Jackson County Grooms

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PACE, Jackson DAVIS, Malinda 1877-Jul-19
PAGE, Thos M KING, May 1886-Oct-21
PALMER, Wm F ROSE, Rosana 1889-Mar-04
PARKER, Alvin OVERSTREET, Cora 1900-Feb-08
PARKER, Ben POE, Ezell 1894-Nov-08
PARKER, Caleb HOLLAND, Susan E 1880-Dec-30
PARKER, Collan MARTIN, Laura 1889-May-26
PARKER, Eugene CUMBEST, Susanna 1890-Oct-27
PARKER, George REAR, Josephine 1882-Dec-31
PARKER, George A DAVIS, Sarah 1895-May-25
PARKER, George M CARTER, Sophia Rine 1891-Feb-24
PARKER, Henry NELSON, Sophia 1896-Dec-30
PARKER, Henry REEVES, Delphine E 1890-Nov-06
PARKER, J B CHURCHWELL, Fannie 1885-Jan-06
PARKER, J G FINCH, Emma 1897-Aug-12
PARKER, J W CARTER, Annie 1892-Feb-15
PARKER, James JONES, Della 1900-Mar-07
PARKER, James M GRAHAM, Ellen E 1879-Sep-11
PARKER, James R CARTER, Ella 1899-Feb-08
PARKER, James W CARTER, Sarah Jane 1878-Oct-24
PARKER, Jesse BURNEY, Charity 1894-Dec-09
PARKER, Jessey GOFF, Emma 1882-Nov-17
PARKER, Joel W FERBY, Victoria 1886-Dec-01
PARKER, John BYRD, Lucy 1895-Mar-13
PARKER, John RYAN, Mary Jane 1882-Sep-21
PARKER, John Ira CRUTHIRDS, Anna 1889-Sep-09
PARKER, John Jackson COURTNEY, Mary Jane 1877-Oct-04
PARKER, Joseph J MOFFETT, Martha A 1880-Dec-25
PARKER, Matthew GRAHAM, Malisie Jane 1879-Dec-19
PARKER, Robert LIGGIN, Rena 1895-May-25
PARKER, Samuel HOLLAND, Minerva 1896-Oct-22
PARKER, Thomas BEECH, Candies 1880-Oct-13
PARKER, W W CARTER, Sadie 1900-Nov-05
PARKER, William HOWELL, Nancy 1882-Sep-03
PARKER, Wm CHURCHWELL, Louisa 1883-Apr-14
PARKER, Wm T WARE, Zelemer 1880-Oct-28
PARMER, London ALLEN, Lizzie 1881-Sep-15
PARMER, Lun STEANDER, Lillia 1890-Dec-31
PARSLEY, Geo W FORBES, Lizzie 1893-Nov-08
PATEN, John A FLOWERS, Jennie 1888-Mar-20
PATENT, Wiley FAIRLEY, Maggie 1890-May-04
PATTENGILL, Geo F PERRY, Josephine 1900-Mar-26
PATTERSON, Willie MCINYON, Mamie 1892-Dec-22
PEARCE, Lawson GOFF, Cammie 1893-Jul-27
PEARCE, Neal PARKER, Emily 1899-Apr-22
PEARSON, G W BROWN, Mary Jane 1886-Jul-10
PEARSON, Geo. Washington TUCKER, Laura Bella 1877-Mar-20
PEARSON, George Washington TUCKER, Laura Belle 1877-Mar-22
PELL, Julius FRANK, Artense 1891-May-22
PELLMAN, Charles SEYMOUR, Louisa 1882-Oct-19
PENDARVIS, J J JONES, Mollie E 1895-Jan-06
PENDOLA, John E MORRIS, May A 1899-Feb-07
PERKINS, A H MILLER, J C Mrs 1898-Nov-03
PERREP, Vincent DAVIS, Maud 1892-Nov-01
PERRY, Chas MCQUARIE, Christina 1896-May-06
PERRY, John J LYONS, Frances E 1878-Feb-14
PETER, Theodore ALSBROOK, Ola 1899-May-08
PETERS, W L GASAWAY, Francis 1899-Aug-02
PETERSON, George COX, Mary Elizabeth 1885-Jul-05
PETERSON, O A FISHER, Jennie 1899-Oct-13
PETIT, Henry GLAUDE, Eugenia 1891-Nov-17
PETIT, Phillip GALLOWAY, Mamie 1895-Dec-23
PETIT, Sylvester ANCRUM, Anna 1887-Jun-20
PETIT, Sylvester BOA, Cecelia 1893-Aug-22
PETITE, Man BUDEO, Louise 1894-Sep-10
PETTERSEN, Hartwig S WESTFALL, Rita 1899-Feb-08
PEYREGNE, J C CLARKE, Camella 1891-Jun-11
PEYREGUE, John C BOSARGE, Elizabeth 1887-May-05
PHELPS, Elijah GOFF, Rosie 1896-Oct-24
PHELPS, James BARBER, Mary 1894-Oct-18
PHELPS, James GARLIC, Mahala 1895-Jan-26
PHELPS, James SHOEMAKER, Nancy 1890-Dec-06
PHELPS, William WEBB, William 1888-Jul-03
PHILLIPS, Charles FARRELL, Mary Belle 1900-Jun-18
PHILLIPS, James MCLEOD, Mollie 1897-Mar-27
PHILLIPS, Ransom TAYLOR, Eliza Ann 1895-Jul-04
PICKENS, Henry FOSTER, Louisa 1893-Apr-17
PICKET, Ben H WALKER, Emma I 1895-Dec-18
PICKETT, Shade BURRELL, Jane 1890-Jul-01
PIERCE, Charley PARKER, Marandy 1883-Mar-07
PIERCE, Garner GRIFFIN, Lela 1891-Feb-02
PIERCE, L C MILLS, L E 1893-Feb-23
PIERCE, Louis Y TANNER, Ella O 1891-Jan-19
PIERCE, Wallie TANNER, Emily 1891-Jun-22
PIERCE, William PIERCE, Lien 1892-May-30
PIERRE, Frank PETIT, Elizabeth 1891-Nov-11
PIERSE, Eddie HOWELL, Mary J 1900-Apr-08
PINKSTON, Sidney ROBINSON, Caroline 1882-Apr-15
PIPKIN, Wm R COWART, Caroline 1882-Jan-04
PIPKINS, John CRANE, Rettea 1900-Nov-21
PIPKINS, S C GOFF, Sarah E 1895-Jul-11
PIPPIN, W R COWART, Caroline 1882-Jan-02
PLATT, Clyde SPRINKLER, Avaline 1898-Apr-11
POE, David LEWIS, Harriett 1883-Oct-22
POE, William GREGORY, Annie 1889-Dec-21
POITEVIN, Paul FLECHAS, Mary I 1885-Apr-29
POLK, Abe SIMPSON, Patsy 1898-Sep-27
POLK, Arthur HUCKLEBERRY, Letha 1898-Feb-10
POLK, Chas JONES, Lillie 1896-Jul-08
POLK, Haywood BLAKELEY, Lou E 1889-Jun-08
POLK, Ira JONES, Mary E 1898-Aug-12
POLKE, Charles LEE, Charlotte 1899-Apr-20
POLKE, Ira WHITE, Josephine 1893-Mar-02
POLLARD, Charles GIVENS, Emily 1886-Jan-13
POLLARD, Rube BLANK, Adele 1893-Feb-01
POLLARD, Samuel PAUL, Elvina 1875-Sep-27
POLLARD, Samuel PAUL, Elvina 1875-Sep-27
POOL, Henry GILL, Mary 1898-Aug-17
POPE, John DOUBRY, Cora 1896-Nov-24
POREE, W F GREGORY, Rosalie 1887-May-02
PORT, Jessie JOHNSON, Jennie 1886-Dec-15
PORTER, J F CAMBLEY, Nettie L 1895-Oct-02
PORTER, Reuben OWENS, Mary Ann 1878-Apr-10
PORTEVINE, Gaston SMITH, Isabel 1896-Dec-23
POST, Homer B DWRO, Mahaly 1894-May-03
POUNDS, Joseph D POUNDS, Katie 1899-Jun-13
POWE, John W BROADENAX, Josephine 1896-Jan-06
POWELL, E A ELLIS, Anna A 1878-Jul-11
POWELL, Thomas P LYONS, Martha Harriet 1876-Jun-30
POWELL, Thomas P LYONS, Martha Harriet 1876-Jun-13
POWELL, William CARTER, Dennis 1884-Oct-23
POWELLS, Joseph A HICKS, Annie 1897-Mar-13
POWERS, Israel TAYLOR, Catherine 1892-Feb-09
PRESTON, Richard HENRY, Josephine 1897-Jun-03
PREWITT, Andrew MARTIN, Elizabeth 1896-Dec-14
PRICE, Lawrence PORTER, Mary 1893-Jun-06
PRICE, Thomas WHITTINGTON, Louisa M 1883-May-24
PRINCE, Jackson ROBINSON, Susan 1884-Dec-01
PRIOR, Calvin FAIRLEY, Evaline 1897-Jan-03
PRIOR, Green LIGGINS, Margaret 1897-Dec-22
PROVOST, William W LEFTWICH, Kate 1882-Nov-14
PROWSE, N B SUTHOFF, Estella 1900-Nov-14
PRYOR, Howard THAMRIEL, Claricy 1882-Feb-11
PRYOR, Scottie MCGREER, Magnolia 1900-Oct-04
QUAVE, Christopher OVERSTREET, Martha 1882-Aug-06
QUAVE, Clement OVERSTREET, Savillia T 1891-Nov-15
QUAVE, Joseph ENTREKIN, Nancy 1878-Aug-27
QUAVE, Joseph ENTRIKER, Nancy 1880-Aug-27
QUAVE, Luke Randall BURNEY, Lottie 1892-Dec-24
QUAVE, Martha D FOREHAND, William J 1893-Feb-06
QUAVE, Martin PHELPS, Parthina 1885-Feb-26
QUAVE, William PRITCHARD, Caroline 1878-May-18
QUEEN, James E Jr SEYMOUR, Clara 1879-May-01
QUIMLEY, Bourguard SUMRALL, Melissa 1881-May-06



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