Jackson County Grooms

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NAPOLEON, Sylvester CARTER, Susan 1893-May-25
NARCIRS, Henry CHARLES, Mary 1878-Jan-30
NARCISE, Cecilia NEBLETT, Edwin A 1891-Aug-20
NARCISE, Louis BAXTER, Mary 1890-Feb-12
NARCISSE, John B ROBERSON, Anna 1883-Nov-20
NEBLETT, Edwin A NARCISE, Cecilia 1891-Aug-20
NEESE, Britain FOREST, Mary Mrs 1877-Apr-12
NEESE, Henry FOSTER, Isabelle 1889-Oct-29
NEESE, James NEWEL, Fannie 1893-Dec-04
NEGOVCTICH, Joseph MADOSCI, Casandre 1878-Apr-18
NEILSEN, C POL, Miguella 1892-May-08
NELSEN, Emanuel H BURLESON, Casander 1876-Jul-10
NELSON, Buck LEWIS, Mamie 1887-Jun-20
NELSON, Charles MILLER, Fannie L 1895-Nov-12
NELSON, Charles A HENDERSON, Corine 1900-Aug-27
NELSON, Edwin YOUNG, Mary C 1897-Sep-09
NELSON, Emanuel H BURLESON, Casander 1876-Jul-12
NELSON, Eugene J CIRLOTT, Adelle D 1891-Dec-09
NELSON, John C PETERSON, Mary E 1900-Apr-18
NELSON, Joseph W WALLACE, Mary A 1888-Apr-23
NELSON, W H GRAHAM, Fannie 1892-Dec-28
NELSON, Wm L KIRKWOOD, Edna A 1900-May-25
NEWCOURT, Charley CALDWELL, Jennie 1895-May-30
NEWTON, J S BROWN, Mabel 1894-Jul-11
NICHOLS, Samuel BIRD, Sally 1882-Oct-24
NICHOLS, Thomas BRADFORD, Alas 1889-Aug-26
NICKERSON, Edmund HENRY, Jane 1900-Oct-04
NIECE, Henry SCARBOR, Cammy 1895-Sep-14
NIELSEN, Olaf OWEN, Sarah 1890-Jun-05
NIX, W T SCRUGGS, Lula 1895-Dec-04
NOAH, P D BINGHAM, Mary L 1881-Sep-21
NOBLES, Hampton MALLEY, Lizzie 1877-Jun-26
NOBLES, J F GOFF, Cammie 1889-Feb-07
NOBLES, J F HOLLAND, Alice V 1894-Jun-07
NOBLES, John F ROBERTS, Lillian 1897-Jan-08
NOBLES, W L WHITE, Hannah 1890-Nov-13
NOEL, Benj RYAN, Marie 1896-Sep-30
NOHRING, P FRENTZ, Anna Henrietta 1892-Jun-01
NORA, Dennis LADNIER, Harriett 1881-Oct-29
NORE, Willie BONAR, Sarah 1893-May-23
NORMAN, Ned LEWIS, Kate 1883-Apr-21
NOVEL, William JONES, Lottie 1891-Nov-21
NOWELL, Frank L JONES, Carolina 1895-Apr-17
OBRIEN, John WICKEL, Sarah 1887-Mar-27
OLDS, Richard WILSON, Rachel 1876-May-23
OLDS, Richard WILSON, Rachel 1876-Jun-03
OLIEN, Charles MANSFIELD, Mary 1880-Jul-03
OLIVER, Arthur A DAVIS, Abella 1885-Jan-08
OLIVER, Lewis M JONES, Rebecca 1895-Dec-25
OLIVER, Myers PURNELL, Mary 1886-May-04
OLIVER, Willis TURNER, Ann 1888-Mar-27
OLSEN, Andrew DELINS, Pauline 1897-Dec-09
OLSEN, Charles BOBEE, Mamie 1892-Dec-04
OLSEN, Charles J CLARK, Mary E Mrs 1877-Apr-23
OLSEN, John Albert FREEMAN, Helena Henrietter 1885-Jun-25
OLSEN, R L DELINS, Lelia 1888-Jan-18
ONEAL, E J FAIRLEY, Mary Margaret 1879-Nov-19
ONEAL, E V HERRINGTON, Cola 1891-Jun-20
ONEAL, J F CARTER, Lizzie 1893-Jan-05
ONEAL, John B BYRD, Margaret D 1883-Jan-04
ONEAL, Raiford SEYMOUR, Rovina 1891-Jan-05
ONIELL, George W MORRIS, Annia M 1887-Aug-17
ORELL, Albert D RAMSEY, Ida 1900-Sep-26
ORR, A D FERRER, Maggie 1880-Oct-30
ORRELL, J C Jr GRAYSON, Sallie 1889-Nov-24
OSBORN, Isaac N COLE, Luella Belle 1878-Jun-18
OSTROM, J L COGGINS, Jane O 1883-Mar-08
OSWALD, S W SCARBOROUGH, Elizabeth Mrs 1893-Jun-30
OVERSTREET, Ampudie FLURRY, Jane 1900-Mar-08
OVERSTREET, Ellis QUAVE, Isabella 1885-Nov-26
OVERSTREET, Ellis G FAIRLEY, Lessie E 1897-Feb-10
OVERSTREET, J Q BANG, Alice V 1894-Sep-27
OWEN, W J STOKES, Mahala 1890-Feb-13
OWENS, Charlie STOKES, Alice 1894-Apr-10
OWENS, John WILLIAMS, Ida 1895-Dec-11



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