Jackson County Grooms


GADDO, Alfred WRIGHT, Georgina 1890-Aug-04
GADROSSICH, Paul APPERSON, Edna 1895-Apr-07
GAGER, L D GOFF, Elizabeth 1876-May-30
GAGER, L D GOFF, Elizabeth 1876-May-28
GAGER, Ledger SANTO, Ladar 1885-Jan-27
GALEMAN, T F SNYDER, Anna B 1884-May-28
GALLAWAY, David A CARTER, Susan G 1876-Oct-16
GALLE, Frank BYRD, Jessie 1898-Dec-01
GALLE, Joseph E GALLE, Bertha 1897-Oct-20
GALLOWAY, David A CARTER, Susan G 1876-Oct-16
GALLOWAY, David A CARTER, Susan G 1876-Oct-19
GALLOWAY, Frank SHAW, Ella 1897-Jun-14
GALLOWAY, George JONES, Annie 1898-Feb-06
GALLOWAY, Peter G DAVIS, Ida I 1895-Jun-26
GALLOWAY, Robert FAIRLEY, Azaline 1887-Dec-24
GALLOWAY, W A MCDONALD, Fanny 1897-May-26
GALOWAY, Scipio REED, Annie 1885-Dec-21
GARDNER, Axum W BROWN, Casey C 1882-Jun-28
GARDNER, Charles EVERIDGE, Roseta 1897-Sep-28
GARDNER, George BURNEY, Nancy 1889-May-25
GARDNER, Isaac BROWN, Theodosia Isabella 1877-May-29
GAREC, Ernest LADNIER, Aideliede 1882-Oct-12
GARLIC, Joseph DANLEY, Josephine 1882-Jul-29
GARLOTT, Thomas QUAVE, Isabella 1877-Sep-04
GARNER, Charles W WARD, Lizzie D 1877-Feb-12
GARNER, Charles W WARD, Lizzie D 1877-Feb-14
GARNER, Darious DOVE, Agnes 1883-Mar-18
GARNER, Lawrence WILSON, Mary Jane 1896-Dec-21
GARNER, Thomas D BROWN, Ella Shelton Mrs 1893-Feb-17
GASTORF, Sampson BRANSFORD, Addie 1884-Aug-04
GAUSE, Thomas Jr MCINNIS, Hattie Bell 1899-Nov-29
GAUTIER, Adam JANE, Mercee 1897-Jun-01
GAUTIER, Eugene WHITE, P E 1890-Nov-27
GAUTIER, Henry CANTY, Laura 1896-Oct-06
GAUTIER, Walter J DONOVAN, Marie E 1879-Jan-06
GAVISK, James C WOODWARD, Rachel A 1881-Dec-02
GAZAWAY, Ed WATLEY, Georgeana 1896-Dec-26
GEARHART, L S GRESHAM, Cecil Augusta 1896-Jun-02
GEIKOMSKI, Paul ANDREWS, Lizzie 1890-Nov-10
GENERES, Leonce M BURTON, Hobbie I Mrs 1892-Apr-16
GEORGE, John H HARRIS, Alice 1895-May-30
GEORGE, Simeon ROBBINS, Maggie 1890-Dec-06
GEORGE, Wm H COGGINS, Ellen C 1889-Apr-20
GIBNEY, Bernard S BECHT, Mary Frances 1891-May-07
GIBSON, Charley R CARTER, Annie 1885-Sep-10
GIBSON, David DAVIS, Virginia A 1880-Oct-24
GIBSON, Harry SPRINGER, Mattie B 1897-Jan-07
GIBSON, John C HAVARD, Rebecca 1886-Sep-26
GIBSON, Thomas DOZIER, Alice 1890-Dec-03
GIBSON, Willis BYRD, Nancy R 1900-Oct-24
GIEGER, Peter FRANCO, Lillie 1887-Nov-10
GILBERT, Louis BORRIES, Mary 1876-Apr-25
GILBERT, Louis BORRIES, Mary 1876-Apr-26
GILDER, W H GAREC, A E 1899-Jun-28
GILDERSLEEVE, Ellis COOK, Della 1889-Jan-17
GILES, Alexander TABB, Norma D 1900-Nov-13
GILL, A J LINTON, Lula 1896-Feb-24
GILL, Albert MASON, Mary 1900-May-02
GILL, Andrew KING, Mary 1881-Jun-19
GILL, J A ONEAL, Nancy 1887-May-28
GILL, John A JONES, Isabelle 1900-Dec-04
GILL, John L BOBURGER, Elizabeth 1880-Jun-08
GILL, Robert SPRADLEY, Laura 1893-Jan-14
GILL, William L ENTRIKIN, Mary M 1881-Jun-28
GILLAM, Miley BEN, Angeline 1887-Aug-29
GILLANS, Harry FAIRLEY, Mary 1876-Jun-03
GILLANS, Harry FARILES, Mary 1876-Jun-04
GILMER, Jonas EVANS, Charlotte 1889-Aug-20
GIORISCH, John SHILLING, Rosina 1885-Jul-14
GIRLOTTE, Victor DUPRIEST, Mary 1887-Dec-29
GIVENS, Lem GREGORY, Mary 1896-May-02
GIVVINS, Moses FAIRLEY, Rosanna 1878-Apr-04
GLANDE, Adolph BAXTER, Eva 1888-May-31
GLASPER, James PERKINS, Addie 1899-Sep-13
GLAUD, Fostang NARCISSE, Mary Jane 1884-Jan-11
GLAUD, Peter LEON, Mary 1895-Jan-08
GLAUDE, Peter LEON, Mary 1888-Nov-15
GLENN, Robert R MARTIN, Kate 1896-Apr-17
GODFREY, Syrus BILBO, Bettie 1876-May-10
GOFF, B J BYRD, Annie 1890-Sep-01
GOFF, Calvin WARD, Susan P 1879-Nov-23
GOFF, Charles A LIVAUDAIS, Adeline 1889-May-09
GOFF, Chas H GOFF, Ruth 1897-Mar-02
GOFF, Council COCHRAN, Mary Irene 1895-May-28
GOFF, D M MCGREGOR, Mary 1890-Jul-01
GOFF, Ed SAUNDERS, Jennie 1893-Dec-01
GOFF, Edmond A CARTER, Mary 1875-Jul-07
GOFF, Garland G PARKER, Susan E 1878-Feb-20
GOFF, George MCINNIS, Josephine 1894-Mar-30
GOFF, Henry HOWELL, Mary Jane 1878-Dec-25
GOFF, Henry JONES, Azaline 1899-May-13
GOFF, Isaac ELY, Eliza 1890-May-30
GOFF, James A COLEMAN, Mary N 1883-Sep-16
GOFF, John Brener WYATT, Mary Matilda 1882-Jan-26
GOFF, John F YOUNG, Harriet 1883-Jan-01
GOFF, John H CUNNINGHAM, Hannah C 1880-Dec-08
GOFF, John M PEAVY, Nancy V 1893-Apr-30
GOFF, Joseph ROGERS, Ellen 1886-Sep-30
GOFF, Lyman R CUMBERST, Cecelia 1893-Mar-22
GOFF, Marshall MCKAY, Marcus 1889-Nov-13
GOFF, Matthew JONES, Julia J 1879-Feb-20
GOFF, Richard BABINGER, Rubbie 1895-Feb-10
GOFF, Richard LADNIER, Margaret 1892-Apr-06
GOFF, Sherrod MALLEY, Ella 1899-Dec-26
GOFF, Theodore LONG, Mary E 1891-Aug-22
GOFF, Virgil A FERRELL, Mary E 1876-May-31
GOFF, Virgil A FERRILL, Mary E 1876-Jun-01
GOFF, W D ELY, S A 1888-Sep-20
GOFF, Walter D DAVIS, Louisa V 1881-Jun-25
GOFF, Walter Isom LAWRENCE, Alice 1895-Nov-09
GOFF, Wesley PARKER, Margaret 1885-Oct-01
GOFF, Wiley N JONES, Margaret Elizabeth 1879-Aug-14
GOFF, William HOWELL, Azalene 1888-Nov-03
GOFF, William F CUNNINGHAM, Anna E 1875-Aug-24
GOFF, William F CUNNINGHAM, Anna E 1875-Oct-20
GOFF, William P DAVIDSON, Eudora 1883-Oct-23
GOFF, Willis PARKER, S Azaline 1894-Oct-10
GOLEMAN, George SEAMAN, Josephine 1881-Aug-18
GOODIER, Thos DUPREE, Elizabeth 1886-Oct-23
GORDON, Alexander C ALLEY, Charlotte Virginia 1882-Oct-21
GOTTSCHE, A C MAXWELL, C E Mrs 1896-Sep-30
GOULD, E A ELDER, S T 1900-Feb-22
GOULD, George H GOODE, Mary 1897-Jul-07
GRADFORD, Louis WALKER, Laura 1881-Mar-17
GRAHAM, Charles FERRILL, Emma 1892-Mar-04
GRAHAM, John D WOOD, Eugenia S 1894-Nov-28
GRAHAM, Joseph Q CARTER, Nora A 1899-Sep-14
GRAHAM, W J LEMETRE, M J 1888-Nov-15
GRAHAM, Wesley MURPHY, Charlotte 1880-Nov-28
GRANBERRY, Alex BARNES, Qusenie Frank 1892-Jul-28
GRANBERRY, John MOFFATT, Annie 1885-Oct-26
GRANISON, Isaiah POE, Mary 1887-Oct-20
GRANLUND, George J BENGEN, Elizabeth 1895-Nov-20
GRANT, Henry JOURDAN, Elizabeth 1899-Jun-29
GRANT, Isam HAYES, Mattie 1888-Feb-01
GRANT, James KING, Mattie 1880-Sep-01
GRANT, Jerry SHULTZ, Hannah 1883-May-17
GRANT, Jno Oliver KREBS, Lucretia Irene 1895-Jun-04
GRANT, Marion M ROLLS, Ora P 1895-Nov-07
GRANT, Richard M LANDRIDGE, Eliza 1880-Aug-10
GRANT, Silas Henry LAWRENCE, Mary Ann 1877-Sep-05
GRANT, Thomas PETIT, Leontine 1885-Jun-27
GRAVES, W W ROBERTS, Margaret A 1886-Apr-22
GRAY, Emanuel MITCHELL, Pearly 1900-Oct-27
GRAY, John W BRIT, Matilda 1881-Oct-26
GRAY, M B MAY, Isabella 1882-Oct-11
GRAY, Napoleon MCINNIS, Nancy 1895-May-04
GRAYER, Bob VONNER, Isabella 1875-Jun-02
GRAYSON, George W POE, Mamie A 1896-Jun-21
GRAYSON, Walton G HILL, Alice V 1891-May-02
GREEN, Charles AMOS, Nancy Jane 1878-Nov-22
GREEN, Chas E WARD, Rosa 1879-Sep-12
GREEN, Frank WALKER, Adaline 1881-May-21
GREEN, Rockwell HOWINGTON, Millery C 1882-Feb-01
GREENE, Charles CARTER, Eliza 1899-Nov-16
GREENE, John BOUDET, Bertha 1899-Dec-26
GREENLEA, Wm VINCENT, Leana 1894-Aug-20
GREER, Richard HARTFIELD, Ellen 1879-May-27
GRIERSON, John R GRAHAM, Nancy L 1896-Jan-09
GRIERSON, Walter H IKERD, Maggie A 1894-Jul-10
GRIFFIN, Harry HOWELL, Mary A 1896-May-17
GRIFFIN, M V OGWYNN, D 1893-Dec-14
GRIFFIN, Robert OWENS, Alice 1900-Dec-21
GRIFFIN, Sandy HAWTHORN, Rachel 1880-Jul-08
GRIFFIN, Thomas BRADFORD, Louisa 1880-Nov-14
GRIFFIN, Walter TANNER, Poline 1900-Mar-08
GRIFFIN, William E IVY, Elizabeth 1876-Sep-05
GRIFFIN, William E IVY, Elizabeth 1876-Sep-10
GRIMES, James SPICER, Sarian 1892-May-10
GROSSMAN, Frederick GALES, Margaret 1889-Jun-11
GROVE, Isaac ROBERSON, Francis 1887-Dec-19
GRUNHAGEN, Fritz HOLLAND, M J Mrs 1897-Jul-21
GUERVIERO, Louis DEANGELIS, Anna 1889-Apr-26
GULLEY, J D VANOSDOL, Rosa 1894-Apr-05
GULLOTTE, Louis NOBLE, Annie 1889-Jun-05
GULOTT, Armand C NOBLES, Isabelle 1894-Apr-05
GVENOUGH, William ROBERTS, Mary 1887-Apr-12
GWIN, Calvin GRAHAM, Emma 1900-Dec-23



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