD, Harry L HENDON, Sudie A 1883-Oct-31
TOENES, H E COLLE, Emma 1895-Apr-25
TOLEMAN, Gus BARDWELL, Della 1891-May-06
TOMPKINS, Uell H MCELWEE, Emma V 1897-May-01
TOOTLE, J W WILKERSON, Belle 1900-Oct-18
TORJUSEN, Edmund JORDAN, L P 1891-Mar-28
TORRES, Louis ELBERS, Mary S 1899-May-10
TREHERN, Chas D DANLY, Ada 1897-Jul-14
TREHERN, Dallas Hartwood PAW, Almedia 1893-May-03
TREHERN, James WALTERS, Lucretia C 1880-Jul-31
TREHERN, Robert BOSARGE, Mary A 1882-Nov-07
TROTTER, Willoughby MORAS, Mattie 1889-Mar-02
TROXLER, Mack ASHLEY, Elsie 1896-May-20
TUCKER, Jerome PALMER, Julia 1896-Dec-23
TUCKER, John SIMPSON, Mina 1898-Dec-24
TURNBULL, Martin WHITE, Marie Marguerite 1889-Sep-30
TURNBULL, Walter DELANEY, Emily C 1889-Apr-26
TURNER, Agnes WILLIAMSON, Monroe 1895-Jul-29
TURNER, John JOHNSON, Cella 1888-Apr-04
TUTTLE, M J COLEMAN, Fannie 1900-Aug-21



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